Fantastic Friday night update

Joanna arrives at the Elk Pass/Blueberry Hill junction. Photo from Dec 2017.

What a great weekend it promises to be in the SkierBob empire. Lots of good news about new tracksetting, and spectacular photos of beautiful ski trails. Let’s get started…

Elk Pass Contest Winner

I had an inkling we’d see some tracksetting this week when I posted the Elk Pass Contest Update a few days ago. Continue reading

Back Door or Lionel?

Nov 29, 2019(Click on the image to make it larger)

Martin brought up a good point in his comment:

“Shouldn’t we respect our heritage and refer to ‘back door’ as Lionel? Does anyone know the history of this name?” Continue reading

Confederation golf course

Claudette(L) and Deb at Confederation golf course

Nov 28, 2019 @ 5 pm

I was in the neighbourhood this afternoon so I stopped by Confed to see what the conditions were like. Claudette and Deb were just finishing their ski and said it was pretty good. 

Confed has been roll-packed and Deb said it looked like there were machine-made tracks in a few places Continue reading

First tracksetting in Yoho

I received this update from Kicking Horse Ski Club in Field, BC:

(Edit. note: Takkakaw Falls road is also known as Yoho Valley Road)

“Joe did the TAK FALLS ROAD today–packed wide and double track on either side. “Cold as a bugger” he said–but it came out pretty good! He also stationed the track setters at the Kicking Horse Fire Road cause that will be the next one to work on. Go get ’em!” Continue reading

Thursday morning update

Snowshoe Hare trail at West Bragg Creek. Photo by Alf Skrastins

Nov 28, 2019

I laughed when I read this contest entry from Flora:

“My first waxing memory was skiing with my Dad on Lake Ohara road. It was a very chilly day, I remember lots of little snow crystals on the side of the trail. He had 3 choices in his wax kit. Blue, green or red – ‘What’s your favourite color’ he asked? I said red. It.was.a. s.l.o.w. ski”

Continue reading

Snowmageddon Day 2

Hostel Meadow at West Bragg Creek. Photo by Groomer Jeff

Update from Groomer Jeff at West Bragg Creek Nov 27 @ 5:15 pm:

“48 hrs of snow and counting…Groomers have been literally going the extra mile over the last two days trying to keep up with the white stuff.

All 65 km of ski trail have been roller packed and the following trails have been track set:

Hostel Meadow, West Crystal, East Crystal, Sundog, Loggers, and Mountain Road to Moose Connector.

Track setting will continue for the next two days on the non core trails. Continue reading

It snowed

Groomer Bill, packing down the deep, fluffy new snow on Mountain Road. Photo by Alf Skrastins

An amazing amount of snow fell today at West Bragg Creek. Alf Skrastins gave this update…

“It was a powder day at West Bragg Creek. By late afternoon, about 25cm of light, fluffy snow had fallen and it was all a winter wonderland. We took advantage of the untracked snow to ski trails that are usually busy with snowshoers, fat-bikers, hikers and trail runners. The tour included Snowy Owl, Strange Brew, Elbow, Sundog and Ranger Summit. The ski trails were being roller-packed all day by the grooming team. With this amount of snow, on a great base and below zero temperatures, ski conditions should be great for at least 2 weeks.” Continue reading

Grooming and snowfall updates

Nov 26 @ 3:15 pm


The snowfall warning continues to be in effect for Canmore, Kananaskis, Bragg Creek, Sandy McNabb.

Turner Valley golf course. Photo by JeremyN

Update Nov 26 @ 7 pm: I just heard from Alf Skrastins that West Bragg Creek received 25 cm by late afternoon. He remarked “It was tough , slow work just packing the snow today.”

Thanks to JeremyN for the photo at the Turner Valley Golf Course. Turner Valley is about 15K from Sandy McNabb. Jeremy was featured on the CTV 6 pm news plowing through the snow. Continue reading

Nov 26: Snowfall updates



It appears the forecast for heavy snowfall along the foothills is coming to fruition. According to the big beneficiaries from this storm will be West Bragg Creek and Sandy McNabb with a predicted 25+ cm. Ribbon Creek and Canmore are on the fringe but still expected to get 10 cm. The Weather Network predicts heavy snowfall will continue this evening and into tomorrow(Wednesday). Continue reading