Trip Reports – Sep, Oct 2017

Let’s help each other have a great ski trip by sharing information on trail conditions. Click on “Add one” to submit a comment. If you have photos, upload them to a photo-sharing site such as Flickr or OneDrive and leave a link with your comment. Last winter, the Trip Reports were viewed over 100,000 times.


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  1. Frozen Thunder!
    There’s a good classic track for about two thirds of Frozen Thunder. Mostly it’s in really good shape, except for a few bits (especially in front of the biathlon range) where the track has been washed out. Overall, the snow was of surprisingly good quality yesterday. Universal klister worked well.

  2. Well, my first trip report for the year is sadly not for Sandy McNabb. To no one’s surprise, there is no snow, not even a flake, to ski on. Good news that I am itching to share is that there is a whole bunch at the Highwood Pass!! My beloved estimated that there was about 16″ (that is inches for all youngins who prefer metric). Of course, he also estimates every fish he catches to be about 3ft. while I prefer the more accurate term “guppy” so take from this what you will. He did actually prove his claim by bringing back a picture of Bob (the dog) happily cavorting (on leash) in the promised 16″ of snow. Wish I could send the photo for all to enjoy but, alas, I have no idea how. Maybe those same youngins that prefer metric could fill me in. In the meantime, for all those tired of Moraine Lake, Highwood Pass is up and running. Happy skiing!!


    Nice cold natural snow with the temperature sitting at minus 1 all day. Last night the MLR got about 20 cms of snow. Pole tips did not touch pavement due to an ice layer from previous days.!AhVZXBE7vMV7h1wYPY5hhubZQ9bh
    Snowing heavily at the viewpoint, so sorry no picture from there!

    • I can confirm that MLR today was vastly better than Great Divide ten days ago! There were a few cm more of the fresh fluffy stuff, but the intense warm sun soon got to work on it, and by 11 am the sunny areas were getting very sticky, vehicle tracks down to the pavement, and Chuck’s tracks getting slushy/icy……..
      Saw three other skiers, all young, fit racing types, and a few groups who seemed intent on hiking to Moraine Lake, aided significantly by those vehicle tracks!

      • Diana… When were you there? Oct 22 or 23.
        If today, Oct 23, I am only just back from Moraine Lake, and I am sorry to have missed you!
        I will report soon under Backcountry, as I crossed the avalanche slope on the way down to the lake.

  4. GREAT DIVIDE – October 12

    With 15 cms of new snow in our Banff backyard this morning, and knowing that it had snowed for two days in Lake Louise, I felt a certain responsibility to make a trip report for Skier Bob!
    While the Moraine Lake Road is securely closed since the weekend, it appeared that Moraine Lake Lodge owners must have had to unlock the gate after having driven on the road leaving huge tracks in the fresh snow. Hikers also arrived, so I decided to avoid frustration by going on to the 1A / Great Divide.
    Even on the Great Divide, there was a vehicle track past the gate, but it turned back within 100 metres. The early morning snow was cold, and temperatures stayed below zero all day. So I did get to the Great Divide. For the details, check out:!AhVZXBE7vMV7h03skx2HxkYCZbdo
    And make sure to read the photo captions… for the real truth.
    In summary:
    “A poor day out cross country skiing… is still better than a good day in the gym”!

    • Beautiful photos!!
      (they do make conditions look much better than they really were 😉 )
      But yes, much better than the gym!

      • So what’s the REAL SCOOP?
        Snow depth ? Polling pavement! Rock Skis?


        • Hey Barb,
          As indicated in the photo album description, these were “first tracks” on the Great Divide, so I wouldn’t take skis bought last year!
          Nevertheless, I did not get any gouges.
          And as said, you had to be there early for adequate snow depth, and pavement was showing later.
          In summary:
          “A poor day out cross country skiing… is still better than a good day in the gym”!

    • It’s fun to see two trip reporters meet up and really stretch the season. Wonderful photos Chuck. Snow meets the fall colours – glorious.

  5. Oct 7: Rockbound lake
    Full on winter up there yesterday. Cold and windy at treeline. Snow started near the turn off to the silver city quartzite cliffs. About 4 inches of snow at the lakes. Tower lake is now frozen, rockbound not yet. Needles starting to fall off the larches.

  6. SUNSHINE MEADOWS – September 22

    With the Sunshine Village Webcam showing deep snow, and realizing that the summer bus is still running, this was an opportunity not to be missed!
    Staff were envious to see the first skier of the season out, and with the support of my lovely camera lady, you can see the opening conditions for yourself here:!AhVZXBE7vMV7h0Bzqg1WDM0AHgrz
    Our Skier Bob Community can now be assured that current promises of a good snow year… are true!

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