Excellent “scraps” at West Bragg Creek

Moose Connector at West Bragg Creek. Photo by Ray Yong

Thanks to Ray Yong for the photo and report from West Bragg Creek…

“Snow was thin at the trailhead but fine in the trees.  It was wet and slightly sticky, but no problems with clumping or sticking.  I was using my skin skis and the grip was fine.  Made the mistake of trying mountain road – it’s really, really thin and rocky closer to the trailhead, so best to avoid that move!  The snow isn’t melting in the covered trails, which is great, so it’s best to stick to the inner trails.

Lots of people walking all over the trails, so be prepared for that.”


When Aqua Toque mentioned “scraps” at West Bragg Creek, I wasn’t expecting to see this. The photo above is a screen capture from the video. To see the 30-second video, click on this link Fox Video. 


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  1. Many thanks to Aqua Toque for sharing the beautiful fox video!

    • You’re very welcome Grace.

      Here is an update for all the mothers out there.


      This is my final official post on skierbob.ca.
      Many thanks Bob for the work you’ve done including graciously hosting content from the fringe — those outside the realm of mainstream x-c.

      • Hi Aqua Toque, a very appropriate and beautiful video for mother’s day, thanks. Also thanks for your contributions to this blog over the years. (For those who don’t know, Aqua Toque is the male skier on the PLPP ski trails brochure – in the aqua jacket). Kananaskis brochures

      • Lovely video, thank you! Though I can’t help feeling a bit drained……

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