Win! Fischer cross-country skis (2016) Contest Page

(Entries to this contest are closed)

How about a new pair of Fischer skis for the coming winter?

“What I enjoy most about cross country skiing is the beautiful silence. Nothing is more soul soothing than swooshing down a mountain trail after a fresh snowfall.” -Aileen

The above quote from Aileen was an entry in a previous Fischer skis contest.

It’s become a tradition to start off the season with this contest where you have a good chance to win a brand new pair of Fischer SportGlass skis. These are all-around, lightweight classic skis for groomed trails. If you prefer waxless, you can choose the Fischer Fibre Crown skis which are the no-wax version.

You’ll be fitted for the proper size at Lifesport when you claim your prize.

How to enter the contest:

To enter, you need to leave a comment on this page. You can comment about anything, but here are some suggestions:

  • What is your criteria for an enjoyable ski trail? Easy terrain? Fast downhills? Scenic? Or…
  • Important things you carry in your backpack
  • What could be done to make cross-country skiing more popular?
  • What do you eat when you allow yourself to indulge?
  • One thing you have NOT done that you really want to do? 
  • What is better about the world today than when you were growing up?
  •  Any topic of your choice

Entries will be closed when we reach 120 entries

All names will be put in a hat and we’ll draw a winner within one week of entries closing.

Make sure you leave your email address with your comment. I’m the only one who sees it, and that’s how I will contact you if you win.

The fine print:

  • One entry per person.
  • You must be a cross-country skier, or an aspiring one.
  • The winner must respond to my contact email within three days of the draw. If no response, a new winner will be chosen.
  • Prize to be picked up at Lifesport

Good luck and I look forward to reading some interesting comments. Leave your comment below. Sometimes comments don’t show up right away because they need to be approved. I usually get to them within hours, and they will then appear.


  1. Entries closed. Thanks, everyone, for your interesting comments. Winner will be announced within 7 days.

  2. In my pack, Spare basket, duct tape (I have repaired a broken pole before) Spare clothing, space blanket, first aid kit, Leatherman, brass wire

  3. I love the sights and sounds, the thrills of the hills and the satisfaction of the effort.

  4. Just getting my comment in under the 120 limit!! the best things to take on a ski trip are friends with their own back packs so you don’t have to carry anything but water. I have one friend who always brings coffee and baileys!

  5. Recently got into XC Skiing last year with my husband. We are very excited to get a full season in again this year. Most memorable ski was our first time at Mount Shark – definitely had a few wipeouts but it was SO fun. Hooked.

  6. In order to make XC Skiing more popular ALL school Physical Education programs in the province need to embrace this great sport. Start with Grade 3 students and a small selection of gear and grow the program one grade per year at a time. It is amazing how quickly young students who have boundless energy catch on and soon love the sport. This is Alberta and normally we do have winter – it’s time we actively get out and enjoy this great time of the year ! Give me a call if you want help in developing your program.

  7. I’m loving the transition since going from skate skiing to classic and the rhythm I get into. The trails at the Nordic Centre are fantastic for heading up after dinner for an hour workout or longer runs on the weekend. My wife just received her first pair of classic skis last week and we are looking forward to sharing the trails together.

  8. Any day that I’m not skiing on dirt is a great ski day. I’m honestly not picky right now and would ski on anything just to be on my skis! Last year, we were skiing Kananaskis Village Nov. 7th and we were standing on dirt at the trailhead. Even then, it was a glorious day to just be out so early. I’ve skied on grass at Confederation too and was just happy to have my skis on.

  9. Paulette McCullough

    I absolutely love blue extra mornings when the sun is coming up and making the snow extra glittery at Blackfoot Provincial Park. By myself or with others, it doesn’t matter because the scenery there is stunning.

  10. I love skate skiing on perfectly groomed trails with my wife and son. If there is some views to be seen that’s even better

  11. Best day/terrain is some good heart pounding work out followed by a squeezing of the nether regions on a narrow twisty downhill rush.

  12. I grew up on cross country skis in the Laurentians and have loved racing through the trees with friends.
    These days I enjoy skiing in K-country chasing down my twelve year old and encouraging my right year old to keep at it.
    The clear skies and gorgeous landscape are the perfect antidote to the city. Peaceful, quiet, and serene.
    So much fun to get out.

  13. I’m an aspiring skier learning through the Learn to Loppet program at U of C. I am trying to learn to love winter for myself and my family. My 4.5 yo son has asked to learn how to ski this year too!!! I reckon any day out of the city and in the mountains is a good one. Getting to spend it with friends and/or family makes it a fantastic one.

  14. I love winter! The best is a classic ski on a cold , bluebird day…nothing beats it!

  15. The beauty of a fine day on the trails….just me and the snow !!! and the groomed tracks, and the fresh air and the blue skies and the working muscles and the bulging lungs……yes a fine day on the trails and you are living large. ?

  16. I love skiing when its so quiet you can hear the snow falling. I do pottery & made a porcelain lamp to evoke the feeling of skiing on days like that. Posted it on my instagram site, it’s the one called Forest picotee- there are skis in the picture.

  17. waiting for snow, waiting for the cold weather to return, cross country skiing is the best way to enjoy winter, you can travel a long distance in a day, never cold because you are always moving, and it is so nice to enjoy the solitude. still ski on the skis that I got way back in 1992. favorite trail, skogan pass, I enjoy a long climb uphill, even more the fast decent on skinny skis.

  18. My favorite place to ski is PLPP!

  19. MY family made an epic ski trip into an alpine hut. It was challenging but so amazing. Can’t wait to do it again.

  20. i love skiing it is the ultimate cross training for rowing .

  21. I love the peace and quiet of xc skiing. It’s a great way to enjoy the mountains and get a good workout too!

  22. I love getting out for a ski that is uphill on the way out. I love the burn of the uphill and I love the downhill after the uphill ! My favorite trail to do that on is the Pyramid lake road trail in jasper. I also enjoyed riding up to the trail from town on my mountain bike as a warm up. Can’t wait to do it again !!!

  23. My heart sings when I am out cross country skiing with my husband and two girls!!

  24. Always love skiing in the mountains, so peaceful and scenic.

  25. I love the versatility of skiing. There are so many facets of it to enjoy like skating on perfect corduroy, riding the rails on your favorite tracked classic descent, or skinning up a through a glade to emerge onto a powder filled bowl where you can do tele turns to your hearts delight!

  26. I must say we are very lucky to have the website Ski Here by Skier Bob. It is the first place we go to get up to date info on cross country skiing. Thanks for all the work put into this and to everyone else who posts here.

    I like to have a thermos of hot water with me so I can brew a fresh cup of tea and enjoy it with some homemade cookies.

  27. What do i like best about cross country skiing? Getting outside to enjoy the winter season, exploring new areas, soaking up the scenery, breathing the fresh mountain air, clearing my head of various stresses/distractions, and getting some great exercise… it’s good for the body, for the mind, and for the soul.

  28. I enjoy reminding myself how lucky we are to have CNC.

  29. I love heading out skiing with my wife and dog. It is a great way for all of us to enjoy the fresh air and to get some exercise. Hopefully we get lots of snow this winter so that the trails are in excellent condition.

  30. Never had regrets about a day skiing! The hardest days end with onion rings and beer!

  31. We skied last year more than in any of our previous 30 years of skiing–what a great year it was! We’re looking forward to another season. It has been very instructive to read what others take along with them for a day of skiing–thanks for the ideas. In recent years we’ve enjoyed introducing x-country to newcomers to Canada/Alberta. You end up sacrificing some of your own ski time in order to teach the rudiments…but very satisfying to see someone discover the joy of K-country’s blue skies and pristine trails.

  32. I’ve been thinking about a beautiful and chilly day last winter skiing up to Blueberry Hill. The sun made the snow on the trees glisen. When I stopped all I could hear was my heart and breath. I felt so alive and at peace. I can’t wait to get sking again.

  33. Bring on the snow! Can’t wait for a nice loooooooong ski season this year.

  34. an important piece of equipment for my pack is my head lamp – for those early season ski days when I get a late start!

  35. Important thing I carry in my backpack: Emergency clothing layers. Often used not in an emergency too such as skiing down Skogan Pass after working up a big sweat climbing. Love the warmth of a thin down fill jacket and a pair of mitts.

  36. I love chocolate. Then again, I’ve never known a hiker or skier who does not!

  37. I would LOVE to take a dedicated ski vacation!!
    I would LOVE for all my family to be bitten by the XC ski bug too! (ok, bitten as much as me)
    I would LOVE for all my family to have new speedy equipment as well!
    I am so very grateful that our family does enjoy XC skiing, and can look forward to a great winter having outdoor fun together.
    now we just need some snow…

  38. Duct tape – 2 years ago a friend of mine and I skied the Canadian Birkebeiner. My wife insisted I carry duct tape. On km 29 my friend went downhill on a turn, and hit a pile of snow that previous skiers had pushed to the outside of the track and wiped out. He broke his ski, with just the base holding things together. So we jury-rigged a field fix with a scraper on top, and wrapped duct tape around that and the ski to keep things together. It held enough that he finished the full length of the race (with pack!). And yes, my wife has never let me forget it……

  39. Something I’ve never done but would like to do is stay at a cabin at Nipika for a few days, and ski my heart out!

  40. Hard to beat going up Blueberry Hill and having lunch at the top.

  41. I love skiing with my parents every Saturday!!

  42. I love skiing at Peter Lougheed Provincial Park! The best days are cold and blue skies – I am smiling the whole day! I carry a big lunch in my backpack and fight the grouse away from my sandwich 🙂

  43. Bob, Ever since I saw someone on Pocaterra with the top of his ski boot ripped away from the sole, I carry duct tape. Brent

  44. Hi Bob,
    One thing that we always carry in a backpack when we are skiing is a thermarest. Why? I took a wilderness first aid course a few years ago. The outdoor portions was on a cold and snowy day and it made me realise just how quickly an injured skier would get hypothermia. Haven’t had to use it so far!

  45. Great web site Bob.
    I have a far better chance of a good ski day after reviewing the trip reports the night before. Too many times I’ve gone out to a Trailhead just to find poor conditions. Not anymore. Thanks Bob and all the contributors.

  46. Looking forward to an awesome x-ski season. Winters seemed to be so much colder when I was a kid. Now there’s no excuse for not getting outside and playing. Bring on the snow!!

  47. I love this site. It gets me hyped and energized. Great communications with a wonderful X-C community. Bob, thank you so much for all that you do for the sport and this web site. Great stuff.

  48. One of the things I had great fun doing was teaching my boyfriend to cross country ski. Now he’s my husband…. coincidence? Doubt it.

  49. I love heading to the mountains with my family from Saskatchewan. Skied the Lake Louise area last winter for the first time, had new snow and mild conditions. Loved the Fairview trail the best, so beautiful.

  50. I was a downhill skier for many years but quit when the price to go got to high and switched to cross-country. I’m glad I did because the workout is much better for you .

  51. I moved to Alberta for a job. I stayed because the cross country skiing season is longer here. However the ski season here is also shrinking. When I am staring at dirt in February, it reminds me we all need to do our part fighting climate change. Save the snow!!!!!! Oh, and the rest of the earth, but definitely the snow.

  52. The best ski trial is the one with my friends and I on it.

  53. Standing at the junction of Pocaterra and Packers. No matter which way you go, the best is yet to come. 100 years from now…?

  54. Cross Country skiing could be more popular with a greater promotion of the fitness benefits! It is a great workout without being stuck indoors all winter! I was a naysayer until I tried it, and was pleasantly surprised about how much i enjoyed the fitness, and also the excitement of the downhills! It is not as flat and boring as I had thought.

  55. My favourite ski day is a blue wax, blue sky day with fresh tracksetting. Soft blankets of snow and the sun glistening off the snow transform the trees into a magical winter wonderland. An occasional breeze may blow some of the snow off the trees like fairy dust.

    My wax works with every stride, my body feels strong, and my smile is wide, even when no one is watching.

  56. I love a nice wide and long stretch of steeper trail. Wide enough that you have room for some error, but steep enough that you can get going nice and fast for a long time. It’s tremendously thrilling when the track just disappears and launches you into it, and suddenly you have to actually pay attention, consciously balance and very deliberately rapidly adjust your weight and position to the terrain on skinny skis and wobbly feet that are only attached by the toe. You have to make split second decisions, and strive to stay on your feet and in control as it gets faster and faster. The faster you go, the better it gets (and more technically challenging…. especially in less than ideal conditions). I admit when I first skied the new Ribbon Creek trail last year (earlier when there was lots of snow), that big scary hill became one of my new favorites. I was laughing all the way as I flew down it at top speed, feeling sorry for those who were unable or not willing to risk skiing it and were missing out by having to walk down it. The big hill on Whiskey Jack is also one of my favorites – that curve, and the often icy conditions makes it extra interesting 🙂 I can’t wait to get out there – bring on the snow!!

  57. Perhaps we ought to start calling for some snow and slightly colder temperatures! Snow dance everyone!

  58. Only the trees knew.
    The true face of shame, I fell.
    When I stopped to pee.

  59. What could be done to make cross-country skiing more popular? Taking family and friends who do not ski out to try it. Some might be hooked. Another thing is to practice. I remember when I first started. If I had not kept going, I would not improved enough to enjoy any trail or an entire day. Glad I stuck at it; probably the best sport ever created.

  60. An enjoyable ski trail needs to be cold, the harder the kick wax needed, the better
    I always carry fire starter and a down vest in my backpack
    XC skiing would be more popular if we told all the downhillers how much skill is needed to climb and drop the lookout trail at PLPP
    “cocoa mousse” Ritter sports are the bomb. Decadent.
    I hope to take my daughter (8) to ski the ‘haute route’ in the Alps when she is 16.
    When I was a kid Russian and American fingers hovered over the nuclear launch button, I hope they have their hands in their pockets nowadays.


  61. Skiing with my sons at emerald lake lodge with my sons is a long time dream.

  62. Enjoy variety in my ski trails such as the ski from Boulton to the top of Blueberry Hill in PLPP.

  63. Skiing is a complete workout. It strengths the body, mind and spirit.

  64. We are blessed with such great venues in Alberta: from the trails at the Wapiti Nordic club to Bragg Creek, the national Parks, CNC and Peter Lougheed. My favorite? A crisp evening ski with friends anywhere with good snow particularly under a clear sky and a full moon. With maybe a fire, and hot rum toddy to cap it off.

  65. I had never tried it until last year, when I was getting fed up with long drives and high cost of lift tickets for snowboarding. This really seemed like an ideal sport to try, because it gets you out to enjoy our amazing winters, while still getting in some great cardio. Last year I only got to try out West Bragg creek, but my goal this year is to get out to Pocaterra with my girlfriend, as we have found it is a sport we can both enjoy!

  66. Skiing, in all it’s permutations, is such an ideal. That we can overcome mountains, cold & snow is testament to our power as humans. And yet ‘overcome’ seems like too harsh a descriptor with cross-country, I guess I prefer some subtlety of ‘harmony’. The folks that complain about winter/ cold/ snow/ (CANADA!), need to get off the couch & experience something like the Tyrwhitt meadows at -5 on a still day. THAT’s heaven on Earth!

    It won’t happen every time, but isn’t the joy in the chase…?

  67. My favorite places to ski are Peter Lougheed Provincial Park and the Lake Louise area trails. For me, nowhere is it more scenic than these two places. More importantly, I love these locations because I know that there are flush toilets around.

  68. Even a day when conditions are not great n weather is cold n windy is better than any day at home or work!
    The solitude of being in the mountains! Having a chocolate / almond / cherry bar with a cup of tea – yummy!

  69. My favourite cross country ski outing when I lived in Calgary was Skogan Pass, especially when there was fresh snow with no grooming. We trudged up usually in 3 hrs and swooshed down in 1 hr a great downhill with snowplowing the whole way. In the old days you might see 3 or 4 other people on the trail. Now I live in Kimberley BC and am track skiing here at the Nordic Center and will be visiting Calgary the end of Nov. so would have no problem picking up my new track skis at Lifesport. Jackie

  70. Cross country skiing is a great way to get oneself out in the midst of wilderness during the winter season. I love the winter lighting on the landscape, the sunlight thru the trees, the sometimes blue and purplish shadows on the snow, a brilliant blue sky against cold snowy mountains, hoarfrost on branches or the light sparkling off ice crystals in the air. It’s good to be outdoors, skiing and taking photos.

  71. There is nothing better than to be out grooming on a clear cold winter.s night with a fresh dusting of new snow. The new crystals light up like a field of diamonds under the lights almost as if the snow was a mirror reflecting the stars back to the sky.

  72. Frolicking in winter mountain wonderland with friends who share a common interest. Why xcountry skiing? Need I say more! Awesome!!!

  73. In my next life, (or maybe still in this one) I would love to work a shift or two as a piston bully trail groomer. I know, I know; it will never show up as a prize in a Silent Auction due to liability issues but I can at least dream about it and express my inner voice.

  74. It is so great to have two sports I love and get to enjoy. Biking all spring/summer and fall and xc skiing all winter. Couldn’t think of a better place to live than in the Bow Valley.

  75. I am excited to learn how to ski this winter! The mountains are gorgeous. Can’t wait to explore them in the snow with friends and family!

  76. I enjoy a crisp, cold day with a newly grooned and trackset trail. No lifts, no lineups and no loud music!

  77. The companionship and camaraderie of the other skiers on the trails is always appreciated in the Canadian Rockies; but it is also special when you can have a beautiful trail all to yourself. Fortunately that is frequently achievable on our trails.

  78. After a good, hard ski, there is nothing better than a warm cup of ‘Joe’ from Beamers and one of their famous muffins!!!!

  79. I love skiing in general. But my favourite thing about cross-country skiing is being away from the crowds. It’s so peaceful when you are alone in the woods by yourself or with a couple good friends or loved ones.

  80. Jill-Marie Spence

    The quietness of the world when one is cross country skiing. You, a few squirrels, Whiskey Jacks all believing there is no better place to be at that moment. The ability to erase all thoughts from your mind except knowing you are exactly where you are suppose to be – the sound of the snow (yes snow has a beautiful sound), your breath..your happy place! Food and water are nonnegotiable back pack items and yet I forget moleskin?! I would love to trek Nepal and spent a night in basecamp on Everest.

  81. How to make XC skiing better: more summer skiing on rollerskiis – lose the no skipole bylaw on selected faraway paths in each quadrant of Calgary.. Believe me I’d rather ski at +20C than -20C.

  82. I can’t wait to come back and spend another winter in Alberta from Southern Ontario, and rejuvenate while skiing with friends in the amazing mountains.

  83. Important things we carry in our backpacks while snowshoeing in the backcountry in the “shoulder” season – both bear spray and avalanche safety gear!

  84. Christopher Gandhu

    I have not yet XC on the Moraine Lake Road. This winter, I hope to ski to the lake and back!

  85. I looking so forward to night sking on west side spray fire road with the new Parks Canada signage which separate walker/bikers and preserve the ski trail grooming!

  86. Came across your site when looking for places to skijor – so much great info here!

  87. My 4 year old has been skiing for two years, and has been asking for winter for weeks now. It will be his first year with real boots and bindings. He’s been skiing around hour house with tea towels under his skis. 🙂 My summer baby two year old will be skiing this year!

  88. I’m looking forward to getting my little guy out on skis this year!

  89. The skiing in this area is fabulous!!!! When there is snow……… more snow, please??
    I would love to try skiing in other countries – Iceland, Norway, Sweden and New Zealand top my bucket list 🙂

  90. I’m looking forward to trying the skiing at Dawn Mountain Nordic at the Kicking Horse Resort outside Golden this year. I also kind of miss going back country on my skinny skis. My wife and I skied towards Burstall Pass last year on our classic XC skis and zoomed by all of the backcountry enthusiasts on their steel edged skis. I’ll be looking for more places to trudge in the deep stuff.

  91. Cross country skiing is the perfect activity for people looking to get out and enjoy tthe mountains during the winter. I think more people would be interested in cross country skiing if they knew how easy and inexpensive it can be compared to downhill skiing. The gear costs a fraction to rent or buy and most people can just start skiing on an easy trail. It’s a great workout and it can take you to some beautiful areas. I love seeing areas that I’ve hiked to in the summer all covered in snow too!

  92. To increase the popularity of XC skiing: Get a celebrity to endorse the sport in social media and TV ads. Wishful example: Film Wayne Gretzky at the Nordic Centre saying what a great sport XC is. Or how about Mayor Nenshi there on skis, saying, “Now I’m finally going to get in shape. If I can do this, so can you”… shown on a flat trail… To get young men interested: current movie/model hottie(s) gushing about the sport. Now we just have to get someone to pay for this 🙂

  93. I love to be part of cross country ski community as I find that most of us are quite similar in that we enjoy nature, mountain fresh air, feeling fit and healthy and happy, and for me, being able to share all this with my fur children! Thank you Bob for providing a “place” where we can all “get” together.

  94. I love ski trails with a lot of variety. When there’s a long flat stretch followed by some good ups and downs, it’s heaven! That’s why I love skiing Goat Creek, at least when the snow is good. The beautiful scenery that helps me really live in the moment on almost all of our trails is the icing on the cake. We are so lucky to live in this skier’s wonderland!

  95. Our criteria for an enjoyable ski trail: since I take my whole family with 2 boys (7 & 13) the trail needs to be on the easier side, I really enjoy the downhill sections and it needs to have a view. I like to pack trail mix, apples, granola bars and water and if we are going longer – lunch for the family.

  96. Nordic skiing takes me places nothing else does. I’m not just talking about the silent pine forests and untouched, snow-covered clearings. I mean losing myself completely, disconnecting from my sense of self to the point where the snow could be sand. The surreal feeling of forgetting about the city, my gear – even that’s its winter, all while being immersed in its beauty. I chase that feeling all season and dream of it all summer.

  97. I am thankful I live in the mountains and so close to such a selection of ski trails. And for the posts to choose the best of the trails. In my pack year round I carry a FindMeSpot and bear spray.

  98. I have just started making cold press green juices a couple of months ago for improving my nutrient intake and as a result I feel I have more energy which is great for cross country skiing.

  99. After starting with classic last winter, I’m looking forward to learning to skate ski this winter!

  100. Jackrabbits was my first introduction to skiing, and to trees.

    Ray, our ski troop leader, would lead us on Saturday morning expeditions through the small network of trails surrounding our school, quizzing the girls on which evergreen trees we were passing and how to distinguish them from the others.

    Those first fond memories drive what I look for in a good trail now as an adult. I was fortunate arriving in the beautiful area of Calgary, and the foothills of the Rockies, that there is much to explore from what I remember of the trails of Newfoundland.

    The trails here are a little longer and the hills a little bigger, but if I look I can still spot a spruce or a pine.

  101. The condor is circling the mountain top.

  102. I’m certainly looking forward to my first cross country ski trip this year. For an enjoyable ski, I prefer light snow or clear skies, an undulating trail, company in the form of friends or family, and a hot mug of tea and a snack in my backpack for a treat on the trail.

  103. Cannot wait for the snow to fall at CNC.

  104. One thing I have not done that I would like to do is to go skiing on all this early snow!

  105. Although I love the diversity of skiing boreal and prairie trails in my home province of Saskatchewan, I always enjoy heading to the mountains to ski and do so as many times as possible each year. The spectacular scenery, increased snow pack, challenging exercise and friendly faces on the trails as well as the camaraderie of family and friends make for great experiences and wonderful memories. Of course, tasty apres food and bevies complete the package beautifully.

  106. One thing I’ve wanted to do for many years but still haven’t is to ski from PLPP to the ACC Elk Lakes Cabin and hunker down for a weekend.

  107. Criteria for an enjoyable ski: Besides snow that doesn’t stick to my bases, sharing the day with the amazing ski friends I’ve been lucky enough to make over the years! They are such a positive, fun-loving, supportive group of people.

  108. My criteria for an enjoyable ski trail:

    An undulating, groomed trail (classic or skate) in a quiet area with very few or no other people and blue sky or snowing lightly. With my dog where possible.
    Thanks, Rhonda

  109. Criteria for an enjoyable ski:
    One worthy of reporting on SkierBob!

  110. Criteria for an enjoyable ski:
    Temperature of about -8 C.
    Mix of sun and cloud.
    Distance of about 28 Km.

  111. I love that cross country skiing gets us out together as a family. One daughter puts on her pumpkin toque and away she goes, the other starts singing “castle in a cloud” and is off. Because they love it so much, I love the sport even more. We are so lucky to be able to get out as a family twice a week, to hit the trails, enjoy our surroundings and spend time together as a family. So looking forward to the first ski of the season.

  112. Stephen Vermeulen

    I’m hoping that global warming brings us more snow and our carbon taxes get spent on more trails and grooming. A couple of high altitude trails to extend the season would be great too.

  113. Every year around this time as I’m speaking with people and commenting on the weather, mainly about how it’s now officially fall and that yes winter is coming. I can tell that the other person is not that trilled to see the winter coming. But I on the other hand get this bubbling feeling of excitement in the pit of my stomach and can hardly wait for that perfect day which usually means lots of snow, above -10 degrees and sunny day helps but I don’t need it. Pack the kids, with the dog and lunch of some sort and we head out the mountains. Usually head to the Delta Lodge in Kananaskis and ski the trails around Terrace Link and Kovach. Yeah it’s ski season and I’ve been waiting all year for this! Can hardly wait to get out there!

  114. I am in Hawaii at the moment and checking your website every day hoping for skiable snow when I get back. That’s how EXCITED I am for cross country ski season. Aloha.

  115. What could be done to make XC skiing more popular?
    Consistent snowfall would really help. If people see snow around them, it sure encourages them to think about skiing.
    Less driving time for good skiing definitely boosts interest. That’s why Canmore Nordic Centre, West Bragg Creek and Calgary Golf Course skiing is so important.
    Good track setting definitely keeps people interested in XC skiing. Luckily we can count on SkierBob to find out where to find good conditions.
    Creating a sense of community and enthusiasm for skiing is a key element for making XC skiing more popular. Thanks to your wonderful site, we get a daily dose of ski-energy. Thanks for that!

  116. The most enjoyable ski I had last year was a night ski I did with 3 other friends. I had never done a night ski before and it was so amazingly fun. What I love most about cross country skiing is the quiet of insulated snow and the darkness seems to bring an extra layer of quietude. And to my delight, skiing in the dark doesn’t necessarily require a head lamp because the snow reflects so much moonlight. It’s makes the experience so much more _raw_ for lack of a better word. And of course we all enjoyed some beers at the hut before turning around. Just a perfect evening.

  117. Something I have not done that I one day hope to do – visit New Zealand. I bet there is some gorgeous xc skiing there… And hiking… And kayaking…

  118. My most memorable ski last winter was a solo ski on a freshly groomed trail up to the Hummingbird Plume Lookout. It was a perfect day, crisp and cold. The sun was twinkling at a low angle through the trees. I came across a little burbling brook, and floating in it were these ice platelets, each with a puff of fresh snow on top. They looked like ice lily pads.

  119. The late evening ski, after you have been at work all day. You don’t really want to drive all the way up to the ski hill.
    But 5 minutes after you get your skis on and hit the trail, you realize that the light is fading, the air is fresh and it just
    amazing watching the sky change colors, you are so thankful you came.

  120. Some important things I carry in my backpack are;
    A spare pole basket
    Duct tape
    A spare lace for my boots
    A space blanket
    A first aid kit

  121. Any day I can ski is a great day – good snow conditions and challenging ascents, combined with cruising downhills make for exceptional days. Having an open heart and mind – and the right layers! – allow the beauty to be revealed no matter what the weather.
    Nordic skiing – challenge – solitude – balance – community. So glad the snow is upon us!!!!

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