50 Hour contest to win $50 dinner

Wild Texan BBQ

Update: We have 50 entries, so entries are now closed. 

This contest is for everyone who skis at west Bragg Creek.

This will be quick and easy. If you’re interested in a $50 credit towards a delicious meal at Wild Texan BBQ Company in Bragg Creek, simply leave a comment on this page with the name of an item from Wild Texas BBQ’s menu and (optional) why you like skiing at West Bragg Creek.

Cut-off for entries will be at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, 50 hours from the time this is posted, or when we receive 50 entries, whichever comes first. The winner’s name will be drawn from a hat.

Please leave your entry below.


  1. Hickory smoked ribs sound mighty fine for me.

  2. Chuck wagon brisket. How could that be a bad thing after such a wonderful ski day?

  3. I’ve really been enjoying the addition of the new cutblock trails at West Bragg – Mountain View and MV West – it’s good that there was some benefit to us skiers from all that logging. The beef brisket chili and beer sounds good to me.

  4. Fried green tomatoes! Yum.

    I haven’t skied west brag yet but it has great reviews and I love that it is dog friendly.

  5. West Bragg Creek has excellent xc ski trails & is conveniently close to the city. Would love to try some of that Gumbo!

  6. Hickory smoked pork ribs! Yum. I like skiing at West Bragg because the track setters do an awesome job!

  7. Bacon wrapped stuffed jalapeños with sour cream and a wild Texan combo plate sounds like a pretty good meal to me.

    I love the proximity and variety of trails at West Bragg. The conditions and grooming have been excellent too this year.

  8. I love the backwoods feel of the telephone loop so close to the city! The telephone loop + the moose loop = a few fun hours of good skiing without a ton of driving. Fingers crossed for continued great conditions! And some Texas BBQ 🙂

  9. Love how close the park is to SW Calgary. Also like that we can choose to ski or snowshoe. Enjoy that it is well used and respected by all ages. Really appreciate the hard work the volunteers do to maintain it. Would love to try the wild Texan burger!

  10. Love Moose Loop at WBC. Hickory smoked pork ribs for me!

  11. Beef brisket chilli sounds wonderful after working up an appetite on the West Bragg Creek trails.

  12. Terry B.
    It’s the W.T. Beef Brisket Chilli w/beer.
    WBC has been a favorite since the 90’s for hiking, snowshoeing, & X/C.
    The improved trail system is marvelous many kudos to the volunteers.
    Perhaps better signage @ the donation box similar to Cross Conservation that asks for a toonie each visit?

  13. Some of the starters such as Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Jalapenos & Sour Cream look pretty appealing. The volunteer grooming as resulted in conditions at West Bragg Creek that are incredible, especially when one considers how little snow has fallen there.

  14. After another great ski at WBC with well-groomed tracks and wonderful ski friends, the Brisket Po’Boy Sandwich sounds very tempting!

  15. Chicken dippers are a menu item. I love the short drive to the West Bragg Creek trails. Recently, the telephone loop was awesome.

  16. Hi Skier Bob, I arrived too late to render-vous with my friends yesterday, so I walked by myself, icers on my boots, and had a most lovely afternoon on the excellent trails Snowy Owl, Ranger Summit, Strange Brew and Boundary Ridge. Was wishing I had my skis, but the walk turned out to be the perfect outing for the day. I only hope I can remember all the good self-talk I gave myself :). Thanks to all the volunteers out there–I appreciate the quality experience so close to Calgary!
    I’d just love to sample those hickory smoked ribs–hope, hope I win. 🙂

  17. WBC where the many people are almost as friendly as the many dogs, more really is better

    Beef brisket chilli hhhmmm I want that !

  18. Just started cross country skiing three weeks ago and loving it. Between skiing, snowshoeing, fatbiking and now this BBQ, I have 4 reasons to go to Bragg Creek every weekend.

    Give me the chuck wagon beef brisket!

  19. My experience with WBC goes back to the early 80’s when is was so easy to make that short drive from Calgary and ski tour on my metal edge skis around the Telephone loop. It was quieter in those early days and I am so pleased to see the area re-imagined by those many volunteers who created a very busy play ground for everyone. Kudos to all those who work so hard.
    I could demolish a whole rack of hickory smoked pork ribs after a day at WBC.

  20. Mmmm – Shrimp Po’ Boy sandwich sounds pretty interesting….I like skiing at WBC because it’s a nice short drive for me from SE Calgary, so it allows me to sleep in and still make it out for a ski on my only 2 days off a week. Also, not having a dog myself right now, I love off leash areas (forget Disneyland – the happiest places on earth are off leash areas!). Nothing quickly undoes frustration of the often over-crowded parking lot and occasional inconsiderate people quite like seeing lots of free, happy puppies having the time of their lives playing in the snow! I hope it always remains dog-friendly – paw prints in the tracks is a small price to pay for witnessing pure joy 🙂

  21. West Bragg Creek is an amazing ski area – very beautiful and peaceful. and thx to the volunteers who do such a great job of maintaining the trails.
    Hickory ribs – I can taste them already!

  22. The Ornery Texan Burger would satisfy the hunger after a good ski at WBC. Yum.

  23. “Wild Texan Combo” possibly a pair of skijoring outriders at a Nordic chuck wagon event.

  24. I’d go for the Hickory Smoked Ribs

  25. I love the Hickory Smoked Pork Ribs.

    I love skiing in Bragg Creek for its proximity to Calgary and awesome tracks.

  26. Panko crusted Mac & cheese balls sounds interesting. Sure the kids would go for that. I love seeing all the happy smiling faces of people enjoying themselves at WBC.

  27. You don’t see Fried Greem Tomatoes too often.
    Great multi-use destination!

  28. The Wild Texan beef brisket chili sounds good post ski. I live near Bragg Creek and have been enjoying skiing close to home with the great trails, conditions, and grooming. Hope to see more people stop at Bragg Creek shops and restaurants after they enjoy the trails!

  29. Hickory smoked ribs.

  30. I like the fact that a neglected and infrequently groomed set of XC ski trails could be transformed into an outstanding 130 km multi-activity trail network in just 5 years by volunteers and donations. It’s your donations and 20,000 hours of volunteer time (so far) that made this possible!
    I’m going for Mama Nita’s Louisiana Gumbo at Wild Texan BBQ in Bragg Creek!

  31. I skied WBC for the first time on the weekend and was supremely impressed with the quality of the trails as well as the signage.

  32. 1. Menu Item: Wild Texan Combo Plate

    2. West Bragg: good grooming & track setting and close to Calgary

  33. Havent had a Po’boy sandwich in a while, so the Brisket Po’boy sounds intriguing after a day of skiing in WBC. What I like about West Bragg Creek is even though the parking lot always seems packed, the trails never seem overly congested.

  34. The hickory smoked ribs sound amazing. It would be great to munch on these after a ski at wbc. Although I’m a fairly new skier, wbc offers a challenge for me without the long drive from Calgary. I’m hoping the chinook doesn’t do much damage to these easily accessible trails. 🙂

  35. So many delicious sounding things on the menu but think I would start with some Rib Meat Nachos and a beer. Nice end to a day of great skiing in West Bragg. The grooming out there has been absolutely amazing!

  36. Some days like today when the temps are so warm and the waxing is so difficult perhaps the only solution is try the sauce from Hickory Smoked Pork Ribs at West Texas BBQ Company. It sticks to the ribs and maybe it will stick to the snow.

  37. My husband and I love to night ski at West Bragg Creek – just us, the stars, and the beautiful groomed ski-tracks:)

    That Chuck Wagon Brisket sounds deliiiicous!

  38. The “Chuckwagon Beef Brisket” would be my choice. As for West Bragg Creek, hats off to all the volunteers that make the closest ski area to Calgary one of the best ! Where else can you enjoy such wonderful trails so close to home ?

  39. Loggers loop and Chuck wagon beef brisket, perfect combo.

  40. WT Pulled pork! I had no idea this restaurant was even there. Can’t wait to try it.

  41. Yum! Skiing AND a meat fest – it doesn’t get much better than that. Shame I have to drive as otherwise I’d add beer to that list. I’m definitely a WT Combo girl – I can’t make decisions after skiing my legs off!

  42. The Chuck Wagon Beef Brisket! It’s making me hungry late at night. I love it when you’ve had a long ski day, finish exhausted and feeling like you’ve achieved something, and rapping up the day with a great meal.

  43. Wild Texan combo plate! It has been such a great winter so far at Bragg Creek – long may it continue after this nasty warm spell!

  44. Fried green tomatoes! Those would be tasty after an afternoon ski.

    West Bragg Creek trails are scenic, relatively close to Calgary, and numerous. These are some of the reasons why I enjoy skiing there so much.

  45. Picnicking in the hot sun along Moose Loop this afternoon had me thinking of cold beer. Even better- would be a brew, and a Wild Texan Beef Burger.
    All those sunny open trails are one of our favourite things about West Bragg (maybe too much of a good thing today), and another is skiing freely with our dog Tikka. She’ll have a burger to go, hold the mustard.

  46. Chuck wagon beef brisket. The best 4 words I’ve written this week.

  47. A cajun burger. Love the proximity to the city, being able to bring my dog out for a nice run, while both enjoying the wonderfully groomed trails and beautiful scenery.

  48. Shrimp Po Boys sandwich sounds nice after zipping around all the good tracks at WBC.

  49. A helping of chuck wagon brisket would be more than worth the $2 donation for the great grooming at WBC!

  50. WT pulled pork sandwich sounds nice after a good ski at WBC. Trails there are well maintained, diversified, fun, scenic and so close from home. I wish they would get more winters like this and more snowfall. Hope everyone appreciates the awsome job volunteers are doing and donate something each time they ski there. It totally deserves few dollars for such an amazing ski…

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