Couch maintenance

Couch builder MaSid has provided the following…

Dalibor and Eva at MaSid’s Pipestone river couch

A Couch Surfer’s Guide to Maintenance

If you enjoy the couches and would like to help keep them alive in some small way, here’s how:

– First, if looking for a couch, bring a foam pad or similar to sit on. A set of mitts or a jacket will do in a pinch. But a proper insulating pad is way better if you want to linger in true comfort. Put your pack against the back wall and you have full reclining capabilities without snow contact. Couch depth is designed for this set up. An insulated jacket is essential on colder days.

– If you visit and there has been fresh snow, pat down the snow on top of the back and side walls first, then pat down the seat. Use your mitts or second gloves rather than your regular ski gear. Feet and skis will take care of the rest. The couch will then grow at a similar rate to the ground around it. If walls start sagging or leaning let me know.

– Pack snow into the holes between blocks in the walls or any other area that needs it, including the seat if its uneven.

– No dogs on the couch please.

– Feel free to add any kind of snow sculpture or snow art you want to. Nothing but snow though. Keep it clean, white and natural please. And whatever you do build, don’t shade the feet. Otherwise, no limits!

– Thanks in advance for your contribution. Happy surfing (-:

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