Win a season’s pass to Canmore Nordic Centre

September 6, 2016

Winter Photo Contest There’s still time to win a Season Pass by entering the Canmore Nordic Centre’s Photo Contest. Submit a maximum of 5

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The “boss” has kids!

August 23, 2016
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-Spruce grouse hen on Pocaterra trail- If you’re a regular winter time reader of this blog, you’ll be familiar with the “Boss.”

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Donate now for snow-making in Calgary

August 23, 2016

Do you live in Calgary? Do you ski? Do your kids ski? Do you want to learn to ski? Update Sep 1, 2016: $73,000 has already been raised This campaign is off to a good start. $39,000

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High Rockies trail: Goat Pond to Spurling Creek

August 19, 2016
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Spectacular views along the High Rockies trail between the dam and Driftwood I hit one high point on this trip at 1740 metres as I neared Spurling creek, but the real high

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Eventful bike trip on Goat Creek

August 16, 2016
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-The Spray River bridge at 9K. Apparently a grizzly bear was in the area.- When we arrived at the Goat Creek parking lot at 11:45 a.m, it was sunny and already +24ºC.

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Summer Pot Pourri

August 15, 2016

I’ve been taking pictures with the intention of writing a blog post but am getting behind. I’ll use this posting to get caught up. This just came to my attention today and is urgent: Support snowmaking at Confederation Golf Course. 

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Tessa Falls in Banff National Park

August 12, 2016
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On a hot day like today, this is one of my favourite places to go with my dog.  It’s a lovely waterfall and spectacular landscape feature which is unknown to most people.

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Cascade Valley: Comparing Winter and summer

August 11, 2016
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Cascade Valley was one of the first trails I biked when I moved to the mountains several years ago, and it convinced me that I needed a dual suspension bike.

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What is it?

July 31, 2016
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What is this? (Photo by Chris Waldmann) I was sent this photo by hiker Chris who was wondering what it could be. It looks like a 45-gal drum covered in concrete with a door.

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The first 9K of the new High Rockies trail

July 28, 2016
Thumbnail image for The first 9K of the new High Rockies trail

A couple days ago I had a very enjoyable bike ride on the first 8.9K of the High Rockies trail. To access the trail, you first have to travel for 900 metres on the Goat creek trail,

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Trail marker missing on Highline Trail(and bear warning)

July 22, 2016

The Highline trail at Canmore has become very popular with bikers and hikers. For those who are familiar with it, this won’t be a problem, but if you’re doing it for the first time, it could be an issue. The trail marker at the top of the east

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Nature’s beautiful sounds

July 19, 2016
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I was returning from Ross Lake along the Great Divide on my bike yesterday when I stopped to take a picture of a thick patch of paintbrush. As I was getting my camera out, I was startled

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An explosion of flavour along Three Sisters creek

July 17, 2016
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Wild strawberries are ripe and I had a small feast of them today along Three Sisters creek. Nothing compares to the intense

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Redearth Creek: Summer or winter?

July 8, 2016

I enjoyed a bike trip on Redearth Creek yesterday, all the way to the warden’s cabin. I thought it would be interesting to compare photos for identical locations summer vs winter.

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Hanging Valley

July 6, 2016
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When I did the Centennial Ridge hike a few years ago, I looked down from the top of Mt Allan into the valley below and thought that some day I’d like to come back and

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Happy Canada Day!

July 1, 2016

You can see all 28 of Alf’s photos here Rae glacier June 30, 2016

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Bear sighting in Banff

June 29, 2016
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We were thrilled to observe this black bear for about 20 minutes while it munched its way through the Sawback burn along the Bow Valley parkway yesterday(Monday).

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Nipika says good-bye to Rufus

June 27, 2016

This was posted today on Facebook: If you’ve visited Nipika Mountain Resort anytime during the past 15 years, you will have undoubtedly met Rufus and possibly skied or hiked with him.

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Guess the trail

June 24, 2016
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Does anyone know which trail this picnic table is beside? I came across it while riding my bike in Banff National Park a couple days ago.

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Wild flowers on Pigeon Mountain

June 20, 2016
Thumbnail image for Wild flowers on Pigeon Mountain

Summer is officially here and today was the longest day of the year. Starting tomorrow, the days get shorter and in four-and-a-half months we get snow again! 🙂

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