Win 2 free nights at Emerald Lake Lodge

Photo by James Baillies: "The alluvial fan of Emerald Lake. The conditions were perfect for skiing early one morning a couple of years ago. The air was crisp and the sun was bright. The snow was perfect for green wax and the skies glided over the snow effortlessly. When we got back to the lodge, we bought hot chocolate at the little hut on the lake. It was a perfect day skiing at Emerald Lake."

Photo by James Baillies: “The alluvial fan of Emerald Lake. The conditions were perfect for skiing early one morning a couple of years ago. The air was crisp and the sun was bright. The snow was perfect for green wax and the skis glided over the snow effortlessly. When we got back to the lodge, we bought hot chocolate at the little hut on the lake. It was a perfect day skiing at Emerald Lake.”

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“One of my favorite skis is around Emerald Lake to the alluvial fan, especially on a calm day with brilliant blue skies. This can be a very quiet time of the year as the water is frozen and covered with ice and snow. Mount Marpole, The President, Vice-President and Wapta Mountain form a natural amphitheatre and my echo reverberates as crisp as can be. I have yet to find another amphitheatre in the mountains as clear as the one at Emerald Lake.” –Helen Heacock(contest entry 2015)

The winner will enjoy 2 nights at Emerald Lake Lodge in Yoho National Park(any 2 nights subject to availability). You’ll practically be able to ski from your door on a number of delightful trails including Emerald lake, the Alluvial fan, and the Emerald connector. A few minutes down the road is the Kicking Horse river trail located at the Natural Bridge. This map shows the Yoho winter trails.

After a few hours on the trails, complete your day with a warming hot chocolate with whipped cream in the lounge at Emerald Lake Lodge, or soak in the outdoor hot tub under the stars!

Sunset Magazine named Emerald Lake Lodge one of their top 9 cozy winter lodges!

Photo by Chuck: "Christmas Eve Family Outing at Emerald Lake"

Photo by Chuck: “Christmas Eve Family Outing at Emerald Lake”

This prize is eligible for weekends too, not just weeknights.

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Entries to this contest are closed.

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  1. I enjoyed an opportunity to cross country ski with Lindsay and Dasha at Confederation Park in Calgary two nights ago for a beginner ski lesson as part of their endeavour to start up an inner city cross country ski club. It was a lovely evening with two wonderfully supportive coaches.

  2. x-country skiing in this vast beautiful country of Canada- from the trails of Gaspe, to the Gatineau hills, along the shores of the Great Lakes, over the prairie trails and throughout the Rocky mountains of western Canada. What a fantastic way to explore this country!

  3. Well Bob, today I turned 30. I grew up on XC skis and couldn’t think of any other way to cap it off. This morning we left in the dark to be able to watch the sun rise on our skis. We’re on a trip through Kimberley and will be up through Yoho on New Years day! My husband claims that we can’t call these trips holidays as they end up being “suffer fests” with all the outdoor adventures I pack in. He’s a willing and keen participant, but I would love to reward his support with a truly relaxing weekend at Emerald Lake (with the obligatory ski of course!)

  4. My daughter would love to ski at Emerald Lake this winter 🙂 It is such a beautiful place.

  5. I really appreciate this site. I’d love to experience Emerald Lake Lodge!

  6. What a great contest Bob, all the more incentive for skiers to read your excellent blog – a great way to stay informed on the latest conditions, and brings a feeling of community to cross country skiing in this part of the world! Thank you.

  7. I love skiing and hiking at Emerald Lake. The opportunity to spend a night at the lodge, especially in the winter, would be incredible.

  8. A winter getaway at Emerald Lake Lodge would be a welcome February retreat. Our family usually heads out for a ski day or two for my birthday. Thanks for the chance to enter this amazing contest.

  9. Wed love a getaway without kids to ski a little faster than a four year old! If we can remember how. 🙂

  10. We would love a trip to Emerald Lake Lodge! Gorgeous scenery, great skiing and dogs welcome!

  11. A trip to the lodge would go a long way to boosting the spirits! Love the blog:

  12. Love the blog! Love skiing! I would be thrilled to stay at emerald lake lodge!
    Let it snow!

  13. My fiancee and I love skiing together and a fancy 2-night stay in Emerald lodge would make a perfect pre-honeymoon!! Either way, the Alluvial fan loop is on our list…as well as many other trails thanks to your site. Thanks so much for having such great info on here. Cheers.

  14. It would be Funtastic to win a getaway to Emerald Lake Lodge and ski right there. I’ld be ecstatic, elated and over the moon if I would win!!

  15. Would love to take my husband for a weekend of skiing at Emerald Lake. We visited there a couple of years ago for an Anniversary hike and it would be great to go back!

  16. I first started going to Emerald Lake to hike with my dad when I was a young kid growing up in Calgary. Now that I live in Banff it seems to haven fallen off the radar for some reason. Regardless if I win the contest or not I am going to get out there this winter for a ski.

  17. Love skiing the Emerald alluvial fan.

  18. In the summer, I have enjoyed the walk around Emerald Lake with a nice icy dip in the lake after a day of hiking. In the winter, the ski across the lake with views of the President and surrounding peaks is stunning. Have never been inside the lodge and would love to stay overnight to enjoy/explore the area more!

  19. I think my favourite thing about these contests is reading all the comments. Some witty, some charming, some heart felt, and sometimes I even learn a few things …like the comment about Tom Wilson “discovering” Emerald Lake when he horse got away. Have loved the area for decades now but have never had a winter stay here …except if you count the time my daughter and I convinced the concierge to allow us to use the hot tub after a fabulous ski around the lake and alluvial fan…but then that’s a whole other story, or even for another contest :).

  20. We had skied from the Natural Bridge to Emerald Lake Lodge, home for the evening and overnight. We checked into our room after a sumptuous charcuterie platter in the lounge at the lodge. It was so quiet in our chalet. My husband had gone off to the hot tub and I decided to sit by the fireside and read. I delved into Bob Sandford’s history of Emerald Lake Lodge, a small book to be read in less than a couple of hours. With flames flickering in the fireplace, I felt as though the ghosts of bygone days had been summoned. In a nice way, that is. The bit of history I read about enhanced the whole Emerald Lake experience and I am so grateful to the lodge for providing this little gem of a book to be read by anyone with an inquisitive mind about our colourful Canadian Rockies history.

  21. Our 25th wedding anniversary is in January 2017… would love to celebrate with my husband on the xc ski trails at Emerald Lake Lodge!

  22. Would love to spend a few days X-cross country skiing at this amazingly gorgeous place without having to drive back to Calgary the same day.

  23. I’ve been able to ski (& snowshoe) at Emerald lake but never fortunate enough to stay there. That opportunity would be most welcomed (even more so as snow builds up this winter…) Everybody get their best snow dance going to invigorate those trails!!!

  24. Was out in K-Country this past weekend (before the Chinook rolled in) with my family and good friends (Dec. 17&18th). Our kids (5&7) did really well in the cold! Its amazing the motivation of “Christmas Baking” has on them! We started at the Elk Pass trail head and then ducked into the trees along Fox Creek, to stay out of the wind. Kids loved the adventure through the trees, and the very fast ski out to the car!

    Looking forward to another great skiing season….fingers crossed for some more snow!

  25. After four long years of working on my PhD (and missing many ski outings with my family) I am ready to defend my work on January 13th. Many times sitting at my computer I would longingly read through your website Bob and think “I would much rather be skiing”. I cant imagine a better way to celebrate than spending quality time with my family, enjoying relaxing unplugged time, and skiing. Maybe my family might even forgive me for all the times I ditched them for the computer if I took them on a fantastic ski weekend.

  26. It would appear I’m missing out – never been to Emerald Lake Lodge! I would love to win a couple nights there!

  27. Nothing better than a ski around Emerald Lake followed by a warm refreshment by the fire

  28. We’ve stayed at Emerald Lake Lodge in the winter and the cross-country skiing was amazing. I LOVE to cross-country ski and would be appreciative of another (free this time) stay at Emerald Lake Lodge.

  29. You can’t beat the feeling of gliding on snow with magical scenery all around seeping into every nook and cranny of your being!

  30. Staying at Emerald Lake would be lovely! It’s a magical location!

  31. Hot chocolate in the hot tub at Emerald Lk Lodge says it all.

  32. I visited Emerald lake for the first time this summer and it was spectacular! I can’t imagine how amazing it is with a blanket of snow and some skis! I had no idea you could even do that there in the winter. I will be there sometime this regardless. Love the mountains!

  33. Happiness is first tracks in fresh snow!

    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

  34. I would love to celebrate my engagement here. We got engaged in Banff near here last year and it would be so special.

  35. My favourite story of Emerald Lake is about Tom Wilson “discovering” it by accident when his horse got loose and took off from the valley to the lake. It turns out the horse had a memory and though Wilson had acquired the horse from the Stoney, the Stoney had traded it from the Shuswap who often travelled through Emerald Lake to the gathering grounds of the Kootenay plains. Do skis have such memories?

    Fingers crossed that I’ll be able to let them take me there!

  36. Dec 7 Went to the Canmore Nordic Center. Didn’t know what to expect because the weather has been so warm , so I brought my skis and my mountain bike. It turns out that the lower track at the Nordic Center called Frozen Thunder was open . So I skied from about 9 to 12 , then hit the awesome mountain bike trails above and biked from about 12:30 to 3 . Absolute bliss . I haven’t ever seen a place so pristine with such high caliber facilities.
    I just love this place!

  37. I’m glad we love skiing so we don’t have to leave the mountains in the winter.

  38. When you see Emerald Lake Lodge and the surrounding area, particularly in the winter, you very quickly realize the meaning in the saying, “The Mountains Shall Bring Peace to the People”. It is truly a special place.

  39. Winning two nights at Emerald Lake Lodge may allow my husband to vacate the dog house he has been in since forgetting my birthday. My birthday was in May…I hold a grudge. Forgetting your wife’s birthday would be completely acceptable if you a) were in a coma, b) were in a coma, or c) were skiing at Emerald Lake Lodge on the day of your wife’s birthday and were having such an amazing time it just slipped your mind. Did I mention my birthday was in May? Is there skiing at ELL in May? This, my friends, is why he is in the dog house.

  40. How can one pick a favorite cross country ski trail when you love them all?

  41. I would love to take my wife there for her birthday in January. She loves to cross country ski and neither of us have been there before.

  42. Champagne air, sapphire sky, and an emerald lake encrusted with diamonds. Who needs to be a millionaire when you can spend a day skiing at Emerald Lake?

  43. Emerald Lake – such an idyllic spot. A perfect Christmas card scene.

  44. Nothing beats the serenity of the noise dampening snow, on a windless, blue sky day! Never been past Lake Louise in the winter…. maybe this year will be my opportunity.

  45. I love to explore new ski trails but mostly stick with day trips. Would love to make it to Emerald Lake this season!

  46. My husband and I have recently started cross country skiing and we absolutely love it! I just bought my husband his own set, and staying and XC skiing at Emerald Lake Lodge is on our bucket list of things to do. It would be a dream to be able to stay here and ski!

  47. This would be an amazing place to ski into. Fingers crossed (???)

  48. With the late start on the trails this year an Emerald Lake Lodge getaway would be a real treat. It is a beautiful peaceful place especially in the winter.

  49. I’ve yet to ski any trails around Emerald Lake. I tried 2 years ago but turned around at Field, as I was worried my car would get stuck in the still falling snow.

  50. Ah the peace and serenity of a ski at Emerald Lake…

  51. Cross country skiing is a great sport!

  52. We test drove our new chariot with our 3 month old daughter for the first time in the cold today, can’t wait to hit the cross country ski trails with her this winter!

  53. A crown jewel in the tiara we call our Rockies.

  54. What an opportunity! I haven’t had the pleasure of staying at Emerald Lake, but would love to visit and ski in such a spectacular place.

  55. hey skier bob! i’m living in west africa right now and missing the snow. thanks for allowing me to get a little ski-spiration

  56. What a wonderful getaway for my wife and I… much needed although the kids might get a bit envious which means we’d have to have an encore trip!

  57. I like to ski near Sherwood Park in Birkie Land. A good ski followed by a wiener roast is an annual event with friends and family.

  58. I’ve never been there. My wife just started X-c a couple years ago. I know she’d love it. Our favourite so far is Goat Creek to Banff Springs.

  59. Cross Country Skiing is the best sport in the word. The gear is not too expensive, no costly fees to ski and both the very young and the very old can enjoy hitting the trails Cross Country Skiing is not to hard to learn and relatively low impact. Are there any other sports that can make those claims?
    Spread the word….cross country skiing is the best!

    Finlay MacNeill

  60. Emerald Lake is absolutely stunning! We visited seven years ago and would love to go back!

  61. I stayed here about 8 years ago, it was fantastic. I would love another opportunity to head back, now that I’ve got my wife into cross country skiing!

  62. I would love to have the opportunity to stay at Emerald Lake Lodge and ski in the area. That sounds sooooo dreamy! Let it snow, let it snow let it snow and I’m in heaven!

  63. What a great contest! Would love to be able to ski for a few days and stay up at Emerald Lake Lodge….it is such a magical place!

  64. Yoho National Park is one of our favourite destinations. The views on the alluvial fan, the chance to see three beautiful rivers along the Kicking Horse River trail and sking up the Yoho Valley Road in winter are amazing experiences. Thanks to the KHSC for your efforts maintaining these trails

  65. A retreat at the lodge would be a delight! Skiing on the lake under a full moon – was an memorable experience….

    • We live in Revelstoke which normally has tons of snow but not this year! That’s why we have decided to enter and hopefully win some deep snow kicking off the season?

  66. A contest for two nights at the lodge? Wow. My kind of place and two nights might be free. Count my entry in today, Bob!

  67. My wife and I skied pocatara today. It was snowing all day and was wonderful. The higher we climbed the better the snow got. No track set but a few tracks mostly set by us. The funny this is there was a lot of people in the pocatara lodge but very few trails. Go Figure?


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