Win 2 free nights at Emerald Lake Lodge(Entries closed)

Emerald Lake Lodge contestEntries to this contest are closed(Scroll down to see photos and comments)

“Skiing energetically across the lake, pulling our sleigh through trails banked high with snow, savouring an exquisite dinner, lounging in the hot tub with our heads back to catch fluffy snowflakes on our tongue and staring dreamily into the cozy fire are memories of Emerald Lake forever etched in our minds.”2012 entry by Jenny Cuthbertson

The winner will enjoy 2 nights at Emerald Lake Lodge in Yoho National Park(any 2 nights subject to availability). You’ll practically be able to ski from your door on a number of delightful trails including Emerald lake, the Alluvial fan, and the Emerald connector. A few minutes down the road is the Kicking Horse river trail located at the Natural Bridge. This map shows the Yoho winter trails.

After a few hours on the trails, complete your day with a warming hot chocolate with whipped cream in the lounge at Emerald Lake Lodge, or soak in the outdoor hot tub under the stars!

Sunset Magazine named Emerald Lake Lodge one of their top 9 cozy winter lodges!

This prize is eligible for weekends too, not just weeknights.

Read more about Emerald Lake Lodge

Two ways to enter

You can enter this contest by leaving a comment or sending a photo. To encourage photos, we’re entering your name twice if you send a photo.

1. Photo entries

Attach a photo to your email and send it to bobtruman@shaw.caPlease limit the caption for your photo to 50 words or less. I will attach your name to the photo. Don’t panic if your photo doesn’t show up right away. I should have it on within a couple days.

Emerald Lake Lodge 2. Comment entries

Click on add one leave a comment. Sometimes comments don’t show up right away because they need to be approved. I usually get to them within hours, and they will then appear.

Here are some suggestions for the subject of your comment:

  • What will you be doing on Christmas day? on New Year’s eve?
  • How many waxes do you have in your wax kit, and which one is used the most?
  • A favourite ski memory from years past
  • How do you feel about fat-tire bikes on xc ski trails?
  • How did you originally find this blog?
  • Any other topic of your choice

Entry deadline is Tue Dec 30, 2014 at 11:59 pm.

We’ll draw a winner within one week after the entry deadline.

The fine print:

  • Emerald Lake Lodgeone entry per person, a comment or a photo. If you leave a comment AND a photo, your name will be entered as per the photo rule.
  • First names are okay if you don’t want to leave your full name, but make sure you leave your email address with your comment. I’m the only one who sees it, and that’s how I will contact you if you win.
  • Entrant must be 18 or over
  • You must be a cross-country skier.
  •  The winner must respond to my contact email within three days of the draw. If no response, a new winner will be chosen.

Good luck and I look forward to reading some interesting comments and seeing some neat photos.

Photo entries(hover your mouse over the photo for entrant’s name; click on photo for caption):


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  1. Entries to this contest are closed

  2. I came across a poem I wrote in grade 10 (about 25 years ago) that I thought I would share for my entry


    When I ski I hear the steady rhythm of sliding skis
    And the squeaking poles as they pierce the crusty snow.
    I hear the bubbly water of the nearby stream.
    And there is always the panting, raspy from cold air.

    When I ski I see the bending trail looming ahead.
    I am surrounded by pines with drooping branches from new snow.
    Although a soft white blanket covers the forest,
    Making it seem frozen in time,
    The sky above is bright blue, in contrast,
    making the forest seem alive and ready to burst into life.

    When I ski I feel the calmness of the forest.
    My breath is warm, and I feel warm,
    I feel the joy of the earth.
    When I am finished my journey,
    The peaceful stillness of the forest surrounds me,
    And I know I must wait until another day
    For this feeling to fill my soul again.

  3. I love this website as all the input makes it easy to plan a great day of skiing

  4. Picking a favorite ski memory is like picking a favorite sister! But a few top contenders are skiing from Canmore to Banff and back, Cascade Road to the Warden’s Cabin and the Skogan Pass trail. Thanks Skier Bob for this great website! It is our first choice the last couple of years for ski conditions! Have always dreamed of staying at Emerald Lake Lodge! I am an avid hiker as well as skier, so have dreamed of staying there for quite some time!

  5. Skier Bob
    I came for two years,from the east coast …this is my forth winter .Maybe we have been lucky with the amazing snow conditions but I feel we have the best advantage of your website and the human comments that make picking a good place to go ia snap!I have many favourites and many more trails to explore and enjoy .What I can’t believe is me casually saying we will ski 20to 30km today and think nothing of it .Lured on by the beautiful trails and great scenery.Your website inspires all of us by the anticipated blogs about tomorrow’s conditions and opportunities.This site wins as the best xc ski site in North America thank you.
    Ps My son and I followed a link of yours last year to race in Yellowstone park .a good way to see the west .But a long drive for a weekend haha.
    Ski you on the trails.

  6. New Year’s will bring me to PLP and some very fine x skiing. Can’t wait for my road trip to Canmore on Friday. I was poised to spent a couple of days last winter at Emerald Lake but illness got in way of my plans. It would sure be nice to win this contest.
    Happy skiing!

  7. Bob, you are our ‘go-to’ website guy for x-country skiing conditions at our beautiful mountains near Calgary. Many thanks for always finding the time to keep this site updated on a daily/hourly basis. We truly appreciate it! Hope to see you on the trails in the New Year!!! Many cheers!

  8. I would love to win 2 nights at Emerald Lake Lodge! Who wouldn’t!!! My husband Rob and I are avid xcountry skiiers and really hope that one day our children, three girls aged 13, 14 and 16 will one day love it as much as we do! What an excellent way to encourage this love than to spend 2 nights at Emerald Lake Lodge!!! Great family memories to entice them to do it over and over again! My hope would be that if we were at such a spectacular place that all the hard work to do the skiing, which is what they complain about the most!, would pale in comparison to the wonderful setting that we would be in! Family time comes at a high premium these days and we are thankful that our girls still like to “hang” with us!! The more help we can get with this the better!! Thanks for all you do with this blog, Bob, it is very helpful and appreciated!!! Good luck to me and thanks again!
    Sandi Wasylyniuk

  9. New Years Eve I’ll be waxing skis in prep for the big loop in PLPP (legs willing). I haven’t skied in Alberta yet this season! Would love to win the Emerald Lake package.

  10. I’m a cross country skier for sure. Even in Ottawa where my mum and I had to break trial we were a skiing family. I ski here now in K country and Lake Louise in the lovely track set powder snow. I even married the tracksetter so much do I like the skiing here: I’m Mrs. Tracksetter-Jeff! He does the waxing too…

  11. Will be spending New Years week in the wonderful Yoho/Emerald Lake/Golden area, with family and friends. Have enticed some family members into the exciting, life long sport of xc skiing, mostly because of this site. Like Helga, who posted and few days ago we feel part of a community of people who love this sport and are eager to share their adventures on this blog. Thanks to Bob and all of the enthusiastic skiers out there!! Happy New Year … may 2015 bring lots of snow.

  12. I’m so glad I stumbled onto your website. I am new to the area and your website has been super informative on where to explore on my skis. Thank you.

  13. New years eve we plan to ski in PLPP and then finish the evening with a nice dinner. Thank you Bob for bringing this ski community together!

  14. After many, many years away, I’ve just started cross-country skiing again. Truly delightful to find this site, so much information — the videos are amazing, especially the picture postcard one. Fox Creek was my favourite trail and I still remember whooshing through, early in the morning, with the snow gently falling, one of the best memories from a previous life 🙂 Another great memory was hiking around Emerald Lake, would be great to ski there. Thank you for this website.

    • Lori, your comment enticed me to watch that video again. Definitely Fox creek at its best, not what we’ve experienced so far this winter. Here’s the link for anyone who wants to see “Like Skiing in a Picture Postcard”

      • I enjoyed all your videos, Bob, thanks for posting them. My former spouse and I used to get out cross country skiing every weekend in winter, and hiking every weekend in the summer and fall. Watching your videos took me back to some great times, and I look forward to getting out again. Have been out just once this winter and will be going out with the U of C Outdoors Centre a couple of times this weekend to brush up on my very rusty skills. Soon I`ll be sailing down the trails again, can`t wait 🙂
        Thanks again for the fabulous site.

  15. Would love to spend a couple of days skiing in this beautiful area without having to worry about driving back to Calgary the same day.

  16. Pipestone with 20 cm of fresh snow. Best ever.

  17. Since reading/ studying/ using this website (for a few years already by now) I realy feel like part of a community. The site is very helpful, often entertaining and sometimes even educational on relevant topics pertaining to xc skiing. When we started skiing in the Rockies some 45 years ago we were more like “outsiders” to be looked at with couriosity. People then were wondering what kind of “funny” skis we used when they saw them strapped onto our VW Beetle! How times have changed! Now all of us xc skiers, and that’s a lot more then years ago, can share our adventures on this very public domain . Thank you, Bob, for creating this platform! Maybe we’ll still meet you one of these days on the trail, possibly at Emerald Lake…!?

  18. G’day!
    I’ve listened to Skier Bob many times on CBC radio during my commute to work. His website is also highly recommended by others, so it’s the one I use for a quick conditions’ check.
    Numerous cross-country experiences stand out as pretty spectacular – both Pocaterra and trails around Delta Lodge Kananaskis after a recent snowfall come to mind. I could be anywhere where there is a fresh snowfall and the snow is still falling while skiing – little piece of heaven…
    Thanks for doing what you do!

  19. Thanks so much for hosting such a helpful website, really appreciate it!
    See you on the trail!

  20. Heading to Field for a couple of nights between Chrsitmas and New Year’s. Staying at the Old Church Guest House…Helen is a gracious hostess, and it is a great spot to rest up between skiing and snowshoing adventures…comfy beds and a full kitchen!

    Thanks for maintaining this website, Bob.

  21. I would love to ski Goat Creek/Spray River from Canmore to Banff on New Years Eve with my amazing family, long as nana is available to babysity daughter (I don’t think the trailer would make it around “the icy curve of terror”). Then a well deserved hot chocolate at Banff Springs Hotel. Can’t wait!!

  22. My husband and I have enjoyed skiing the many trails around bragg creek, PLPP, Banff and lake louise. We always check on skier bobs website to check out the conditions. Great information! Heading out on a couple of hours for Christmas day!!

  23. Thanks for having a link to all the webcams. This is extremely helpful in my search for the best snow.

  24. I moved to Alberta in Jan ’76 to x-c ski and work at Chateau Lake Louise in order to do so. Back then, Rocket’s was the general store on the main street right in the village, on a site that is now in the north parking lot across from the Post Hotel. A few of us, not owning cars, used to ski down to the village to Rocket’s for supplies and then pack said supplies back up to the Chateau. We used a trail that was pretty much a direct run down beside the creek bed to the village. This was back in the days of 3′ snow bases, new snow every night and few x-c skiers. Those supply runs felt as if we were living (and skiing) in a much earlier time….a pioneer time.

  25. First discovered Emerald Lake Lodge through work a fair number of years ago. Had the ‘tough’ experience of having to go out there to review the facilities and food just at the start of the winter season. Needless to say had a great experience, and taken my wife back several times to enjoy the environment out there, including doing the ski loop. It’s a magical place out there.

  26. Last year we took advantage of the diccount at emerald lake lodge and had an absolute blast. We hope to return as we found the staff to be most friendly and were happy to visit with our dogs:)

  27. We will be cross country skiing on Christmas day and many of the other days throughout the holidays. Thanks for this great resource.

  28. Two ski days in a row I’ve seen Bob’s smiling face on the trail. What a treat! That’s how I found this blog in the first place. Years ago, at a junction on the Lake Louise trails, Bob handed me a little piece of paper with the link. I haven’t been skiing without checking the site for beta since then.

  29. Skied under a full moon last year on the 1A from Muleshoe to the top of the split. Pretty surreal feeling seeing fresh wolf tracks on the ski tracks and hearing them howl off in the distance. I love living in Banff!!!

  30. This is the best website for all things cross and trails on the www.

  31. Took in the Locals discount last winter and enjoyed Emerald LL for one night. What a grand place!

  32. Love that the skierbob community makes it SO EASY to decide where to go each morning :)!

  33. Last year took advantage of the Ski Club discount at Emerald Lake lodge and it was magical. Maybe this year I’ll be lucky and win a free return visit. One of my fondest memories while skiing along the Emerald Lake connector trial was seeing a Moose lacking the salt from he road. Likely a common occurrence ther but for my eyes a rare sighting.

  34. I have to thank someone special for showing me this site and so much more. Thank you Angela.

  35. If I was lucky enough to win this I would be looking forward to a delicious meal at Emerald Lake Lodge after a great day skiing!

  36. If I can’t get traction with VR40 I know it’s going to be a rough day.

  37. I am recalling a wonderful ski into the historic Skoki Lodge for Valentine’s Day where the wind was whipping around like confetti when we skied over Dolomite Pass. Next we experienced an exhilarating run down to the welcome lodge. At night it was so comforting to burrow under the cozy down quilt after an inspiring day of skiing in our gorgeous Canadian Rockies.

  38. My favourite ski memory was when I was young and just finished the lake louise loppet, my brother and I and some members of our team would go to the candy store at the Chateau and each pick out a giant sucker. The Lake Louise Loppet was always one of our favourite days.

  39. The cross country ski trials around Emerald Lake are great. We always stop and ski them when we are travelling by. The last two times we were blessed with great snow conditions and sunny weather.

  40. In January of 2013 we stayed a few nights at the Lodge and really enjoyed the skiing. The thing that struck me the most there at that time was the complete silence, not only skiing but even walking outside from our room to the main lodge. It was truly a magical winter retreat.

  41. I visited Emerald Lake this past summer for the first time but did not stay at the lodge. It would be awesome to be able to return this winter and stay at the lodge and playing in the snow. A Emerald Lake winter adventure looks like a must do trip. Maybe Santa Bob will fulfill my wish granting me this trip for Christmas. Cheers. Wishing all the followers of this site a very Merry Christmas and a ski filled New Year.

  42. My best skiing memories are from skiing the endless meadows near Mount Assiniboine. It is truly an unforgettable and magical place!

  43. A year ago on Jan 12/13th, we had booked into Emerald Lake Lodge. My “Lake Louise downhill-preferred” husband decided to ski at Louise while I skied my legs off all around ELL. Funnily enough he got stranded there as the hwy closed and I was one of two rooms booked out, coincidentally the night of the ELL staff party. An amazingly elegant game and cheese platter arrived complimentary and unannounced at my door so I lit the fire, opened our wine and enjoyed this “party for one” while Chris loaded his car with some stranded Louise staff who ended up much later that night, getting an RCMP escort back through the closed section. I saved a taster of each of the divine game meats and cheeses and he got to enjoy them much later that night. I like to support Kicking Horse Ski Club, and booking into ELL has become an annual tradition and “gift” under the Christmas tree.

  44. One day last winter, we skied around Emerald Lake. Puffy, white snow and blue skies. A picture-perfect day!

  45. Several years ago I had my ACL reconstructed after a downhill skiing accident. A weekend at Emerald Lake was my reward for months of rehabilitation and physical therapy. Skiing the loop on Emerald Lake was my first time back on skis and still makes me smile when I think of it.

  46. Love coming up from Golden, when there’s a valley fog in town. Popping up into the sunshine at Emerald Lake, with the glorious panoramic views. A lovely ski around the lake, followed by an apres cider or other warm drink is a fine reminder of why I love living in this area. A hidden “gem”!!

  47. How many waxes do you have in your wax kit, and which one is used the most? I have many waxes in my kit, mostly of the Swix VR series which are my staple go-to waxes. I discovered Rex Pro Grip waxes last year while seeking out something that would survive Birkie distances. After a bit of experimentation I’m a Pro Grip convert for reliable long distance grip.

  48. I don’t own a fat tire bike, but I do mountain bike around the area and would love to try it. At West Bragg, it seems as if the trail planners have done a good job of separating the various user groups to avoid conflict. The bikers stick to the single track used for biking during the summer and the skiers ski in the wider track. I wish there was better control/signage of the Chester Lake trails to prevent snowshoers (back country boarders or skiers?) from ruining the ski set tracks. I wonder if volunteers could ski and snowshoe in the area as “greeters” to help educate people not obeying the signage.

  49. Favorite ski memory:
    Back in the mid seventies I thought the best trail had to be ‘Ruthies’ at Ribbon Creek. This was before the development at Nakiska took place and the trail was longer than it is now with a particularly narrow section (3 feet) between two trees that when taken at speed was both exhilirating and downright scary. Both my dad and I learned to ski on those trails and being that he is no longer with us, those times will always hold a special fondness for me.

  50. On Christmas Day, my wife and I will go for an afternoon ski around the West Bragg Creek trails (weather permitting).
    I heard about this blog a few years ago, by word-of-mouth. I love the blog because it’s the quickest way to find the best place to ski each weekend. Keep up the great work!

  51. Thank you to the groomer for re-setting Goat Creek. Skied on Saturday morning and there were two groups of people in BNP part with dogs on the trail. Sad when people don’t respect the postings.

  52. First heard about your wonderful website from my friend Anna.

  53. We have a lasting memory of Emerald Lake Lodge from way back in 1997 whilst on a ski vacation from the UK, before we moved to Calgary. We were sharing the ELL outdoor hot tub with a couple of Norwegians who convinced us it was a wonderful experience to roll in the snow between warning up in the tub, an experience that wasn’t repeated but certainly remembered!!!

  54. Two of my greatest pleasures these days are spending time with my grandsons – 16 months and 3 months.- and cross country skiing. This fall I bought a pulk and have already enjoyed many hours, and gallons of perspiration, pulling the oldest boy around the trails in Camrose. A trip to Emerald Lake might be what Grandpa needs to rejuvenate his weary bones.

  55. Favourite ski memory is a midnight ski, under a full moon on McKenzie Island, Ontario with the Red Lake XC Ski Club. Crisp and clear. Brilliant.

  56. Ready for the holidays!! Family, food and x country skiing!
    Northern alberta for a week then down to Canmore to get our skiing in as we head into 2015! Great way to end the year and perfert start to then next!

  57. Favourite Ski Memory:
    Simply our discovery 3 yrs ago of the PLP nordic ski trail system. My wife and I had just decided to pick up cross-country skiing and could not believe the abundance and variety of trails in Kananaskis. One of the best days we’ve had was with friends when we discovered the picnic table with the most amazing view – on Wheeler. Spectacular.
    Finding this website when searching for trail info was a definite bonus and essential tool.
    After recovering from knee surgery last year, can’t wait to get back on the happy trails.

  58. I found out about this website via CBC radio.

  59. On Christmas day, since I’m usually alone, I plan on making a hearty breakfast and heading out thereafter to find some snow. Maybe catch a movie afterwards.

  60. Favourite Ski Memory: Skiing down the Tramline at Lake Louise to the Post Hotel, having afternoon tea then skiing back up the Tramline to the Lake. This was many years ago when we used to spend a weekend at the Chateau before the price went skyhigh.

  61. The lake’s emeralds of summer become the snowflakes of winter

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