Trip Reports – Oct 2015

Trip Reporters

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This page was viewed over 75,000 times last winter. Skiers are anxious to know what you found on your skiing adventure.

Let’s help each other have a great ski trip by sharing information on trail conditions. If you have photos, upload them to a photo-sharing site such as Flickr or Picasa, and leave a link with your comment.

I created a tribute page with photos of the most prolific trip reporters which can be viewed here The Life-blood of this blog. If you’d like your photo added, send it to me at


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  1. Frozen Thunder as of 11am Saturday Oct 31 was what I’d call Margarita on the climbs but the flats and downhills were still relatively firm. 95% of people were skating but I did see a couple of people on classics that were getting kick the whole way up the climbs.

  2. James the Grizzly Tracking Skier

    Judging by the weather forecast a hard core guy or gal should be able to get on the rock skis and let some sparks fly in the snow by Sunday morning somewhere on the Continental Divide.

    Light ’em up and smoke ’em if you got ’em. Justin would if he could.

    Places like Lake O’Hara Road or Akamina Pass could be good places to leave some ski base behind and let the sparks fly. Keep an eye on the cams. Rock on and watch for the Griz tracks.

  3. I have been looking at the monthly forecast for Lake Louise and it is showing some (very little) snow for the last few days of October. As I have stated before there is always a very good chance of skiing Moraine Lake Road in November. It would be nice if a Lake Louise local keep the road in mind for snow conditions on the Road, these next couple of weeks and report if things get interesting snow-wise.

  4. Signs of winter approaching:
    Scrambled up castle mountain oct 15. Tower lake was frozen and stayed that way all day, so it’s summer is over. No ice on rockbound. Snow above the plateau. Despite the warm sun and no wind no melting other than on direct solar aspects.

  5. First sign of the ski season: checking out the Skihere website!

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