A tribute to all Trip Reporters

April 14, 2014

See more photos from Chuck’s latest trip including butterflies, bighorn sheep, and ugh! ticks. Lake Minnewanka shoreline hike The Trip Reports have been viewed 62,677 times so far this winter.  Chuck O’Callaghan has been a

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Fantastic conditions for the finale

April 13, 2014
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Climbing Whiskey jack was more breathtaking than usual with the snow-covered trees sparkling in the morning sun. I met two skiers who experienced a rare

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One last day on waxable skis?

April 12, 2014

It’s going to be cold tonight with a low of -12°C while Jody is grooming Whiskey jack, Pocaterra, and Packers(if all goes according to plan). The forecast high for tomorrow is +5, but I’m going to break with tradition and get out there early.

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Blueberry hill

April 11, 2014
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It was a beautiful day to ski up to Blueberry hill with new tracksetting, sunny skies, and wet snow. The wet snow wasn’t so good, but it’s spring and we must make

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Top Ten 2013 – 2014

April 10, 2014

This list includes trips which were remarkable, whether it was exceptionally good conditions or some other reason, and are in chronological order. Nov 7 Smilin’ Faces  First tracksetting of the season on Moraine Lake Road. This wonderful day is anticipated all summer long.

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Your thoughts at winter’s end

April 8, 2014

 I’m going to put together a personal Top 10 for this winter when I have time, hopefully within the next week. In the mean time, my postings will be few and far between now that we’re well into April. I’d like to hear from readers, however, regarding your impressions of this ski season.

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Spring skiing in PLPP

April 6, 2014
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I’m always happy to meet other skiers and say hi. Sometimes, people are pleasantly surprised to meet me, the real SkierBob. Others are just surprised.

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Found a kid’s ski at Boulton creek

April 6, 2014

Marin found this ski at the Boulton creek parking lot. She and her grandmother Chris said they would drop it off at the Pocaterra hut’s Lost and Found. As I finished skiing today and cruised into Boulton creek trailhead, I caught

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Elk pass

April 4, 2014
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It was difficult deciding whether to use waxable or waxless today. The snow temperature at Elk pass parking lot was -1°C, and the air temp was +2

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Looking forward to the new bridge

April 3, 2014
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 - There used to be a bridge here. I’m hoping it will be back in place for next winter. – I’m happy to say that my last ski trip this winter on Cascade valley was an enjoyable one!

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Lake Louise

April 3, 2014
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Conditions were reasonably good on Moraine Lake road yesterday at Lake Louise. The snow temperature was -6°C at 12 noon, air was -3.There was about 6-8 cm

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Yoho and Emerald Lake update

April 2, 2014

The Kicking Horse Ski Club just signed up their 100th member, their best year ever. Thank you to everyone who bought a membership or made a donation. The KHSC is responsible for grooming the trails in Yoho and Emerald Lake.

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Grooming continues, more snow, and bears in spring.

April 1, 2014

It snowed another 4 cm overnight in Canmore. I expect conditions are excellent at the Canmore Nordic Centre where they continue to groom and trackset daily. As John A reported from skiing

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Skogan pass and summit

March 29, 2014
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 - Skogan pass at the junction with the Upper Skogan loop(approx 8.2K distance and 500 metres elevation). - 

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Skogan pass – last chance

March 28, 2014

This was sent at 2:57 pm from the snowcat as Jeff was making the first pass on Skogan loop… The Live Grooming Report shows Skogan pass has been groomed all the way to the summit. Other trails completed today include Hidden,

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March 27, 2014
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- A surreal atmosphere on Wedge connector. – Thanks to the Live Grooming Report, at 1:30 pm I could see that Jeff was grooming Tessa’s favourite trail.

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Up to 25 cm in PLPP

March 27, 2014

You may have seen this on the Groomer’s Report from Jody already, but here it is again: PLPP Minus twelve and snowing lightly in the Elk Pass parking lot at 6:30AM. Lightly is not how I would describe the falling snow for most of the

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Have you skied Lower lake?

March 24, 2014
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- Excellent conditions and spectacular scenery on the Lower lake trail in PLPP. – You’re missing out on an easy, scenic trail if you haven’t skied the 1.4K trail

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Winter’s back in Kananaskis

March 22, 2014
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Thank you to everybody who left Trip Reports! It’s nice to see all the activity again. When Tessa and I parked at Stoney trailhead at 1:30 pm it was -6°C. Later in the day,

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Good conditions at CNC

March 22, 2014
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It’s been 18 long days since I skied on waxable skis, and last night at the nordic centre it felt like I was going at supersonic speeds. It sure felt good to be on cold snow again.

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