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Snow updates

March 15, 2018

6 pm update from Tracksetter Jeff at Kananaskis Village: From the looks of the picnic tables above, I would estimate there is about 25+ cm of new snow.  Mud Lake(Chester, Burstall) at 4 pm was up to 27 cm which is probably close to the

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Prepare for snow

March 14, 2018
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Environment Canada has issued a snowfall warning for Calgary, Canmore, Kananaskis, Banff and Lake Louise at 15:43 Wednesday 14 March 2018:

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Saturday morning update

March 3, 2018

The Kananaskis Village and Ribbon Creek trails have already been groomed this morning. The Pisten-Bully is presently going up Ruthie’s. The trails have received 10 cm of new snow.  Lots of grooming occurred

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Calm and beautiful in K-Country

February 13, 2018
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With strong winds and warm temperatures in the forecast, Peter and I went early, hoping to ski the Bill Milne trail before the weather took its toll.

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Snowfall updates

February 8, 2018

Thursday Feb 8 @ 12:07 pm It’s been snowing heavily in Canmore all morning, but just now it is clearing up enough for me to see a faint outline of Grotto mountain across the valley. I have an accumulation of 12 cm so far. Temperature is -15°C.

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It’s a wonderful xc ski season and more snow is on the way

February 7, 2018

  “Significant amounts of snow, with total amounts of 25 to 35 cm is expected. An area of heavy snow, currently from Grande Cache to Medicine Hat, including the mountain parks,

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Snow and cold for one more day

December 30, 2017

Update Sat Dec 30 @ 11:30 a.m: It’s clearing up. I can clearly see Grotto mountain across the valley and it looks like the sun is peeking out. The temperature is -25°C.  Saturday Dec 30 @ 9:15 a.m:  The following road conditions report

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How much snow?

December 20, 2017

I’m still in Calgary, and this morning at 9 a.m. there’s an accumulation of 10 – 12 cm. How much did you get? The first grooming of the season occurred at Mount Shark yesterday:

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Snow on the way

December 18, 2017

I was happy to see Adam’s trip report indicating 7 cm of new snow already in the north end of PLPP, and Gord F’s 15 cm at Boulton Creek.  I’m in Calgary for a few days so I won’t be able to report any snowfall amounts from my deck in

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It’s been a while…

December 15, 2017

Finally we are seeing some snow in the forecast. Small amounts are predicted for today, but the “long ranger” shows much more for next week. The Ventusky interactive map predicts 32 cm in Yoho by Wednesday.  It’s not just Yoho

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A lull in the action

November 24, 2017

The wonderful early-season skiing came to a sudden halt with this warm weather and rain. I believe it has affected all areas, and the earliest turnaround on the horizon appears to be

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Snowfall warning

November 19, 2017

 With strong winds blowing debris on the trails, we’ll welcome some fresh snow. Perhaps more trails in Lake Louise will be groomed, maybe even Banff. PLPP will hopefully receive some of this and Elk Pass can get a refresher grooming. 

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Welcome to November

November 1, 2017

“We accumulated 10cm of high-moisture content snow overnight, here in Canmore.” -Ray Perrott on Wed Nov 1, 8:30 a.m. “15cm of new here at Kananaskis Village. Not skiable yet but with a another good snowfall rock skis could come out.” – Tracksetter Jeff(Ribbon Creek) Wed Nov 1, 10:00 a.m.

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You know ski season is coming when….

October 30, 2017

“…You hit all the weather links on Bob’s blog searching for the most optimistic snow report.” -Jeff

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Snow on the way

October 29, 2017
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After having our hopes dashed many times in the past, I’ve learned to be a bit subdued about these forecasts and I’m trying to contain my excitement.

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Snowing in Canmore, poor driving conditions

March 16, 2017

Update 9:55 a.m: The snow has stopped and the sun is shining in Canmore. The webcams show snow-covered roads. The trails at Canmore Nordic Centre are being groomed. Thursday Mar 16 @8:20 a.m: I woke up to a huge dump of snow

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Snow and rain on the way

March 14, 2017

Snowfall warning in effect for: Banff Banff Nat. Park near Lake Louise Banff Nat. Park near Saskatchewan River Crossing Snowfall, with total amounts of 10 to 20 cm is expected. Heavy snow will begin overnight tonight in mountain passes and along Highway 93 near Lake Louise. 

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Snowfall updates

March 4, 2017

Sat Mar 4 @ 4:15 pm: It’s unusual to get more snow than the forecasts predicted. For example, the Snow Forecast was predicting 3 cm for Ribbon Creek today, but they got around 30!! Liz on Goat Creek:

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Snow updates

February 23, 2017

Thursday 11:35 a.m: West Bragg Creek update from Groomer Jeff: Hello ski enthusiasts! 5-10 cm of new snow has fallen in Bragg Creek in the last 24 hrs. Conditions on core trails are very good to excellent. This includes the following trails which have been groomed and track set this morning: Bunny, East and West Crystal […]

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Avoid West Bragg Creek ’til further notice

February 16, 2017

Update Fri Feb 17 @ 9:45 a.m: South end trails in PLPP were groomed last night. Lake O’Hara fire road was groomed yesterday. This is from Groomer Jeff at West Bragg Creek:

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