Good conditions before 1 pm

March 26, 2017
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It’s spring and we have to be bear aware, as evidenced by the bear tracks I saw a few years ago on Tyrwhitt and Whiskey Jack. Today, those bears wouldn’t have had a chance to catch me

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Bear sighting in Banff

June 29, 2016
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We were thrilled to observe this black bear for about 20 minutes while it munched its way through the Sawback burn along the Bow Valley parkway yesterday(Monday).

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Bear and bare

November 3, 2014
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With curiosity getting the better of me, we took a Sunday drive to Lake Louise yesterday. It was great seeing a bear,  but I would have preferred seeing some snow.

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Who “owns” Alberta’s wildlife? Should guns be allowed in K-country?

September 17, 2014
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On Sep 22, 2000, Nakoda, the alpha female of the Peter Lougheed wolf pack, was gunned down in K-country

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Momma grizzly speaks out

September 14, 2014
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Letter to the editor Re: Grizzly bear mother who killed Calgary hunter in Kananaskis Country and cub will be left alone, Alberta Parks says

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Danish birder speaks out after being nipped by bear

July 21, 2014
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Update: Tourist in bear conflict blames self not bear  The scene of this incident near Quarry Lake in Canmore is one I’m very familiar with. Our house is near

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More bears in the Bow Valley

July 4, 2014
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This family of bears was observed by Cheryl along the Bow Valley parkway near Lake Louise yesterday. The photos were taken using an IPhone,

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Enjoy the wild flowers this Canada Day weekend

June 27, 2014
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You saw it here first – the wood lilies are beginning to bloom in Bow Valley Provincial park( and likely many other locations). Thanks to Chuck who sent

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PLPP Grizzly bear sighting

June 18, 2014
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Here are some great photos and details of Sheila’s recent bear encounter: Hi Bob, We stayed out at William Watson lodge this weekend.  There were warning signs about bears in the area and we were careful to make lots of noise and keep the pooch on lead. 

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How to use bear spray

May 14, 2014

Hopefully, your bear spray will expire before you ever have to use it. This video will help prepare you, however, if you ever do need it.

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Bear in Canmore

August 2, 2012
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As Cheryl was driving along Three Sisters Drive in Canmore yesterday, she spotted this cinnamon-colored black bear eating

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Skiers encounter hibernating bear

January 19, 2012

A story in yesterday’s Herald caught my attention. This happened in Banff National Park, just north of Lake Louise

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Rummel Lake again, and even more beautiful

September 5, 2011
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After hearing about my hike to Rummel lake earlier this summer, Cheryl was excited to check it out, so along with Caroline, we headed up to this picturesque mountain lake yesterday.

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A day of surprises

April 21, 2011

  (The surprises never end…my blog has gone wonky and I’m unable to load photos. I’ve put the photos on my personal website  Today’s photos)   Surprise #1   The first surprise was finding myself at the Boulton Creek trailhead at 9:20 this morning. I was determined to get on the snow while it was still cold, and […]

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Are we that popular?

April 5, 2011

Is anyone seeing the pop-up ads on this blog? I never see them, but on Cheryl’s I-Phone, they are at the top of every blog post. WordPress provides the blog to me for free, but they have the right to place ads on here, and they will do so if the readership is high. The […]

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April 5, 2011

Just a reminder that it may be prudent to take bear spray with you at this time of year. I took this photo on April 12, 2006 on Tyrwhitt. Where do you think the exact location was? Where do you think a hungry bear would be? It was right around the picnic table, of course. Cheryl […]

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