West Bragg Winter Wonderland

West Bragg Creek on Mar 25. Photo by Steve Riggs

Thanks, everyone, for today’s trip reports and photos. 

Back on March 15, referencing WBC, Steve Riggs posted a comment “I’m not giving up yet. My closing day there last year was April 6, with good skiing in dry new snow over firm old grooming.”

Today, Steve’s prediction came true and it looked like he had a wonderful day. Below is his report…

Who made these tracks? Photo by Steve Riggs

“Fifteen cm’s of cold dry snow over a crunchy layer, left behind after the snowfall earlier in the week, all on top of the old grooming which remains intact most everywhere that I skied, made for a fine ski tour at mid-day. I had brought along 2 pairs of skis just in case, but the waxless boards stayed put, and I opted for my waxable old rock skis with a wider 49 mm waist combined with VR45 for grip, which turned out to be the perfect choice. Although- with the consistent solid coverage- no rocks were hit.

Following the tracks of an earlier skier, then breaking my own trail- I skied East Crystal-Iron Springs-Elbow, and Loggers, with a fun finish down the middle section of Ranger Summit all season trail to connect with lower Sundog. Not many people out today, but in addition to the myriad of tracks left behind by smaller critters, someone else was cruising the trails earlier in the morning” photos


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  1. Spotted fresh wolf tracks today on tom snow south. Also found a picked clean deer carcass off trail along one of the nearby ridges/cut blocks.

  2. A 7 ft trail runner?

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