What are they saying about this blog?

“You have inspired many people…”

“Your site is ‘where’ we decide where we will ski each weekend.”

“I check it every day”

“Your blog is amazing”

“What a goldmine!”

“Your insight has been fantastic”

“Holy cow, what a great picture of cougar tracks”

“this blog has become my go-to resource for XC ski info”

“it is wonderful to just look at the pictures”

“I go to it every day, sometimes to get a pseudo-fix”

“the blog made me feel like I was also there”

“I just found your blog – love it!  I’ll definitely be back here”

“SkierBob is hands down the best site for up-to-date info”

Brad(Mar 12, 2021) Thank you Bob for all your bright spirited, inspirational work…. during a year of challenges you have been a stalwart beacon, keeping our heads up, spirits bright and minds clear!

Annie Caldwell(Oct 2020) Thanks, Bob for keeping us informed. You are so on top of anything that has to do with XC-Skiing. I know I am stating the obvious, but I want you to know that you are super appreciated.

Lanny Leavitt(Nov 2019) Am CONSTANTLY checking Skier Bob to see where the best place is to ski next.  Huge thanks for this site and all of your hard work  Bob.!!!!!!

Marsha(Nov 2019) I am so grateful for your website, thank you so much for doing the work, it is such a great resource, that is how I find out where to ski, and the trip and grooming reports are invaluable.

Marnie(Nov 2019) I started xc skiing thanks to this site and reading the trip reports about all the fun that people were having outside in winter. 

Sophie Couture(Mar 2019): As the season comes to an end, I want to thank you for your blog. It has been part of my weekly ski planning. So useful, thank you!

Pierre Lamoureux(Nov 2018) Bob, thanks for bringing our ski community together year after year.

JR(Nov 2018) Just wanted to say how much we appreciate the skierbob website. It is so informative and motivating. If you want to bookmark just one website to find out everything you need to know about cross country skiing in Southern Alberta, Skierbob is the place to go.

Anonymous(Apr 2018) I found your website in 2012 and you have no idea how it has affected my life. I love cross country skiing and I get out on the trails and things just melt away. Everything about your website helps me get out there. I know the website must be a lot of work but you have many, many passionate and thankful followers that appreciate everything you do.

Donna Matthezing(Mar 2018) Thank you Bob for having such an incredible web site which keeps getting better and better 

Joanne Lendvoy(Feb 2018) I want you to know how much we enjoy having your blog to read on a daily basis.

C Hartford(Feb 2018) Bob, thank you so very much for all you do! Please keep doing what you do so wonderfully!

Sophie Couture(Feb 2018) I use your blog all the time Bob and I love it.

MtnGirl(Feb 2018) Bob, I just wanted to say thank you for everything you do and for all the goodness you have provided people by developing this site. You are truly a great person.

Anke(Feb 2018) Love your site! Very informative! For newbies like us… fantastic! Thank you.

Jennifer Cribb(Jan 2018) Thanks to this website we find new places and then chat with all the friendly skiers out there and decide where to explore next. Thanks for this great trip report and this awesome website! 

Joanne and Al from Regina(Dec 2017) Hello Bob Just want to say thanks for this website and all your efforts. We appreciate the time you generously give to updates pertaining to trail information. We are looking forward to running into you on the trails this winter.

Katie(Dec 2017) I think Skier Bob is amazing. He has created a network to share stories, trail reports and information about the wilderness we all should love, protect and experience.

Susanne(Dec 2017) Another very thorough report, thanks Bob, we sure appreciate your website and everyone’s trip reports!

Momma Bear(Nov 2017) As a fairly new family of skiers, we appreciate your being the voice of education, even when it gets loud (especially when it gets loud?). And we appreciate the heck out of this blog.

Jenn(Nov 2017) Thanks for this wonderful website and everyone’s comments on ski conditions. Just moved back to Calgary after 9 years away and was so happy to find this awesome resource.

Kirstin(Nov 2017) Thank you for all your hard work! Your website is an amazing resource that has helped me many times

Will R(Feb 2017) I have to thank you for reigniting my passion for skiing. Your blog is a part of our daily life – thank you.

Elaine B(Feb 2017) What you have done with your enthusiasm is quite frankly outstanding. Through your blog you have created a great information source and a community of cross country skiers. Thank you for your gift to all!

Susanne(Jan 2017) Just have to tell you how amazing this website is – you have done a fantastic job with all the links and of course getting so many trip reports is crucial but I just wanted to add that I also really appreciate your incredibly detailed daily blogs. Doing all of this must be very time consuming but you have truly enhanced our XC ski world in southern Alberta by giving us so much information. Thank you Bob!!!

Lori Wakley(Jan 2017) Congratulations. Keeping up this site is a lot of work but you are obviously filling a great need. Your efforts, delightful readings and valuable insights are truly appreciated by people from around the world. It gives a lot of us a chance to live in Canmore vicariously even when stuck somewhere else. How did we ever know what is going on without you? You are already a legend! Great work. Thank you.

Ruth(Nov 2016) I must say we are very lucky to have the website by Skier Bob. It is the first place we go to get up to date info on cross country skiing. Thanks for all the work put into this and to everyone else who posts here.

Willie(Nov 2016) Great web site Bob. I have a far better chance of a good ski day after reviewing the trip reports the night before. Too many times I’ve gone out to a Trailhead just to find poor conditions. Not anymore. Thanks Bob and all the contributors.

Alf Skrastins(Nov 2016) Creating a sense of community and enthusiasm for skiing is a key element for making XC skiing more popular. Thanks to your wonderful site, we get a daily dose of ski-energy. Thanks for that!

Jeremy N(Oct 2016) Thank you Bob Truman for your wise insight & continued advocacy on behalf of the recreational cross-country ski community. I thank you for your tireless service to our ‘community’.

Albertanskigirl(Jan 2016) Skier Bob is the best and has great updates on conditions. (from epic.ski.com)

Jennifer Chue(Jan 2016)LOVE love love your blog/website! Though I only get to Canmore a few times during the snow season, I check it daily – just to live vicariously through you all! Happy New Year Bob and HUGE thanks for your amazing site!

Joanne and Al(Dec 2015) Thank goodness for your “Ski Here” blog. The most reliable resource we count on for accurate information on ski conditions.

Dean(Nov 2015)  I commend you for your continuing commitment to keep fellow XC skiers and others informed, this has always been my go-to site for trail reports. Thanks Bob!

Barbara B(Nov 2015) Thanks for all your updates, especially in advance of weekends when us city people decide where to go 🙂

Cheryl B(Mar 2015) I’m sure I speak for so many of your loyal readers when I say thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for keeping up this wonderful website. You have united this little community who share the love of cross country skiing in way that never would have happened without your efforts. This is an open, welcoming and informative forum unlike any other.

John(Dec 2014) Your website inspires all of us by the anticipated blogs about tomorrow’s conditions and opportunities. This site wins as the best xc ski site in North America thank you.

Lori(Dec 2014) Truly delightful to find this site, so much information — the videos are amazing, especially the picture postcard one.

Helga(Dec 2014) Since reading/ studying/ using this website (for a few years already by now) I really feel like part of a community. The site is very helpful, often entertaining and sometimes even educational on relevant topics pertaining to xc skiing. Thank you, Bob, for creating this platform! 

Margah(Dec 2104) Love your blog. Have been following it for years and find it so useful for organizing my group’s Thursday outings. So appreciated.

Jesse Hendrikse(Nov 2014)  Thanks to Bob for the Ski Here! website. Having a sense of conditions in advance of leaving the house is so important for so many mountain activities.

Paul(Nov 2014) Bob, thanks for all the information packed into your website. When I talk to new or aspiring skiers I direct them to your site for the best reliable information.

Gary(Nov 2014) For some people, they get up in the morning, and the first thing they do is put on the coffee pot, or read the newspaper, or check their emails or their text messages. Not my wife, however. Her home page browser is set to “Skierbob.ca” and our morning breakfast conversation topics are “Skier Bob has great pics of these trails. Or Skier Bob reported that the conditions in these areas are terrific. Or Skier Bob mentioned these great restaurants, or these shops to get X-Country supplies. Or, have you checked out SkierBob’s website yet? Well, you get the picture, it is almost like there’s a third person at our breakfast table each morning. And I really don’t mind.

Mike(Nov 2014) skierbob.ca is the ultimate resource for XC skiing in the Calgary/Banff area!

Terry(Nov 2014) As a beginner skier, I came across your blog and love it! I get to read about the trails that I am dreaming of skiing. Thanks.

Erica Olson(Nov 2014) This site has given me the information I really needed to get into xc skiing by myself. Thank you for building it and maintaining such a current and inspiring online presence.

Bernard(Nov 2014) Really appreciate all of your updates and the work you do giving us info on snow conditions.

Roy(Nov 2014) Many thanks to Skier Bob for the very informative information on ski conditions in the mountains. This is an amazing community service.

Elana(Nov 2014) Thank goodness for “SkierBob” pointing me in the right direction of the best snow and most scenic spots!!! 

Don(Nov 2014) Bob, Let me start by saying how much XC skiers appreciate your website ! It’s the “go to” place for up to date information in the Calgary area.

Anne(Nov 2014) Another great thing about this site for me is that being relatively new to area, it has all kinds of information about great trails, places to see, things to do… I love all the ideas it generates for us! Thanks!

Doug(Nov 2014) Skierbob.ca is my go to site every morning. I can’t wait to read the trip reports and conditions so I can plan my next outing.

Theresa(Nov 2014) This website makes it all the more easier to make that “all important decision” in the morning: “where should I ski today!” Thank you to all the contributors. Love the photos.

Lanny(Nov 2014) thanks Bob for this blog that keeps us all tuned into the ever changing mountains and surroundings.

Alex(Nov 2014) I just found this blog and now I am jazzed-up about the upcoming ski season.

Michelle(Nov 2014) My first year xc skiing and I am excited to embrace this sport and explore our beautiful province! This blog is golden as I begin my addiction, thank you.

Maureen(Nov 2014) I have been checking out the conditions on this site for a good many years. Great site, love the stories, the pictures and the passion for snow and skinny skis.

Roger(Nov 2014) I really like this site and blog. The trip posts and trail comments are very helpful. All the involvement of this site gives me a XC community that I would otherwise not have. The site and the sport keeps me enthused throughout the winter. It makes the winter go by fast.

Phil(Nov 2014) This is the go to site for the best updates on snow conditions

Kim T(Nov 2014) I found Skier Bob on Facebook. It is delightful to check online & see the many great options for trails in the winter. Thanks for getting us all excited for one of the best ways to enjoy nature in the winter!

Gail Niinimaa(Nov 2014) I think that skier bob’s blog is so great! I can figure out where the best trail conditions are and ski vicariously through all of the trips that he and his readers post!! keep up the good work, this is a real asset to the XC ski community.

Susan(Nov 2014) This website is amazing! Discovered it last year when taking up cross-country skiing again after about a 30 year break from the sport.

Sabrina(Nov 2014) I love your blog, Bob – it’s one of my favourite things to read on winter mornings :)

Ivana(Nov 2014) I have to reiterate and agree with so many readers/commentators of this blog; what a valuable and fun place to visit on daily/weekly basis

Mary(April 2014) Your blog has been invaluable in getting us the best possible skiing.

Elaine(Jan 2014) Thanks for the great gift of this blog….. and your overall irrepressible enthusiasm and support for cross country skiing.  As Day Tours Organizer for the Norseman Ski Club,  I and our members find this blog to be essential to our skiing experience.  Bravo and keep up the good work!

Tyler(Dec 2013) This blog has brought great joy to my wife and I.

Dasha Gaiazova(Dec 2013) Thank you so much for being the absolutely best at updating on the conditions in the Bow Valley. Nobody even comes close to doing such an excellent job as you.

Cheryl Butcher(Dec 2013) I read it almost daily, and it is one of the most helpful sites I’ve ever come across. THANK YOU SO MUCH – because of you, I now spend the whole work week day dreaming about getting out on the trails again the following weekend.

Margot McMechan(Dec 2013) Thanks for having the best website for cross-country skiing around

Marilyn Toulouse(Dec 2013) BOB—you are INCREDIBLE!  What a GREAT write up!    THANK YOU SO MUCH!  You have been so wonderful and helpful to our CLUB that it was suggested by one of our members -Maggie Fields- to make you a LIFETIME HONORARY MEMBER to the Kicking Horse Ski Club.     You deserve much praise and recognition.  YOU  ROCK BOB! 

Tom Malaher(Dec 2013) You’d be crazy not to read the blog if you’re a skier here in Calgary

Alf Skrastins(Dec 2013) Your site is an excellent resource about ski trail conditions, but it is much more than that. It contains the one element that is completely missing from the “official” trail reports… enthusiasm for skiing.

Diana Piggott(Dec 2013)  This has become the best resource for cross-country skiers in this area, and more! Thank you again, and many more seasons of happy trails to you  🙂

Andrew McRae(Dec 2013) Thanks for putting together such a great website. The text entries are always a great read, and the trail info is a huge help.

Andrea Bundon(Dec 2013) Thanks for the blog! It’s been my go to for the last two seasons and I love love the trip reports.

Ken(Dec 2013) Keep up the great work.  I am sure I will run into you on the trail some day. I can only imagine how many people you have motivated over the years.

Victoria Hodgkinson(Dec 2013) This blog has been fantastic for beginner skiers like ourselves who are learning about where to ski in the area, and what conditions are like. Thanks!  

Grace(Nov 2013) I love this website! 

Lindsay Bliek(Nov 2013) Your amazing site with all of its blog posts, links, and trip reports has been indispensable for exploring.

Barb(Nov 2013) What a wonderful site you have and all about the 250 members of the Norseman Ski Club who visit your site for the latest reports before they lead trips (me included). Most of us think you are the God of Ski Trails

Charlene Waldal(Nov 2013)  Thanks for the blog, Bob- it has helped us explore new ski trails that we didn’t know existed.

Rick(Oct 2013) I really enjoy viewing your excellent web site and getting the latest news on snow conditions.

Ken K(Oct 2013) Thanks for your great work on keeping this site going – you get everyone charged up and looking forward to getting out skiing. Keep it going man !

Georgina(Oct 2013) Thanks again for doing this blog. Your enthusiasm is contagious!

Deb H(Apr 2013) We appreciate the site and all the people that feed their adventures and reports into! Way to go Bob and we are stoked for next year!

Alf Skrastins(Mar 2013) Thanks again, Bob, for your wonderful blog site. Besides being the best source of information about trail conditions, it creates an infectious sense of enthusiasm among the cross country ski community. Well done! Much appreciated!

Liz D(Mar 2013) What a fabulous ski season! I am so sad to see it disappearing. Thanks to you Bob for all your dedicated work to make this website happen.

Grace(Mar 2013) I was excited to discover your website.  I really appreciate the effort you put in to keep it up-to-date and to engage others.

Jeff(March 2013) We all wait to get to SkiHere.ca every day to see what Bob has done today. Continues to be the best website around.

Graeme P(Mar 2013) I Love Kananaskis (and this Blog). Many thanks for SkiHere Bob!! I check it pretty much every day. All the trip reports from everyone were extremely helpful, often funny, and always informative.

Phil Nash(Mar 2013 by email) Thank you Bob for your site and the many timely blogs and photos. You have helped us plan many trips to the Kananaskis – Lake Louise corridor.

Jennifer(Mar 2013) Huge thanks to Bob for this wonderful website!

Troy Proppe(Jan 2013) This website has been invaluable for a newbie like me. Thanks a lot.

Lawrence Marks(Jan 2013) Thanks for maintaining this site, Bob. It is so useful and an excellent way to stayed tuned to the skiing community.

Marilyn(Jan 2013)You are fantastic because you CARE. You are the “Best” website ever! We love you for helping us out so much!

Meg(Jan 2013) I’m a new classic XC skier and have found your blog tremendously helpful.

Grizzly(Jan 2013) I love your site and want to thank you for the valuable contribution you make to the ski community.

Helen Read(Dec 2012) How can we ALL thank you enough for this fabulous website?

John Jenkins(Nov 2012) Your website has been invaluable since my buddy pointed me towards it last year and I imagine I will be visiting it almost daily this season for all the trip reports. Thanks for such a wonderful resource!

Thorsten Eiben(Dec 2012) Thanks for your blog – couldn’t live without it in the winter.

Sonya Jakubec(Nov 2012) Thanks again for running your great contests and especially the blog, which is my “go to” place for everything skiing.

Jeremy(Nov 2012) The blog is a fabulous resource and entertaining read.

David Bynoe(Nov 2012) I am so happy this blog exists. The weather and the conditions in the mountains are so variable its good to know what things are going to be like before committing to a long drive. Thanks for all your hard work!

Ulli Martin(by email, Nov 2012) Your website is great. Its amazing how many people read it and get out! My friends and I met several intrepid skiers at Boom Lake today. They were there because they had read your website as well. Thanks for sharing your skiing passion with others.

Marlene(Oct 31, 2012)There’s a group of us ladies who go out during the week for a ski and we ALWAYS check your blog first. Thank you sooo much for such uptodate information!

Henry(by email, Apr 2012) I want to thank you for your web site. I have not seen anything like it. You’ve really created a sense of community with your skiers, and that’s what it is all about, aside from the wonderful timely trail reports themselves.

Jen Groundwater(Nov 21, 2011) I heard about your blog just this morning from my co-worker and I think it’s terrific!

Meg Van Rosendaal(Dec 13, 2010) Just stumbled across your ski blog. What a goldmine! It just may be what I need to get me out cross country skiing this year!

Alf Skrastins(Apr 3, 2011) You have inspired many people to get out XC skiing again or to try it for the first time.Thanks for your outstanding contribution to XC skiing in the Calgary-Canmore-Banff area!

John Addicott(Mar 29, 2011) Thanks for all your hard work on SkiHere.ca – it is a wonderful resource for the skiing community, old & new. The leader of our ski group, who is a VERY experienced skier and waxer, often refers to the site when choosing places for us to ski. And on the other side of things, I ran into friends today who are neophyte skiers – those chose to go out to PLPP today based upon the reports on SkiHere.ca. Without that information they probably would have stayed home in the snow and gloom of Calgary and missed out on a great day of skiing.

So, be assured that the site is extraordinarily valuable to the entire ski community.

Simona(Mar 8, 2011) wow..amazing pictures! The landscape is breathtaking! I know where I will ski next;) Thank you for this blog!

Mario(Feb 8, 2011)
Thanks Bob for providing this forum to discuss issues.

Sara(Feb 7, 2011) Your site is ‘where’ we decide where we will ski each weekend.

Jono and Shona Adams(Feb 7, 2011) Hello Bob, firstly i want to thank you for writing such an amazing blog, we are relatively new to the sport and we love it, your insight has been fantastic along with the effort it must take to keep writing for others to benefit from. So again thank you.

Jody Cairns(Feb 7, 2011) Thanks for the great site, it has been incredibly helpful for me learning the trails in the area.

Jeannie McBroom(Feb 6, 2011) All members of our house hold can be found sneaking a surreptitious peak at your site whenever possible, even at work. I consider your site very “green.” All the good advice and trail updates save a lot of unnecessary explorations.

Sheri Weston(Feb 5, 2011) I am so glad I came across your website/blog while researching cross country skiing and your site gave me the confidence to try something new and bring my kids along on the journey.

Sam Lawn(Feb 4, 2011) The blog is great for keeping up with the latest conditions, especially in an area where the weather and conditions can change so quickly.

Mike Haden(Feb 4, 2011) Keep up the excellent blogging Bob, it’s obviously a welcomed and long-overdue resource to Bow Valley skiiers.

Mario(Feb 2, 2011) Bob, really enjoy your site. I check it every day – even on days I do not plan to ski.

Chuck(Feb 2, 2011) You run an amazing blog, updated daily with valuable information and you quickly respond to user’s comments. Very professional and enticing.

Michel Gelinas(Feb 2, 2011) Though my wife and I only get to ski once a week, I do look at your blog once a day!

Donna Matthezing(Feb 1, 2011) Well I found your website by fluke looking for new ski trails and have looked at it everyday since October. Keep up the great blog and I look forward to the great pics of great ski areas.

Carolyn Davis(Feb 1, 2011)Skihere is now a daily internet stop for me and it hands down the best site for up to date info.

Rhonda Wilson(Feb 1, 2011) I found your site last year and have told several people about it who now use it as a resource.

Bill(Dec 29, 2010) I’m sure I’m not alone in saying this blog has become my go-to resource for XC ski info and conditions – thanks for doing it!

Denise(Dec 13, 2010) Your blog is amazing. Thanks for being so committed to it. I check it everyday … and when I can’t ski (work usually gets in the way), it is wonderful to just look at the pictures.

Donna(Nov 22, 2010) Bob, once again, your website is fantastic. I enjoy looking at it everyday.

Natalie(Nov 21, 2010) I just found your blog – love it!  I’ll definitely be back here – thanks for the great site!

Lematos(Nov 19, 2010) Thank you for the great reports.

Donna Matthezing(Nov 8, 2010) Bob, I just have to tell you that I found your website completely by fluke recently and love it.  It is absolutely great.  It is very comprehensive and so easy to navigate with a ton of information. I am looking forward to using it a lot.

Tom(April 17, 2010) I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your very informative and oftimes entertaining blogs

Jackie(March 13, 2010) I’m glad I checked into this great site and found out we can ski for awhile yet. Thanks for your committment, Bob.

Martin Trotter(Jan 19, 2010) …had a wonderful day cross-country skiing today (first time since the mid-80’s!!) along the Great Divide Trail to the Banff-Yoho boundary. I’m out there in the pure winter silence because of your blog!! Thanks!

Randy Miller(Jan 18, 2010) I just wanted to thank you for the inspiration your blog brings me. I haven’t x-country skied in half a lifetime and today I graduated from the lesson grid at Canmore and I did the Banff Trail Loop.  I have been watching the photos and write ups of people’s trips with great envy.  Now I get to try the trails you write about and send in photos.  Hooray!Many thanks, Randy

Justin(Dec 24, 2009) I have to agree with Rob, great photos and a great website. Holy cow what a great picture of the cougar tracks.

Alf(Dec 21, 2009) Thanks for the news, information and sheer excitement for skiing that your site provides.

Rob(Dec 6, 2009) Thanks for the great website with the most up to date information on trails. I check this site ofen for current information on conditions.

Ginny(Dec 4, 2009) As one of the skiiers on the Great Divide trip, I can’t thank Bob enough – for checking out and finding the best options for us to ski, for guiding and coaching us (especially on the all-important wax), and for making special efforts to allow us to ski into British Columbia without having to worry about the return uphill.

Alf(Nov 28, 2009) Bob, the information on your site is a great deal more current, useful and interesting than the out-of-date trail reports on the Kananaskis Country website. Keep up the great work!

Brian McBroom(Nov 9, 2009) Keep up the good work, we really appreciate the info.

Steve Riggs(April 12, 2009) Thanks Bob, for providing a valuable resource for skiers. It has been a memorable season, with many great cross-country and backcountry days.

Annemarie(April 8, 2009) Want to let you know how much I’ve appreciated and enjoyed your blog. As usual, I didn’t get out as much as I would have liked, but reviewing the blog made me feel like I was also there.

Cindy H(April 13, 2009) I also want to thank you for a wonderful site and your facilitation in connecting so many with at least one thing in common – love for winter and SNOW!

Eric(April 8, 2009) Thanks Bob, I’ve been following your blog for XC-ski trip tips and reports. Very good insights.

Clive Cordery(Feb 2, 2009) Hi Bob, love the site – it’s great to be able to get current trail reports.

Cindy(Feb 1, 2009) Bob’s set up an amazing website and I’m very grateful!

Jade(Dec 31, 2008) I keep meaning to say “thanks” for your site. I go to it every day, sometimes to get a pseudo-fix as I can’t get out as often as you seem to go.

Lindsay Bowman(Dec22, 2008) Great blog!

 Blair(Dec 3, 2008) WONDERFUL news about your blog! So much more helpful than trying to get info from the (government)

Gordon Kirk(Nov 27, 2008) Bob, nice informative site/blog. Lots of great info and nice pictures of lovely ski trails.


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  1. Just stumbled across your blog. What a goldmine! It just may be what I need to get me out cross country skiing this year!

  2. As a veteran co-ordinator of the Calgary Ski Club Bob has skied with people of all ability levels. His route discriptions are based on a tried and tested route classification for track skiing which has been in place for about 10 ski seasons. Importance is also been placed on “going for the best groomed snow” as it has proven to be the best place for new skiers to progress in skill. Enjoy winter by following Bob’s advice.

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