Big sky country

March 9, 2019
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Just as Cheryl, Tessa, and I finished skiing the Strathmore golf course, who should pull up to go skiing but the man himself.  It was a thrill to finally meet

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Another place to ski: Sundre

March 8, 2019

Hi Skier Bob! My name is Katie Jo Munro and I am the treasurer for the Sundre Bike “n” Ski club. Our club sets trail as often as we can on our Snake Hill, through town and along the Red deer River.

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Sandy McNabb

March 7, 2019
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The one thing Steve didn’t mention in his Sandy McNabb trip report was the temperature.  When we arrived at 3 pm, the air temperature was +3°C and sun-exposed

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Troll Falls

March 6, 2019
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Yesterday we took Tessa on the scenic Hay Meadow trail and did the extra 300 metres to Troll Falls. It’s worth seeing the frozen waterfall at least once every winter.

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Sandy McNabb

February 22, 2019
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After 11 years of doing this blog, I am thrilled to finally do a first-hand report on Sandy McNabb.  Conditions were pretty good with occasional hazards

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The road less travelled

February 21, 2019
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West Bragg Creek received 5-7 cm from that brief but powerful storm which whipped through last night. Most of the trails at WBC were groomed and trackset before noon

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Snowing in K-Country

February 20, 2019
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“This is my view out my snowcat window at 6:20. Expect some snow in all the tracksetting.” -Tracksetter Jeff

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Beautiful day at West Bragg Creek

February 13, 2019
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-Ruth and Debbie on Moose Loop at West Bragg Creek- The snow at West Bragg qualifies as “Edelweiss” snow. Soft and white, clean and bright.

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Strathmore golf course

February 13, 2019

West Bragg Creek was in great shape today, and I’ll have a report later. I’ve been wondering about Strathmore golf course, so was happy to get the above video from Ed Meyer who does the grooming. In addition to sending the video,

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More snow at West Bragg Creek

February 11, 2019
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I had a lovely ski at West Bragg Creek today. There was 2-3 cm of new snow overnight but a few skiers had been out ahead of me to break trail. Groomer Dave had started

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Kananaskis Village trails

January 18, 2019
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The phrase “thin but skiable” is one we’ll remember from this low-snow winter. I was losing hope that we’d ever see any tracksetting on these trails,

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Skiing on New Year’s Day

January 1, 2019
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As we begin 2019, we’re still waiting for snow to arrive on a lot of our trails, and to top-up the trails which are marginal. Yes, we’re spoiled. We have excellent skiing

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Baker Creek to Castle Lookout

December 24, 2018
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-Baker Creek to Castle Lookout. Photo by Chuck.- I was very happy to see the report from Chuck regarding this wonderful trail between Castle Lookout and Baker Creek.

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Finally, snow in the mountains

December 11, 2018

I was thrilled to read Mary’s trip report from Lake Louise where she said it was snowing “pretty good” this  afternoon. I’m wondering how much snow will greet Chip, Peter, Pat and me tomorrow morning at Elk Pass?

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A wonderful discovery

December 8, 2018
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I had trouble deciding on a title for this blog post. Amazing news for dogs and dog owners A beautiful day at Strathmore golf course Off-leash skiing close to Calgary Don’t make assumptions The best $5 I’ve ever spent Good food and warm bathrooms

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Freddie’s first ski trip

December 4, 2018
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We were dogsitting Freddie today. He turned one year old on Dec 1, so it was time for him to learn to ski. Off to West Bragg Creek where he can ski off-leash.

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I can’t ski slow enough

November 28, 2018
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The first five times I skied the west side of the Bow River Loop at Lake Louise was during the Lake Louise to Banff Loppet and I was going too fast

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West Bragg Creek

November 26, 2018
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Tessa and I had a wonderful afternoon on the trails at West Bragg Creek. I wasn’t sure what to expect, so I used my Fischer Twin Skins,but I’m pretty sure VR50

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Skiing with your dog

November 5, 2018

“I’m looking for advice and training tips for skiing with my one yr. old border collie.” -Wendy The recent comment from Wendy reminded me to write an early-season post about skiing with your dog.  A very popular page on this blog is

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Dog-friendly West Bragg Creek

March 10, 2018
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We took Tessa for one more ski at West Bragg while conditions are still reasonably good. Although I prefer colder snow, Tessa is happy not to have to wear her boots

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