Win! Fischer cross-country skis(entries closed)

Win! Fischer skis 2014(Entries to this contest are closed)

How about a new pair of Fischer skis for the coming winter?

It’s become a tradition to start off the season with this contest where you have a good chance to win a brand new pair of Fischer SportGlass skis. These are all-around, lightweight classic skis for groomed trails. If you prefer waxless, you can choose the Fischer Fibre Crown skis which are the no-wax version.

You’ll be fitted for the proper size at Lifesport when you claim your prize.

How to enter the contest:

To enter, you need to leave a comment on this page. You can comment about anything, but here are some suggestions:

  • What is your criteria for an enjoyable ski trail? Easy terrain? Fast downhills? Scenic? Or…
  • Important things you carry in your backpack
  • What could be done to make cross-country skiing more popular?
  • What do you eat when you allow yourself to indulge?
  • One thing you have NOT done that you really want to do? 
  • What is better about the world today than when you were growing up?
  •  Any topic of your choice

180x100-fischer-swix-dealersEntries will be closed when we reach 100 entries

All names will be put in a hat and we’ll draw a winner within one week of entries closing.

Make sure you leave your email address with your comment. I’m the only one who sees it, and that’s how I will contact you if you win.

The fine print:

  • One entry per person.
  • You must be a cross-country skier, or an aspiring one.
  • The winner must respond to my contact email within three days of the draw. If no response, a new winner will be chosen.
  • Prize to be picked up at Lifesport

Good luck and I look forward to reading some interesting comments. Leave your comment below. Sometimes comments don’t show up right away because they need to be approved. I usually get to them within hours, and they will then appear.


  1. Entries to this contest are closed. Thanks for your comments!

  2. Let’s get the draw started 🙂

  3. Best thing about XC skiing is taking my wife and kids and enjoying an awesome day without the need of a coach, booked icetime or yearly fees. Free-play and hot chocolate in the mountains!

  4. Thing I want to do that I have not done: Pilgrimage to Santiago De Compostela. It has been a goal of mine for awhile but because i am reaching to point in my life where time is of the essence it has become an urgent goal.

  5. My criteria for a good ski is a temperature above -18. Other than that love to be outdoors so just great to ski. The most important back pack item for me is water and secondly hot pacs for my hands. Try to eat well but love ot indulge in chocolate from time to time. I’d like to zip lne? not even sure that’s the right name but looks like fun. I think the world was a better place when I was growing up so can’t think of a definite think I like better now.

  6. What I enjoy most about cross country skiing is the beautiful silence . Nothing is more soul soothing than swooshing down a mountain trail after a fresh snowfall.

  7. I always over pack. Maybe that’s why I tucker out on the climb up WiskeyJack.

    My kit includes a clamp on ski tip, candle lantern, space blanket, candle lantern, flashlight, warmer clothing layers, my GPS, heart rate monitor, and way too much other stuff.

    Last year I learned to always pack several sets of chemical heater packs. On a particularly cold day, the set I tucked into my gloves turned out to be bad. They didn’t heat up, and second degree frostbite was the result. So now, and forever more there will be many hand warmers in my knapsack. I will also rip open one pack early, while still in the car. I want to know they’re working before I even put one ski in the track. It was a hard lesson that kept me off the trails for the remainder of the season!

  8. Important things I carry in my backpack? Extra food! On top of the food I think I will consume, it is always a good idea (for me and for all the peeps around me…trust me) for me to have extra supply of food. Chocolate, bars, chips, name it. If it has calories, in dire need, it will work!

  9. I would like to see cross-country skiing promoted more at public schools, and see cities publicize that the golf courses are open and welcoming to cross-country skiers. Sometimes I just don’t want to make the drive out to the mountains, so having a couple of good spots here in Calgary (Confederation Golf Course is my favourite) let’s me get more ski days in per year. And that is a good thing : )

  10. Thanks for running the skierbob site. It’s my first source for early-season track reports.

  11. I met my now husband of 34 years when he offered to teach me to cross-country ski. We’ve been avid skiers ever since.

  12. I have always wanted to try cross-country skiing, looks like a great workout and a great way to see the mountains in the winter 🙂

  13. Man, I’m super excited for the ski season. I sure do love me a good ski.

  14. What astounds me is the number of emails in this list in November. I came looking for snow conditions thinking perhaps it was a little earlier but I can see that it’s not and interest is high. Life is very good.

  15. My husband and I ski-skate and for us, its all about the grooming. My idea of heaven on earth is perfectly groomed snow with a -5 temperature! I am sure I will be in heaven once or twice this season, and with luck, a lot more times.

  16. It is quite amazing what tracksetters and groomers can do with so little snow – I wish to meet some of them one day to thank them for everything they do

  17. One thing I really want to do someday but haven’t is a hut to hut ski trip in the Swiss Alps. Maybe when the 4 boys are a little and I don’t have to pull the pulk anymore!

  18. My first time cross country skiing was last winter, my husband convinced me to give it a try. It was 11pm, totally dark(we wore headlamps ) and minus 25C. It was not my fondest memory but my next ski was sunny, -5C and nice snow on the spray river trail. What a difference the conditions make. Now we head to Banff lake Louise area often to enjoy the snow together:-)

  19. Had a visitor from Yellowknife last winter, where they ski regularly at -40 on snowmobile trails and think it’s great! They wear 7 or 8 heavy layers and it takes as long to get dressed and undressed as they ski. Couldn’t believe the variety and conditions of our trails at all locations, and they’re free (except CNC). Never forget that we’re so fortunate here!!!

  20. I am trying to move into the world of cross country skiing to augment my alpine snowshoeing hobby. A pair of skis and boots would certainly help this transition. There is nothing better than enjoying the Alberta outdoors on a sunny day with good trails, good friends and a cup of hot chocolate.

  21. Is there anything better than a freshly groomed trail, -10C and bluebird, the day after a fresh snowfall?! I think not! Fingers crossed that everyone gets lots of days like that this year!

  22. Love the trails in K country it is where all four of our boys learned to cross country ski.

  23. Bob, Thanks for this forum to share trail conditions and ski experiences… a great source of XC beta!

  24. Practising my uke today, I was playing John Denver’s “Country Road” I could not help plagiarizing a bit and turning into a “ski road”

    Almost heaven, western mountains
    Peter Lougheed and Canmore Nordic centre
    Life is old here, older than the trees
    You can be here too, just get on your skiis

    Tracked trails / lead me on, to the place I belong
    Gliding smoothly , on my skinny’s
    Take me home – mountain trail

    Lake Louise, Shark Mountain,
    Ribbon Creek, and Kicking Horse River.
    Life is good here, beautiful and clear
    You can be here too just get on your skiis.

    Tracked trails lead me on / to the place I belong
    Gliding smoothly , on my skinny’s
    Take me home – mountain trail

  25. Favorite kind of trail:
    Overnight grooming. 10 cm fresh snow on top. FIRST TRACKS (better be there earrrrrly).
    When you can only see your ski tips . . . . dorsal finning all the way.
    Skiing hard because . . . .
    I. (huff)
    Don’t (puff)
    Want. (hufff)
    Anyone. (pufff)
    To. (huffff)
    Pass. (puffff)
    Me. (hufffff,pufffff)

  26. Confederation these days is as busy as I have ever seen it. I live on the 2nd fairway and way to go calgary skiers!!

  27. The only way I could acquire some “Rock Skis”, is if I could win these Fisher SportGlass Skis to finally replace my current skis!
    Haven’t you seen the pictures?

  28. The trails in PLPP are among my favourite. I’m really looking forward to getting out with my family and for a great excuse to spend a day on the trails with friends that I see too seldom. I’ve started to check the conditions on this site daily in anticipation!

  29. My two most favourite ski partners are my nephews who I loved pulling in pulks as babes and have now grown into keen young jackrabbits. Since they live far away we share our ski stories mostly by phone. One day last season I was taking a breather before heading up a big hill and decided to answer a call from them- they had just arrived home from an afternoon of skiing and were keen to share. It was super fun to tell them where I was and how I wished they were with me, but even more fun when they chanted “Go Jess Go!” to encourage me up the hill. It put a big smile on my face and now I think of them every time I climb that hill. Now I always slip my phone into my waist belt just in case 😀

  30. After the solstice, as the days lengthen, I look forward to repeating a trip we did a few years ago on our classic skis. Mt. Norquay to Mystic, then over 40 Mile Summit down to Flint’s Park to Cuthead then down the Cascade Fire Road past the Stoney Cabin out to the parking lot-an exhilirating, very long day if the conditions are right & the companions amiable! Hope all aligns this year with the new bridges over the Cascade & Stoney completed!

  31. My favorite trail is Coyote at CNC
    I think a thing that could be done to improve XC skiing would be to make West Bragg a Wildland Park

  32. Awesome contest Bob! I’m a big fan of life sport, every time I get my skis waxed there I want to buy something new. My favourite ski trail is moose loop at bragg creek.

  33. All you need in your pack is a down jacket and some chocolate 🙂

  34. Beside the obvious backpack goodies, drink, grub, layers, first aid kit, I always pack gators.
    How often have you arrived at PLPP to find several inches of fresh and spend the trip in cold damp boots, only thing worse is a day of no kick grip.
    Gators specific to xc skiing would be an excellent idea, maybe they already exist, I’d buy!

  35. My criteria for an enjoyable ski trail has changed considerably over the last two years. Two years ago I adopted a rescue dog, and as she enjoys being out on the trails as much as I do, skiing a dog friendly trail is now a top priority as I ski with her the majority of the time. I have always loved fast and challenging downhills and of course a great view is always nice so Mt Shark has become my top destination when conditions there are good; it has beautiful views, amazingly fun downhills and is welcoming to my canine companion.

  36. Ev
    We have the best xc ski trails on the planet. Can’t wait to get my fitness back! Live long & prosper!

  37. Looking forward to my first ski of the new season. Constantly checking the weather wanting for snow. Looking to make this a memorable ski season and a new pair of skis would make a great start to some fun memories.

  38. Alberta s
    XC skiers are so lucky..most trails are free, the snow and track set quality is superb, and it always seems like it’s a blue wax day. I thought Ontario XC skinny was good, but her it’s better. The only thing that I miss is more ski huts along the trails.

  39. I eat so I can ski. I ski so I can eat anything!! Eat ski eat ski.
    Of course reality is somewhat different but quality ski snacks and my homemade energy drinks keep me going for hours. Cant wait to get out there this season.

  40. I didn’t ski once last season – but keen to get out this year! Winning this prize would help!! Thanks!

  41. Important things I carry in my backpack: kleenex, water and food (especially important snacks like chocolate!), toilet paper (never know when you need to go into the bushes), plastic bag (to go with previous) and thermarest seat (so I can sit and eat my food on the snow). Things I should bring more often: thermos with hot beverage.

  42. I have come to love xc in my thirties. Previously, it was a cohersed event on family outings. Then, a decade later, I craved time in the pristine snow and scenic tree lined trails for myself. A rewarding bit of exercise, and a total refresh on my inner state is the result I’ve come to expect, and have not yet been disappointed.
    I have recently decided to invite/coherse other xc newbies to ski with me this year, let’s hope it doesn’t take a decade for the enjoyment to sink in for them! Ha ha.

  43. My favourite trails are those flat trails where I can get a nice, regular stride going and I feel like I’m flying across the snow. As a kid, my family used to XC ski almost every evening after supper down the back alleys in Saskatoon. I always tried to keep up with my dad…….and that is how I honed my “flying” skills. Now, I take my 3- and 6-year-old daughters out. They get the added bonus of enjoying the scenic mountain trails. Going XC skiing with a group of friends (we found ours through the Calgary Outdoor Playgroup Community) helps to get the kids (and adults!) out to try new winter sports.

  44. My wife and I took up this sport 5 years ago! We love skiing on a local Calgary golf course as our kids are still young and getting out to the mountains on a regular basis has its challenges. Although as our kids grow we are hoping we will be able to rediscover all the great areas Canmore and Kananaskis have to offer.

  45. What I haven’t done but really want to is to ski in a big loppet in Europe

  46. What I carry in my backpack: extra wax, extra clothing (mitts,down jacket, heavy toque, wind pants) fluids ( water/tea) and energy snack. My favourite peanut butter sandwiches.

  47. Best ski conditions are: Early season almost anything. Mid season fresh snow in the tracks no on else on the trail, Late season Perfect corn snow day sitting in the sun having lunch

  48. My husband and I took up skiing a couple years a go. I have been renting and borrowing equipment whenever I went out. This year for Christmas my son is getting his own equipment (from his Grandparents who are avid cross-country skiers) so it looks like it might be time for me to get my own so I can easily join him whenever he wants to head out!

  49. Just got the first ski of the year in at Confed Park this weekend. Thanks to all the track setters!

  50. For some people, they get up in the morning, and the first thing they do is put on the coffee pot, or read the newspaper, or check their emails or their text messages. Not my wife, however. Her home page browser is set to “” and our morning breakfast conversation topics are “Skier Bob has great pics of these trails. Or Skier Bob reported that the conditions in these areas are terrific. Or Skier Bob mentioned these great restaurants, or these shops to get X-Country supplies. Or, have you checked out SkierBob’s website yet? Well, you get the picture, it is almost like there’s a third person at our breakfast table each morning. And I really don’t mind.

  51. Cross country skiing is a great winter activity, a great way to travel long distance on the cold winter days, the best terrain has a mix of everything, good snow, steep hills to climb and to ski down, quiet forest that allow your mind to escape the busy city life. skiers bob site is the best for up to date conditions and inspiration of were to ski next.

  52. A sunny, non-windy day is all one needs. It’s great getting out of the city and enjoying the winter!

  53. I don’t have a vehicle so I like to find places to ski in the city. Little dog park across the street, Richmond Green, Shaganappi, whatever. Less travel time = more skiing.

  54. I absolutely love winter … so much so that we decided to move to Calgary (from Montreal) this past summer with our 8 year old son who also enjoys winter sports of all kinds. I’ve been an avid cross-country skier most of life – except for maybe as a young child … I still have memories of my first set of wooden skis, having to tar them with my dad, but mostly, crying because I simply couldn’t get up the hill as I kept sliding backwards. OK, I was only 4 yrs old at the time – but it must’ve been a painful experience as I still remember it – and I’m 42 !

    I simply love the serenity that comes with cross country skiing … being one with nature … hearing the wind in the trees … and the thump-thump-thump of my heartbeat. Whether nordic or on skate skis, my best memories to date have been x-country skiing in Gatineau Park (just across from Ottawa) at night and enjoying a fancy dinner (with wine of course) in one of the rustic cabins there in the middle of the week, before heading back all out (sometimes with, and sometimes without, a headlamp). The rush of adrenaline is simply amazing !

    Although I haven’t had the opportunity yet of hitting the trails here since I’ve moved, I have compiled quite a list of places to hit this winter once the snow consolidates. Mountain biking at Canmore Nordic this past summer left me drooling, thinking about what it would be like in the winter. The same applies to West Bragg, Lake Louise area, Emerald Lake, etc. So many places to visit – so little time …

  55. I grew up exposed to the sport of cross country by my Dad. I just assumed that there was nothing much to learning how to do it, until I tried to get my husband to join me, sans instruction . He quickly became so mad and frustrated , and swore he would never attempt it again. I quickly signed us both up for a day clinic for beginner skiers at PLP , and Gary agreed to try again. By the end of the day, we had both learned a lot, and my husband was hooked. That was eight years ago. We have given up downhill skiing, and are completely addicted to the beautiful world of cross country .

  56. For me the best kind of trail is the one that is deserted and quiet. It is really great to be able to get deep into trails in areas that are inaccessible using other modes of transport and enjoying unspoilt fresh snow. So far the best day we have had since we started skiing was a really cold day on Elk Pass when there was nearly no one around (aside from Whiskey Jacks) and fairytale fluffy snow all around.

  57. Winter wonderland!!! Since young winter has been my favorite season…. There is so much to do and the white coat makes things look so immaculate and enchanting. As winter is about 5 months long here I’m thrilled!!!
    As soon as it gets colder and the snow flakes fly around I’m exited to go ski and even there are sometimes not much snow, like this year, we are still so fortunate just by looking people that really come here from all around Canada and US to ski on snow so early.
    My perfect skiing day is a good long ski in our breathtaking moutains, such a shame that we don’t noticed them that much anymore as we are so used to. And ending the day by watching an exiting biathlon race on Internet… watching those skilled guys going makes my heart pumping again and my blood rushing through the veins for a second ski…
    I’ll enjoy every second of winter and so I hope you’ll do…

  58. I took this afternoon off work so I can get in my first ski of the season.

  59. My favourite memory from last winter’s season is the day I skied up to the Kananaskis Lookout at Peter Lougheed Provincial Park. On this particular chiily day, a white frost coated all the trees, and the view from the lookout was pure magic.

  60. Bob, I’ve already used the site a ton this year, thanks v. much!

  61. Bob, thanks for all the information packed into your website. When I talk to new or aspiring skiers I direct them to your site for the best reliable information. I also send them to Lifesport for the gear. Great combination. Paul.

  62. Now that I know my 11 year old daughter can ski moraine lake road to the end and back, and then say she’s not tired and decides to ski it halfway and back again just for fun, I’ve realized I have some serious training to do just to keep up to her this season!! (in other words I’m old and slow!)

  63. Favorite thing to carry in my backpack is gummy bears. Great energy boost when you need it.

  64. How to increase the popularity of xc skiing? Well, what if we had an area featuring a wide variety of trails from easy to more challenging, with options for long or short loops, close to Calgary, with plenty of sun for those cold days, and the added bonus of being dog friendly?
    Hey, we’re talking about West Bragg here 🙂
    I’m still surprised that so many skiers have not checked out the revitalized West Bragg network, which keeps on getting better thanks to the hard work of the GBCTA.
    Now all we need is more snow!

  65. My wife and I really want to ski out to the Elk Lakes Cabin. It looks beautiful and I’m sure it would be a great adventure. I think the only thing holding us back is the novelty. What to bring? How much? Will the weather be good? All pretty poor excuses. I think I’ll start planning now!

  66. For me skiing in the mountains in the early morning and seeing fresh tracks from the various animals that we share this wonderful place with. It is so intriguing to know that we live in a place where you can ski and have great views and the odd incounter with some truly amazing wildlife.

  67. Firstly, thanks to Bob for the Ski Here! website. Having a sense of conditions in advance of leaving the house is so important for so many mountain activities. Some musings on XC skiing:

    1. Every year I see heaps of elderly people hitting the tracks. I can only hope that I will be able to move like them in 30 years, and I suppose that the best way to be able to do so is to keep at it now.

    2. The community of skiers out on the trails has got to be one of the most welcoming of all mountain users.

    3. Night skiing is awesome. Headlamps work really well in the snow, and changes in technology (LED and, more recently, Reactive Lighting) have made skiing at night better than ever. I suppose this counts as a sense in which the world is better than it once was. If you still have/remember the old Petzl Zoom with the $7 flat battery that only lasted a few hours…

    4. It is great to get your friends in to nordic skiing, but just remember that they will be working ten times harder than you at every moment.

  68. The Lake Louise to Calgary Loppet is one of the highlights of our ski season because of the casual atmosphere and the opportunity to ski an area that could not be easily skied otherwise. Good work on the part of the ski club!

  69. I decided this year to buy cross country skis. I couldn’t decide where to start but I got skate skis. I am just excited to be doing something new outdoors in the winter! Now when it snows I’m going to be excited about it!

  70. Bob
    Let me start by saying how much XC skiers appreciate your website ! It’s the “goto” place for up to date information in the Calgary area.
    If we want to encourage more kids to take up the sport of cross country skiing we need to start them young ! Once they get a taste of alpine skiing its hard to get them back on skinny skis until they’re much older.
    The one thing I always carry in my backpack is a Swiss Army Knife and matches ! See you on the trails…..

  71. Aspiring XC Skier / Cyclist looking for an alternitive to the trainer this winter and pumped for the comming ski season, not much for experience but first rip of the year was Saturday at the nordic centre, Managed to get a good 3 hours in without falling over only to trip and roll my ankle in the parking lot while packing up the car!. Looking forward to trying a couple of loppets this year, discovered this website while trying to hunt down info on potential events to fill my “race calandar”, and am now hooked.


  72. My preference goes to difficult trails with long and fast downhills. They tend to be more remote than “easy” ones, so typically there’s less traffic there. When I head out, I like to get my exercise, so I try to go for 20k+ days.

  73. I always carry a small first aid kit, head lamp and a small bivy sack with me in case of emergencies and I enjoy the scenic trails at West Brag Creek.

  74. I am so excited for this upcoming xc ski season! Unfortunately I haven’t been out on the skis yet but now that I know MLR is trackset (thanks to this website!) I will get out this week for sure. Thank you for such a great site Bob and keep up the great work!

  75. Super pumped for the ski season! I’ve never been but always wanted to go to cypress hills park to try out the trails. I just got a new winter tent and am going to try it out there in December. I hope its everything I expect!

  76. A day spent at Emerald Lake, stepping out of the car in the shadows in the parking lot and feeling the cold of the night, but then skiing across the lake on a sunny windless day and feeling the warmth of the winter sun.

  77. The best trails to me have wonderful views at points with good grooming and having a friend along to share the trail with.

  78. The best part of any cross-country day is skiing it with buddies. There is always lots of laughter, a sprinkling of disarray thrown in for good measure, and a bag of shared Dorito’s for our apre ski. Luv ya gals!

  79. I enjoy the Telephone Loop in WBC when it has a good covering of snow on it. It is not trackset but has a lot of variety to it and is not normally very crowded.

  80. I like to pack my Kelly Kettle for a fresh brew of hot tea.

  81. An invite to ski received via email on Nov 6:

  82. My favourite thing to pack is a thermos of hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps.

  83. Best thing in my pack is my down vest – best thing to ward off a chill during lunch breaks.

  84. I carry a small thermos of hot Ribena when I ski. It is a nice warm treat on the trail.

  85. What do I eat when I allow myself to indulge? Cheesecake! Ice cream, with hot fudge sauce! Nachos with melted cheese, mmmmmm.

  86. My favorite place to ski when conditions are right is PLPP. There is a good mix of trails, double tracks, single tracks, fast downhills, long uphills, beautiful scenery. It is hard to beat!

  87. Cross-country skiing is a process [ one of many deep-ecological paths?] that forces an unpacking and setting aside of your complex self so that your simple self can get done what it needs done in the arena of mental stability. Edums edict – stable structures form in a system when there is movement of matter and dissipation of energy.

  88. One thing I have not done successfully and would like to do is ski the Cascade Valley trail twice in one day. Tried it once several years ago but it was too cold (-24 C to start) and due to the cold slow snow it was to much to do the second lap. Then the 2013 flood came and the bridge washed out. Now it is possible again with the new bridge. I have lot of skiing to get the km’s up for this 58 km endeavour; maybe this season ….

  89. Love to ski in the mountains with views of the distant snowy peaks and enjoy the thrill of sometimes seeing wildlife tracks like cougar,moose and wolf

  90. After having spent the last few years away from the Rockies, I am looking forward to all the exploring I will get to do this winter now that I am back… Thank goodness for “SkierBob” pointing me in the right direction of the best snow and most scenic spots!!! Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow 🙂

  91. This is a great website to use to find out the condition of the trails before you go out. Calgary has lots of outdoor and ski clubs, so you can always find someone to ski with. This year, I would like to try some longer trails. Something that would be really nice, for the really cold days, is some warming huts on the trails, like they have in Saskatchewan.

  92. These days, the most important thing I carry on the trail is my 17 month old daughter. The second most important thing I carry is an extra diaper for her.

  93. On October 26 I made the trip from Calgary to Canmore with my mountain bike and my cross country skis in the car. A few kilometers from Canmore the rain was pouring down and I was pretty worried that the skiing would be terrible. But by the time I bought my ski ticket the rain was lighter and by the time I had my skis on the rain had stopped. I skate skied 6 laps around Frozen Thunder and despite the warm temperatures (around +5 C) the trail was pretty firm and the skiing was decent.

    Then I went for a bike ride on the CNC mountain bike trails. The day was overcast and the combination of vibrant fall colours and misty air was beautiful. It was my first time skiing and mountain biking on the same day. And without the skierbob web site I would not have made the trip because I wouldn’t have known about Frozen Thunder. Thanks for the information that you provide on this web site.

  94. When I’m skiing I love to re-fuel by eating a sandwich with a generous portion of peanut butter and honey. It tastes even better while out on the trails!

  95. I look forward to try classic skiing again this year and am going to make a point of renting a pair with fish scales to help me get up the hills with a little more finesse. Happy skiing.

  96. What makes a xcountry ski trail enjoyable to me is when I can take my dog and there aren’t many people on the trail. I realize this really limits having the ‘most enjoyable’ ski each time and pretty much limits me to Pipestone and Mt Shark which I hesitate to mention because now more people will know about them. Haha. Happy skiing.

  97. If you don’t win the skis, and were considering waxless, consider the Atomic Skintec. They perform much better than traditional “fishscale” waxless ski over a much wider range of conditions. Tried a demo pair from Wilson Mtn Sports in Lake Louise end of last season, and really liked them. Initially offered only as an expensive high performance ski, a lower cost model is available this season. They’re available at Lifesport in Kensington. Full disclosure: I’m not affiliated with either Atomic or Lifesport, but would like to be! 🙂

  98. I love this site for condition reports because… I take my two toddlers with me and I want to make sure they have good, positive experiences and it really helps to have the head’s up on what the trails are going to look like. PLPP is the most friendly because of all the little creaks and rivers and cabins and huts and features for them to explore. They’re in it for way more than the skiing! 🙂 So Thanks!

  99. I like trails with varied terrain- little ups and downs, and a few flats as well. Nice scenery is important too. I really love the “new” Pocaterra.

  100. My favourite trails are ones where the terrain just kind of rolls along. Where the uphill work equals the reward. Trails in the mt shark area are my favourite. My wife and I are really excited to take our daughter out skiing this year. We will be towing her along in the chariot and I hope she enjoys it;)

  101. After dancing with Albetta Ballet the first 2 things I bought were ice skates and a pair of Bonnars with boots and bindings. The “no dangerous activities” clause was pretty thorough. The skates lasted 16 years and I’ve replaced the bindings and boots 3 and 4 times respectively. Now, 20 years later I think I’m ready for a new pair. I truly enjoy classic style but am not averse to the occasional off-trail adventure.

  102. When the moose walk on the frozen pond across the street it’s time to set tracks and enjoy. Winter is good!

  103. Had a great 1st ski of the year on Moraine Lake Rd today with our son Luca, who is now 20 and has moved to Calgary to work(we live in Golden). We backpack carried him on XC trails as an infant, then pulled him in a pulk, then he skied many years getting Huckleberry Loppet medallions at the Dawn Mtn trails in Golden for about 10 years in a row. Then he stopped XC and became an alpine addict – great – happy for him. So today a huge grin on my face as he decided to come back to Nordic, and I could barely hang on to him as he zoomed up Moraine . . .

  104. I think one thing that could help make cross country skiing more popular is to encourage more activities in groups and in informal settings. For example, last year in edmonton, there was a family xc event at hawrelak park where for $20 you could rent skis, get a hot chocolate and get some basic skiing instruction before you hit the trails for 2 hours. I went with my family ( 2 of whom had never been skiing before) and we had such a blast!!! There is something about an informal setting that you can share with close friends and family that is amazing! There is no pressure, and inevitably, lots of fun and laughs. I think, in many ways, it’s a lot easier for someone to embark on the sport in this manner then with an all day lesson at the beginning. My 60+ year old mom would never have taken a lesson, but in that informal setting, with people of all ages, she really got into it. I know they have something similar around Christmas at confederation Park. But it wouldn’t it be great to have at various locations each week?

  105. What makes the “best” trail is simple! Having other skiers go past me in either direction with a smile and a loud “Hello! Have a great ski!”

  106. Having recently moved to Calgary from Ottawa a few random comments about eastern vs western skiing, our more generally Rockies vs the Laurentians. 2 things I really miss about back east, that it only takes 20 minutes from down town to the trial and deep into the woods. Miss heading out into the woods after work for night skiing. That only seems to work when it’s a 20 minute drive. 2nd thing is the warming huts. Nothing like slipping into a cabin with a stove in the middle of long ski and tossing a sandwich on the stove to grill or even better, going after work and pouring some wine. Think there were 10 or 12 cabins in the Gatineau and most places in Quebec have cabins. but that’s about it. The skiing is way better out here, scenery is far superior as is the grooming, the trails more challenging, also folks out here seem a bit mellower. We can’t move the mountains closer to town, but refuges or cabins should be doable…

  107. I love the ups and downs of skiing

  108. Having skied and raced at many locations across Canada, one of my favourite places is the Hollyburn Lodge at Cypress Mountain in Vancouver. It is such a throwback to the pioneers of skiing in Western Canada and full of character. I remember training and heading in for a hot chocolate apres ski.To me it was everything a ski lodge should be.

  109. An enjoyable ski trail consists of a nice long, gradual and easy climb up a hill for a an hour or two, ending at the top with a nice view, followed by a long, exhilarating, quad burning descent. Skogan pass by Ribbon creek and the fire lookout in PLPP are some of my favorite days!

  110. I would have to say my favorite ski last year was skating the great divide. It’s really fast, out and back in no time.

  111. If I’m going to indulge in something, it’s got to be something chocolate! For e.g: cake, fudge brownie, hot chocolate. Especially after a good ski day 🙂

  112. I have never skied into a lodge. It is one I our goals this year is to do a great back country lodge trip. Also I live indulge in a really great old bottle of red wine with my better half always with spending some good money on!!

  113. The Fischer Fibre Crown no-wax skis would be great for those 0 days or days when the wind has blown lots of pine needles on the trail!

  114. This year, having discovered Skier Bob’s website, I hope to actually get out and ski more (on my 35 year old Bla Skia)! I have already started with a loop at Confederation this week thanks entirely to Skier Bob having a note about tracksetting there! Thanks for that Bob

  115. A luxury item that we carry in your backpack is a small inflatable therm-a-rest seat. Provides some extra warmth and comfort during extended lunch breaks on scenic trails 🙂

  116. My favorite trail should be relatively close to home, since I enjoy skiing it often. It should include some climbing (because downhill is inevitable). It should have decent snow conditions and a mix of forest, meadow, and views. Loggers @WBC petty much fits the bill!

  117. I always carry grip wax and a cork with me when classic skiing. The grip wax is for conditions warmer than what is on the kickzone. Probably should also carry a scraper – but often I don’t.

  118. I really wanted to be a cowboy.

  119. Great resource for xc skiing in the mountains near calgary. Favorites trails, Sandy Mcnabb after fresh snow and west bragg. Cheers, Adam

  120. My favorite trails are the scenic loops – over the river and through the woods! And the best are when you can step outside the cabin, slap on your skis and go, like at Shadow Lake, Nipika, Lake O’Hara, Skoki lodges . . .

  121. After reading posts on this site a few years back on the first aid kits people never left home without and the many times they used items from these kits for themselves or others on the trails prompted us to put together a personal first aid kit. Over the past years have tweeked items that were useful or not.
    However, we now never leave without our kits and have to say more often than not am using things to help others out there who are less well prepared.

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