Kananaskis user pass update

Goat Creek trailhead. Evan Buhler RMO photo.

At this time last year, cross country skiers were wondering if there would be grooming in K-country for the winter of 2020-2021. It’s a relief that we don’t have to be concerned about that issue. 

After the province observed how successful XC skiers were in raising the money to fund grooming, they created their own user pass for  all visitors, summer and winter.  Since it came into effect on June 1, 2021, the new user pass for Kananaskis Country has raised just shy of $10 million.

A day pass costs $15 per vehicle, or a yearly pass that allows for two vehicles to be registered under the same pass costs $90.

Read the entire article Kananaskis user pass kicks $9.9 million into provincial coffers

I’m supposed to be retired from blogging but I will post the occasional article throughout the winter. When I go skiing, I will post my trip report on SkierRoger.


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  1. Hi Bob
    Thanks for the excellent update on this important topic. I was excited to see that you recently registered on the SkierRoger website where we’re all eager to read your trip reports.

    By the way, if you would like me to add a special category for any blog comments you may have, just let me know. We all really value your insight.

    Roger Sakatch

  2. Hopefully some of that is going back to pay for grooming in Bragg Creek. The blurb about the fee says that it is covering ski trail grooming, but Bragg Creek Trails sounded a bit doubtful last time I read anything.

    • Agreed. A component should go to west Bragg creek trail upkeep, or no pass required to utilize the west Bragg trail system. But the WBC management group is savvy and connected enough to probably work it out (province willing), hopefully. Lots of potential projects to fund though, if this summer usage was any indication of inadequate trailhead facilities.

      • Not a cent for West Bragg Creek yet from the Kananaskis Conservation Pass… but $1 million to develop plans to keep the Canmore Nordic Centre as a world class site for international athletes. Thanks for nothing.

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