Comments on the weekend’s skiing

January 31, 2010

We received about 3 cm of new snow overnight and it sure freshened up the natural-snow trails at the Canmore Nordic Centre. Banff  Trail and Meadowview both in good shape; even Bow Trail is a lot better with just a few thin patches and a few places where there are twigs sticking up through the tracks. […]

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Friday night update with good news

December 18, 2009

Pocaterra Pocaterra is in nice shape for our daytrip tomorrow. No recent grooming, but the tracks are still good. The snow is cold, so there’s no problem with waxing. Stephen Vermeulen sent this email regarding Pocaterra: “I skied Pocaterra trail from the hut up to the Packers junction and then along Packers about 1km today (Friday 18-Dec-09) […]

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West Bragg; Hawkridge; Skogan Pass

December 10, 2009

Richard sent in the following photos and updates:    Hi Bob, A lot of West Bragg is snowmobile packed, but no grooming or trackset. Someone took a 4×4 on Sundog Loop and East Crystal line so there are tire ruts on those trails. Elbow Trail has good coverage and is snowmobile  packed (see picture). Iron Springs Trail also has good […]

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Request for info re: Elk Lakes cabin. Paradise Valley. Hawkridge update

February 1, 2009

Can anyone provide some information on the Elk Lakes cabin? Rod sent in this email: Bob, Very interesting blog + great photos. I am planning a ski trip to Elk Lake Hut with my young son (8). He’s a good enough skier although i think we’ll be slow. Any photos of this ski into the […]

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Peter Lougheed Prov Park/Kananaskis Update

January 14, 2009

(See comments below for more updates including  Hawkridge photos) *** It doesn’t get any better than this Bob, Chip and Vic at Kananaskis Fire Lookout We really hit it lucky again today. New tracks had just been set on Elk Pass, Hydroline, and the steepest, most gruelling trail in the park, Kananaskis Fire Lookout. The weather was beautiful, […]

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Cougar tracks on Goat Creek

December 30, 2008

(See comments below for an update on Hawkridge & Shaganappi Golf Course) We were back on Goat Creek today but starting from the Banff end. It was about as nice a day for skiing as possible with a temperature of -7 and sunny skies. We encountered cougar tracks about 7K from the trailhead, and they appeared […]

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“Best conditions since 2000 – Hooray!”

December 21, 2008

There are a number of attractive options if you want to ski in or near the city right now: The Calgary Ski Club’s website has this to say about Shaganappi Golf Course(posted Dec 18): “Shaganappi is OPEN – Best snow & trail conditions seen since 2000 – Hooray!- There is some drifting snow but trails […]

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Skiable snow at Mt. Shark

November 25, 2008

The snow was a bit thin but the scenery was outstanding Watridge Lake Road/Mt. Shark Nov 24, 2008 The weather was beautiful with a clear blue sky when we skied at Mt Shark on Monday. The trail had been snowmobile packed a few days ago and looks like it had been well-used over the weekend by both […]

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