Bonus kilometres – on wax!

March 24, 2018
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It’s been a pleasure reading all the trip reports today with such good conditions for this time of year. 

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Should be some good skiing this weekend

March 23, 2018

In addition to to all the trip reports, here is an update from West Bragg Creek Groomer Jeff: “The early bird get’s the worm! 2-5 cm of new snow dusted the trails Thursday night

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Winter’s end

March 19, 2018
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Spring officially starts tomorrow(Tues Mar 20) at  10:15 a.m. but you wouldn’t know it if you were in PLPP today.  There was 5-10 cm of new snow

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One million readers!

March 18, 2018

This blog has reached the milestone of one million visitors since Frozen Thunder opened way back on Oct 21.  I am a statistics freak and enjoy studying the data in order to see what my readers are interested in.  With reference to the

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Sunday morning update

March 18, 2018

I’ve received 3 cm of overnight snow in Canmore and it is still snowing. The forecast is calling for light snow throughout the day. The temperature is -3°C so the snow is powdery rather than wet.

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Canmore Nordic Centre

March 17, 2018
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This is a good time of year to re-visit the pros and cons of waxless skis so I’ve added a section at the end of this post which gives my thoughts but I welcome

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The amazing 80K bison trip

March 17, 2018
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-Now complete with Radio Collars, the bison are awaiting release this summer. Photo by Chuck- Chuck has made some epic ski trips but this one surpasses all in distance, tough conditions, and the ultimate

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Spring skiing in PLPP

March 16, 2018
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The advice from Heather to go early is appropriate at this time of year. The high angle of the sun wreaks havoc on the trails by early afternoon.

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After 30+ cm of new snow…grooming updates

March 16, 2018

Canmore Nordic Centre: Banff trail, Bow, Meadowview and some other trails have been groomed and trackset. Don’t go by the Live Grooming Report. Check the trail report to see

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Snow updates

March 15, 2018

6 pm update from Tracksetter Jeff at Kananaskis Village: From the looks of the picnic tables above, I would estimate there is about 25+ cm of new snow.  Mud Lake(Chester, Burstall) at 4 pm was up to 27 cm which is probably close to the

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Prepare for snow

March 14, 2018
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Environment Canada has issued a snowfall warning for Calgary, Canmore, Kananaskis, Banff and Lake Louise at 15:43 Wednesday 14 March 2018:

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Avalanche danger on Elk Pass

March 13, 2018

With this section of Elk Pass closed, you can still access Blueberry Hill by going up Hydroline and down Patterson. The trail report indicates Elk Pass is closed for avalanche control. I don’t know if that means it will be open again soon.

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Blast from the past

March 12, 2018

How did we survive before the internet? When I was the Calgary Ski Club’s nordic director in 2003-2004, we planned our entire schedule in October! Email was just starting to become popular. Tracksetting updates were posted by

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Dog-friendly West Bragg Creek

March 10, 2018
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We took Tessa for one more ski at West Bragg while conditions are still reasonably good. Although I prefer colder snow, Tessa is happy not to have to wear her boots

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West Bragg Creek

March 8, 2018

Report from Steve Riggs: “Other than the skiing- a highlight was getting back at dusk to find a fox hanging around the south parking. After stepping out of the boards to get the camera from my truck, it co-operated by strolling over to check out my skis. …and for the skiing: 

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Beautiful skiing at Emerald Lake

March 7, 2018
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We had excellent trail conditions and perfect weather for skiing at Emerald Lake. The Alluvial Fan and the Emerald Connector were trackset yesterday,

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Wednesday morning update

March 7, 2018

It’s going to be a beautiful day on the ski trails here at Emerald Lake and Yoho National Park.  The temperature is -12°C and the sun is shining on the tops of the mountains. The high for today is -4. Jeff did the tracksetting last night

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Lucky day #3

March 6, 2018

If anyone wants to make the drive to Yoho, all the trails will be in great shape tomorrow(Wednesday). This is the email I received this afternoon from Marilyn at the Kicking Horse Ski Club:

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Another lucky day

March 5, 2018
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I was originally planning on skiing the new tracksetting in PLPP today but as I was driving past Kananaskis Village I pulled over and checked the Live Grooming

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My lucky day

March 4, 2018
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I was surmising that Goat Creek might have new tracksetting today and I was correct. 10 cm of new snow has completely refreshed the hard-packed conditions of last

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