Why this blog?

As an avid skier, having experienced the disappointment of arriving at my destination and finding poor snow conditions,  I wanted skiers to have better information, hoping to make the experience more enjoyable. After driving for an hour or more, it’s frustrating to show up at a trail only to see that it’s covered with rocks and dirt.

Not only that, but it saves on gas. As Jeannie said in the comments, I consider your site very “green.” All the good advice and trail updates save a lot of unnecessary explorations.

Let’s help each other by sharing information. The government-run information reports are good, but there’s no substitute for first-hand reports from skiers who have been there.

Writing about the trail conditions is fine, but “Pictures paint a thousand words,” so a good photo can show things we just can’t decribe.

When you become a cross-country skier, you can’t wait for winter to arrive!

Contact me if I can be of assistance in any way.

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