Grooming continues in PLPP

April 10, 2021

Tracksetting will continue in the south end of PLPP, but last night’s grooming on Lower Pocaterra, Lynx, Rolly Road and Come-Along was the last of the grooming in the north end. 

Pocaterra near Lynx junction. File photo

“A few light flurries fell during Friday night’s grooming, with a heavier spell of snow falling just before the grooming ended.  At 4:30AM, almost 1cm of new snow had accumulated overnight, and it was snowing lightly at the time- expect at least this amount on all the new grooming.   The new snow that has fallen over the last few days has shrunk down to about 5cm’s at the north end of the Park with up to 10cm’s or more existing at higher elevations since the last grooming.  This will be the last grooming of the season from the north end of the Park.”

It’s -5°C at the Lower Lake in Kananaskis this morning with an expected high of -1. Snow flurries are in the forecast for today, tonight, and tomorrow. 

In the past 24 hours, Lake Louise received 5 cm of snow and Nakiska got 4 cm. 

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