Whiskey Jack

Something for everyone: heavy snow and bright sunshine

February 19, 2017
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-Nice conditions on Upper Pocaterra- 8 – 10 cm of new snow had accumulated on Tyrwhitt and it was still coming down. Later, when I skied down Pocaterra, the sky was blue

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Found it!

January 28, 2017
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-Kelli and her crew from Edmonton on Tyrwhitt- I was tempted by all the great reports to head west to Emerald Lake, where I haven’t been this winter, but

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Ski Patrol to the rescue

January 8, 2017
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-Ski Patrollers Dave and Jessica on Whiskey Jack- Every time I climb Whiskey Jack I feel like I need rescuing. Fortunately today, the encounter with the Ski Patrollers

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Friday night potpourri

January 6, 2017

  We have lots to talk about and I barely even need to mention my ski trip because WillSki did the job for me with great photos, too. I will post a few more photos in the gallery at the end of this update. I used to call it the Tyrwhitt Loop,

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PLPP middle and north

January 4, 2017
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When I read that MaSid was going to Elk Pass to work on his couch, I was thinking it would be a good day to do some exploring and tracking.

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First ski in PLPP

December 9, 2016
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-Upper Pocaterra. Just look at that fantastic grooming and tracksetting!- The lack of snow is quite evident while driving out, and upon reaching the trailhead at Boulton Creek.

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Spring skiing at its best

April 7, 2016
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I feel blessed to have been able to ski the Tyrwhitt loop one more time on surprisingly good conditions. After seeing this morning’s Live Grooming Report, I couldn’t resist.

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Excellent on new grooming…and before 2 pm

March 25, 2016
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-Nola and Geoff on Tyrwhitt. – I was on the trail at 10:30 this morning and had lovely cold snow

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Epic day in PLPP

March 18, 2016
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You’ve read the enthusiastic Trip Reports. It was indeed a terrific day on the south trails in PLPP. I might still be out there if I hadn’t run out of water.

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Lovely day in PLPP

March 13, 2016
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You can ski in daylight ’til well after 8 pm now, so my updates will be getting even later! I was thrilled to see all the tracksetting that was done in PLPP last night.

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PLPP south trails

February 17, 2016
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I saw on the Live Grooming Report that Fox Creek and Moraine had been trackset recently, so that was like an invitation to ski the Tyrwhitt loop

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Be-e-e-e-u-u-u-tiful conditions in PLPP

February 2, 2016
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Chip, Ray and Peter cajoled me into getting an early start, and we were on Whiskey jack by 10:15 a.m.

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And the best option was…

January 30, 2016
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I’ll vote for the south/middle trails in PLPP, but it sounds like Lake Louise and Pipestone would be in the running. I had a 27K day with excellent conditions

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PLPP – the middle

January 10, 2016
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-Juliana, Tom and Mark at the Wheeler – Amos(south) junction- No need for a long story about today’s skiing. Everything is perfect on the trails

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Kananaskis Fire Lookout

January 3, 2016
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How could I pass up a trip to the Kananaskis fire lookout when it is freshly groomed? To repeat a well-used phrase this winter, conditions are as good as I’ve ever seen them.

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What chinook?

January 1, 2016
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-Happy new year from Christina, Ben, and Nick at the Whiskey jack – Pocaterra junction- I decided for the first day of this new year that I would enjoy

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The only rocky road that I like

December 19, 2015
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-Roy at the Whiskey jack – Pocaterra picnic table. Notice the Whiskey jack(bird) sittiing on the table- Upon arriving at the top of Whiskey jack,

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The best skiing on planet earth

December 12, 2015
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-Kim and Emily at the Pocaterra – Whiskey jack junction- You know it’s going to be a good day when: »You take pictures of the scenery while driving out

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Trails to delight a xc skier

December 5, 2015
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I met lots of happy skiers today, took lots of photos, and tried to remember many names and I’m not sure if I got them all correct, so if you see your picture

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Am I dreaming?

November 28, 2015
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-Moose at Boulton creek trailhead- Somebody better pinch me. If you were skiing in Kananaskis today, you probably thought you’d died and gone to xc heaven.

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