Elk Pass, Tyrwhitt, and other trails in PLPP

December 14, 2018
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Jody was just finished tracksetting Elk Pass when I arrived around 1:30 pm. Starting at 5 a.m, he also worked on Blueberry Hill, Tyrwhitt, Hydroline and Patterson. Check the PLPP Live Grooming

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Spring skiing in PLPP

March 16, 2018
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The advice from Heather to go early is appropriate at this time of year. The high angle of the sun wreaks havoc on the trails by early afternoon.

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Heads up on Elk Pass/Hydroline and Mt Shark

January 18, 2018

If Chuck’s report and photos of Mt Shark have enticed you, along with tonight’s tracksetting, to head over there on Friday, be aware that Spray Lakes/Smith Dorrien road south of Canmore will be closed for avalanche control

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The SkierBob Special

December 21, 2017
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I always referred to this, my all-time favourite, as the Tyrwhitt Loop but Helen renamed it the “SkierBob Special” a few years ago. I see from Helen’s report

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Skiing at its best!

March 2, 2017
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I can hardly stand all this winning! I thoroughly enjoyed the best ski trip of the winter today. Perfect conditions everywhere. I live for days like this! Keith Bagnall has submitted today’s update

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PLPP Grooming Update

December 30, 2016

Update Dec 30 @9:35 a.m: The Live Grooming Report has been fixed and now shows the trails which were groomed/trackset last night. Update from Tracksetter Jody on Friday, Dec 30 @ 2:04 a.m:

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25K of pure heaven

March 5, 2015
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-Wonderful conditions in the south end of PLPP today- I can’t add much to the reports from Carol, Duane and Keith regarding PLPP, other than

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Sweet torture

December 23, 2014
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While climbing the south side of Kananaskis Fire Lookout(following in Carolyn’s tracks), a blogger has lots of time to think of catchy titles for his next post.

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First tracks on Elk pass

November 29, 2013
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Today was about as good as it gets. I would have been satisfied with the events of this day even without skiing on the wonderful conditions in PLPP.

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Finally some news on PLPP

November 23, 2013

The PLPP trail report was updated today and it’s nice to see some trails are starting to be groomed. Most were roller-packed with a snowmobile, but if I’m reading the trail report correctly,  it sounds like Elk pass

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A perfect day of xc skiing

March 24, 2013
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I would not trade the memory of this day for a gazillion dollars. It was one of those extraordinary days where everything is perfect.

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PLPP, Ribbon creek, Wedge connector

November 30, 2012
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 – Look at those beautiful tracks on Elk pass! –  The photos below show nine different trails and the conditions on each. Elk pass, Tyrwhitt, Lookout, Hydroline, Fox creek, Upper lake, Pocaterra, Wedge connector, and Ribbon creek.

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Marginal conditions on Elk Pass

November 2, 2012
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If you are like me, enjoying high-risk behavior and lacking good judgement, then you might enjoy Elk pass. Everyone else, stay away.

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Wonderful conditions on the new grooming in PLPP

April 6, 2012
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The snow temperature at Elk Pass trailhead at noon today was -9, so waxable skis performed well. Air temp

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It could have ended at 999K

February 6, 2012

Watch my best video yet I was expecting to have a video from Sunday’s skiing through the Tyrwhitt meadows, but it didn’t turn out. Instead, I have a much more interesting video of skiing down Hydroline. Interesting because of the other skiers

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The ultimate

March 18, 2011

PLPP  Today may have been the best conditions we’ve ever seen on Tyrwhitt and Hydroline. No spring-like conditions here. This was winter – at its very best. It was absolutely fantastic on the south trails of PLPP – Whiskey Jack, Tyrwhitt, Elk Pass, Hydroline, Patterson, Blueberry, Fox Creek and Boulton Creek. The air temperature was […]

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