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The Hayes Family
Michael Buss
Andree Iffrig
Eric Leavitt
Steven Glover
Pollie Lumby
Catherine Hartford
James Ross
Ray and Mary Perrott
Helen Read
Leon & Kay Kubbernus
Anthony and Donna Manconi
Patricia and Cliff Brown
Mike Norton
Mac Steele
Russ MacKenzie
Frank Liszczak
Shek Chang Chan
John H
Duane Kohut and Carol Poland
Howard Heffler
Mary-Ann Podgorski
Sonya Jakubec
Sibylla Lane
The Van Heldens
Ray and Marilyn Turner
Jude Cartwright
Tara Minions
Bev and Archie Morrow
Val Berenyi
Carlo Dade
Janet Novotny
Helen Yuen
Kai Poscente
Pollie Lumby
Brent Ciccone
Bill and Deirdre Richardson
Jeff Peterson
Nancy Renaux
Jennifer Chue
Christine Pham
Beth and Peter Adams
Dave Forsyth
Janice and Charlie Perry
Ron and Donna Matthezing
Warren Blair
Anthony and Donna Manconi
Clare Zupan
Patricia Breemer
Bob Toothill
Irene Hale
Manfred Kintop
Margot M
Henry Leparskas
Frank Liszczak
Keith Bagnall
Evan Jones
Patrick Mahaffey
Anna and Jacek Pietrzak
Peter Snell
Jeremy Neufeld
Mike Skinner
The Hayes Gang
Bill Brebber
Lyle Opseth
Diana Piggott
Edge/Skocylas family
Roger  George
Kirstin Morrell
Sheila McAlpine
Tony Lambert and Jennifer Harris
Claire Jarrold
Carlos Dade
Jim and Gaylene Davis

Ray and Mary Perrott
Dave Varga
Christine Pham
John Blum
Patrick Doyle
Dave Rella
Michael LeFeuvre
James Cruickshank
James McIvor
Will Burton
Margah Domville
Chris and Peter Thomas
Donna & Anthony Manconi
Ken Hewitt
Raylene Frechette
Karen Marie Hansen in memory of my uncle Fred Hansen, who skied into his 80’s, and loved the mountains.


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