Win Fischer Skis (2019 contest page)

Entries to this contest are closed. Thank you to all who participated. 

Congratulations to the winner: Mary Perrott

How about a new pair of Fischer Twin Skin Sport skis for the coming winter?


“My favourite ski day is a blue wax, blue sky day with fresh tracksetting. Soft blankets of snow and the sun glistening off the snow transform the trees into a magical winter wonderland. An occasional breeze may blow some of the snow off the trees like fairy dust..” -Grace Brouwer

The above quote from Grace was an entry in a previous Fischer skis contest.

It’s become a tradition to start off the season with this contest where you have a good chance to win a brand new pair of Fischer Twin Skin Sport skis and bindings. 

You’ll be fitted for the proper size at Lifesport when you claim your prize.

How to enter the contest:

To enter, you need to leave a comment on this page. You can comment about anything, but here are some suggestions:

  • What is your criteria for an enjoyable ski trail? Easy terrain? Fast downhills? Scenic? Or…
  • Tell us about an especially interesting/enjoyable day you’ve had on skis
  • Important things you carry in your backpack
  • What could be done to make cross-country skiing more popular?
  •  Any topic of your choice

Entries will be closed when we reach 160 entries or Dec 7, 2019 which ever comes first

All names will be put in a hat and we’ll draw a winner within one week of entries closing.

Make sure you leave your email address with your comment. I’m the only one who sees it, and that’s how I will contact you if you win.

The fine print:

  • One entry per person.
  • You must be a cross-country skier, or an aspiring one.
  • The winner must respond to my contact email within three days of the draw. If no response, a new winner will be chosen.
  • Prize to be picked up at Lifesport

Good luck and I look forward to reading some interesting comments. Leave your comment below. Sometimes comments don’t show up right away because they need to be approved. I usually get to them within hours, and they will then appear.

Entries to this contest are closed.


  1. I love quiet trails with mountain views. My favourite spot is definitely Kananaskis

  2. Katherine Germaine

    I love the trails in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park.

    In 2015 I had been skiing for a couple years but was intimidated to try the black runs. One day my brother and I were out on the morning of a perfect ski day. The weather was about -5 it was blue sky And the trail up Elk Pass and Blueberry hill has just been groomed. We stopped at a trail map and another skier came up. We struck up a conversation as skiers often do and he encouraged us to try Blueberry Hill. We decided go and set off up Elk Pass and up Blueberry Hill. At one point we were getting tired and hadn’t really brought enough food for the ski. We weren’t sure how much farther it was and were discussing going back and trying the summit another time. Just at that moment the same skier came down the trail, recognized us and shouted, “You’re almost there!” We pushed on and made it to the top.

    Since then we have gone on to do all the black runs in the park. I love how supportive skiers can be with one another and how powerful just a little encouragement can be.

  3. I love the fresh air on a sunny, winter morning. The whoosh of snow and skis, and sound of my own breath makes skiing so enjoyable – rolling terrain is the best! And… chocolate in my pocket!

  4. Candy! I always ski with children so the number one thing in my pack is always candy. If possible I try to have a small bag in my pocket for each intersection we come to. Fact: I have been known to share with other children I see on the trail.

    I’d love to win new skis. All of my skis are wider for touring. I don’t actually have a normal pair of xc skis.

  5. I really enjoy skiing for the view, and like to take some nice photos. Having hot chocolate after is also a plus.

  6. A perfect ski day for me is skiing Fox Creek and all the other trails in Kananaskis!

  7. We started cross-country skiing last winter , it’s all about family time, being outside in the wild with my wife and 2 kids is just the greatest, we love the scenic views along each trails, even if we’re not the greatest skier yet, we still make it fun and enjoyable, each day out with my family is a great memory, my 4 year old started skiing last year and he loves it , hope we get to get out a lot this year.

  8. My favourite trail is at PLPP, the narrow one through the forest, I think called fox Creek. You are fully committed on the downhill as it is too narrow to snowplow. Then the right hand corner at the bottom and you pop out of the trees for a beautiful mountain view.

  9. I have many favorite xcountry ski trails, including Boulton Creek, Bragg Creek, Pipestone, and Nipika! I love that I can get a great work out in a beautiful place. It is most fun with friends but I also love going out alone. Fresh groomed tracks are my favorite. I love xcountry skiing when there is lots of fresh snow hanging in the tress and it feels like Narnia. Perfect conditions for me are -5C and sunny! I have already been out to Bragg Creek 3 times this year and it’s only November!!!

  10. My husband passed away last year. He was an avid cross country skier. He loved skiing with our family even though we slowed him down. He left a legacy of cross country skiing with me and our three daughters. We want to keep this wonderful sport and magical feel of snowy winters in our lives!

  11. My criteria for an enjoyable ski trail is beautiful views. I like to get out after a snow storm if its been groomed. Bragg creek is currently our favourite spot. ! I do like an easy terrain as we are out with our young children. Not quite ready for fast downhills, need to gain more control. But I would like to get up to that point. For now its is a nice activity to do as a family to get outdoors in the winter.

    I always carry snacks to bribe my child to go a little further haha

  12. I love ski trails that are quiet. The snow is so insulating and the scenery so peaceful that it becomes my moving meditation.

    I carry water (double what I think I’ll need), hot pockets, snacks, Kleenex, Tylenol, blister treatment, and a whistle in my backpack.

  13. Perhaps my favourite thing about XC skiing is that in the world of outdoor recreation – dominated as it is by flashy gear and big spending – the barriers to entry are relatively low. A person can pick up a full setup from the Canmore thrift store for $40 and be on the trails 20 minutes later. I can’t think of many outdoor pursuits that can make that claim.

  14. Nap time during maternity leave often happened in the Chariot while I skied.

  15. Moraine Lake road… the downhill! And I always carry some cookies in my pack.

  16. I love perfectly groomed trails without scary fast downhills because I’m a chicken. I once had a magical night under the stars skiing at West Bragg with noone else out there and it was a night I’ll never forget!

  17. My perfect day of skiing is blue skies, mountains, good friends, with hours of perfectly groomed trails. Ending at a pub with a cold beer.

  18. Skiing the trails at Nipika near Radium is my idea of the perfect day, regardless of the conditions. I always carry my wax kit, water and a couple of snacks in my backpack.

  19. At the beginning I found it so hard but now I find xcountry skiing such a joy.

  20. I still remember my first outing at ribbon creek. The beautiful snow capped trees and partial frozen creek made it an amazing outing.

  21. My favourite ski area is the K-Lakes area. If you have the time, start low at Pocaterra and ski to the top of the power line and get a good fast run back. Watch out for moose.

  22. I have skied all over the world, and I can honestly say that the best skiing anywhere is Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, especially with fresh tracks, blue sky and multigrade wax. We are so lucky to have this in our backyards!

  23. Back in the day, back in Ottawa, a group of us would pop over the river to Gatineau Park after work. Skied our way up to a cabin for a wonderful chili potluck supper with all the fixings . The stove kept the cabin, and us, cozy and warm. Time to go, headlamps on, we made our way down some wild hills with crazy turns. Sound sleep with dreams of skiing and friendship.

  24. Skiing around the Pipestone near dark and watching in hope of seeing tracks of links , wolves or Wolverine!

  25. Fantastic two days in Lake Louise, despite the cold temperatures. Blue skies, towering peaks, good friends, it doesn’t get any better than that!

  26. First solo foray into nordic track set at Confederation Park today; -10C, fresh snow, brilliant sunshine, pacing my shadow ‘round and ‘round the golf course.

  27. I’m that weird person to all of family and friends who anticipates the first snowfall of the season. I love being in the mountains skiing no matter the temperature. Am CONSTANTLY checking Skier Bob to see where the best place is to ski next. Huge thanks for this site and all of your hard work Bob.!!!!!!

  28. I love being out cross country skiing on a bluebird day in the middle of winter regardless of the temperature. Absolutely beautiful to be out in the mountains with snow on the trees and the sun shining. Why do people go south?

  29. I’m newer to skiing, but my criteria for a good ski is scenic views, easyish terrain and dog-friendly trails!

  30. I (almost) never go skiing without one thermos full of perogies and another one full of hot tea. A headlamp is also a must have.

  31. There is charm and magic to skiing on Confederation golf course with a group of friends,weaving in and around the beautiful Christmas Light displays. The colours twinkling from the trees, dancing and reflecting on the snow crystals.

  32. One of my most memorable skis was a lone ski under a bright full moon on the Bow River Loop in Lake Louise. The thought of a wolfpack did cross my mind but then the bridge appeared and I stood in what seemed like an Ansel Adams photograph. The Bow River gurgling below me and all the surrounding mountains clear in the moonlight. Surreal.

  33. Enjoying the day out with friends, hitting those downhills, and getting great exercise is what cross country skiing is about.

    Having easy access to maps like that show the latest track setting makes it easy to head out knowing what conditions are like and which trails are best.

  34. The best days I’ve had skiing have been while skijoring with a dog! So much fun going around Moose Loop at WBC, Pipestone Loop, Loggers at Sandy, Ribbon Creek, or Mt Shark. Even went into Lake O’Hara with my dog years ago!

  35. Sandy Mcnabb; On a blue sky day after fresh track setting can’t be beat. Dappled light in the aspens and very few people.

  36. Rolling and scenic ski trail is my criteria for an enjoyable ski. New track setting that has not been walked or snowshoed on.

  37. I enjoy ski trails with lots of ups and downs, scenic and lights!!
    I had a really nice ski day in Prince George under the lights with the family.
    Don’t forget a snack, hot mocha, knife, lighter, and Garmin Mini!
    Runs that are lit up at night really help during these long winter nights.

  38. I love the beauty of nature found along the trails – a mostly ice covered creek, the sun shining through the trees, glittering ice crystals, the snow covered branches overhead – the quiet splendor to be enjoyed while stopping to catch my breath!

  39. Cross-country skiing is such a great sport to participate. It’s easy on the budget and suits a wide range of ages and fitness levels. It is the reason I love winter.

  40. With the Deep budget cuts being made by the new UCP government, perhaps it’s time to consider the implementation of a VOLUNTARY Paid pass system for cross country skiing in the provincial Parks before a MANDATORY one is foisted on us. Previously I would have been opposed to this idea, but times are changing.
    I would foresee some type of trailhead vending machine issue the tag that I would be proud to wear outlining the level of support I am providing to maintain the trails. And if I didn’t care to pay, that’s OK too, but I count on peer pressure to generate what are really donations.
    The West Bragg Creek system of voluntary payments is partway to my suggestion, but it needs A method of rewarding its donors.

  41. We are new to Bragg Creek area and are hoping to begin cross country skiing out our backdoor!! The perfect ski day would include a groomed trail that’s easy but also scenic and beautiful!

  42. Skiing Canmore via Goat Creek to Banff, -8*c blue skies

  43. I’m a new XC Skier and I sure like deep tracks for downhills! 🙂

  44. A bad day skiing in the mountains beats any good day in the city.

    “Never head into the bush without a way to make a cup of tea.” – modified advice from my uncle, a Dené trapper.

  45. Favourite ski day is when I feel I’m actually skiing smoothly, rather than like a clod! Still learning!

  46. I carry wool mittens with over-mitts, extra toque, extra socks, emergency blanket along with many other things in my backpack.

  47. Most interesting ski: headlight skiing New Years evening in bragg was amazing!!!!so quiet and a picnic snack following near the parking lot.

  48. My favorite ski day is one in the mountains where I’ve managed to dress appropriately and not sweat up a storm. I’ve learned to carry loads of chocolate and some salty goodies (crackers, hard boiled egg, GORP) to get up Moraine Lake Road, so I remain pleasant to my ski partner before the enjoyable coast back to the trailhead. Long live cross-country!

  49. My first time on cross-country skis was as a university student. I skied 5km around the farm with my mom and sister. They deemed I was “good enough” for the next trip they had planned just a few days later: skiing 27km into Assiniboine Lodge.

    Well… I made it, but it was a test of my patience trying to figure out how to herringbone without falling over my skis and their patience too as I attempted to keep up with them! Luckily, I managed to catch the helicopter out rather than trying to ski down Assiniboine Pass and back that loooong hill up after the bridge 5km to the parking lot.

  50. My greatest enjoyment of the sport comes from the stillness and quiet of this activity. It takes me away from the hustle and bustle of life, whilst affording me a great workout.
    I’m always amazed and surprised at the genuine comraderie of the cross country community.

  51. Skiing off the Moraine Lake Rd. Trail, heading for the bushes, and sinking into 3 feet of snow, is still the funniest thing that’s ever happened to me while skiing. I had no idea how difficult it could be to get oneself out of deep snow. It took forever, especially as my friend and I were laughing so much, but she managed to get out first and took some great photographs.

  52. Nov.7 th was our first ski of the year and our earliest ski day in several years. I was a bit ambivalent about going out because I still hadn’t finished with cycling for the year. We did Great Divide, starting from the O’Hara side and when we got there, the snow was good and there were fresh tracks. Five minutes into the ski, I remembered why I love this sport so much and thoughts of cycling faded.

  53. My most interesting days cross country skiing were all at Sandy McNabb when I encountered Big Horn Sheep or a lone wolf on the trails.

  54. We love skiing along and looking for wildlife tracks in the snow. Last winter on the Evan-Thomas Fireroad we followed Lynx tracks for about 100 meters … cool !!

  55. I haven’t spent much time on XC ski trails since I was a kid plowing through open fields and frozen creeks in north-central Saskatchewan. This is the year to finally break out my aging skinny skis (and aging body) and make some good use of all the snow that has been falling. If things go my way, I hope to run into many of you fine folks that frequent this site.

  56. What I look for in a good trail is hills! I don’t mind going up, but what I really enjoy is the exhilaration of coming down, fast! Skiing the Skier Bob Special (in reverse) is my favorite. Starting at Elk Pass parking and eventually flying down Whiskeyjack, the most divine of trails, especially in buttery soft conditions. The consolation prize goes to the Screamer on Skogan Pass trail, and honorable mention to Suicide Hill on Lodgepole route. Bring on winter!

  57. It is now time to embrace winter and push myself to learn a new outdoor activity. Cross country skiing will be my choice. I look forward to challenging myself and enjoying some beautiful sunny wintery days.

  58. Although I participate in a variety of outdoor pursuits, I find nothing relaxes my soul more than a solo outing on my cross country skis on fresh snowfall and blue bird skis. Feel very fortunate and grateful to live in this neck of the woods that affords such an abundance of great outdoor adventures. A big thank you to everyone involved in maintaining the trails and creating such a great community!

  59. After injuring myself early last season, I’m looking forward to getting back on my skis for what I hope is a long, full season with many trips to Skier Bob Country. We don’t have enough snow in Edmonton area yet, so I’m keen to make my first trip to West Bragg asap and am grateful for all the effort the crew is putting in there.

  60. We are blessed to live in this corner of the world! So much to offer in the mountains year round.
    I’ve been told by some friends that my xc skis have now become what people call “rock skis”… I think it means I need new ones 🙂

  61. My favourite ski trips are the mornings after fresh snow when I like to start early and see the animal tracks. All of them make me happy, from the more common creatures like vole, hare, and grouse to the carnivores like lynx, marten, and wolf. I’m still hoping to see wolverine tracks on Tyrwhitt!

  62. There’s nothing more spectacular when you go XC skiing, the sun shines through the trees & the snow falls down turning the forest into pure magic.
    Canmore Nordic Centre is the best for this! Who doesn’t love freshly groomed trails every, single, day combined with Forest Magic! 🙂

  63. The Tyrwitt meadows always make me smile after the long steady climb from Pocaterra – they’re beautiful and they hint of the fun that is to come on the descent down to Elk Pass and Fox Creek

  64. For me, the exhilaration comes from being in a winter wonderland with clear clean air pumping deep into my lungs while my eyes feast on powder and forest, and most people I meet seem to similarly be in joyous appreciation.

  65. I like everything from breaking trail on a bluebird day in the alpine to skiing the perfect tracks of the CNC lighted loops on a cold evening.

  66. As a Man of Liesure in Calgary the awsome job done by the folks at West Bragg Creek has me out there
    often enjoying the trails with friends. We are so fortunate to have the resource so close to home. Why do a Winter Vaction to a hot sunny spot when you can do WBC.

  67. Fresh tracks on a trail through forest make it a perfect ski day for me.

  68. I ski twice a week in the winter with two Seniors Clubs. The favourite destination is PLPP, partly because William Watson Lodge is available to seniors for day use during the winter. A favourite ski is to start at the Lodge, ski to Elk Pass and then down Tyrwhitt and Pocatera Trails to Pocatera Hut. We can do the point to point skis because we travel by bus.

  69. I want to express my gratitude to a fellow named Jim who introduced me to mountain trail skiing. Jim would take me skiing beyond the typical groomed trails – mostly on the summer hiking trails. I have fond memories of Rockbound Lake, Chester Lake, Blueberry Hill. I remember one time screaming down Lookout when Jim wiped out…his pack exploded and about 10 pairs of wool socks came spilling out. Socks can be used as mitts too! I hope I can pass on the love of skiing to my husband who could use a pair of nice skis LOL!!

  70. The most important thing in our backpack on a cold ski day? The thermos of hot chocolate or tea. There’s nothing like taking a break by the trail in the sunshine, sharing a steaming cup.

  71. I started xc skiing thanks to this site and reading the trip reports about all the fun that people were having outside in winter. A couple winters later, there are still many places my spouse and I aren’t skilled enough to ski, but we love seeing nature in winter and feeling fellowship with others out on the trails. Thanks all.

  72. With the first ski of the year I am reminded how lucky we are to have the health and fitness to enjoy this great sport. Enjoy and make the best of all condition while we can. Any day outside and on the skis is a good day. Wishing all the BEST ski season.

  73. A favorite memory was night skiing in Gatineau Park. Hundreds of people flock to the trails on nights where the full moon can light the way. The various huts along the trail are stocked with firewood and people bring their own snacks and entertainment.
    It’s a great tradition .
    Would be interesting to see if a similar scene could start here .

  74. My enjoyment for cross-country skiing is reaffirmed when I am the first skier early morning gliding through a cm or two of new fallen snow along the meadows of Fairview. When I hear nothing but the swish of the snow, the breathes I am breathing and feel the beat of my heart, my love for the day grows stronger. Then on top of this, when I am surrounded by glowing snow-covered mountains and glistening snow pillows, I realize the stars have aligned and I have been gifted a perfect day.

  75. Sometimes it’s cold, sometimes it’s dark, slow or fast, short or long. The wind may be nasty, the tracks hard or not there at all; flashes of sun while gliding through a forest, open water with little piles of snow on every rock. With a friend, even alone with thoughts, being out on skis makes life better.

  76. There is no better feeling than reaching the top of lookout at PLPP. Taking in the view and enjoying a chocolate bar. And there is nothing more terrifying than descending down from lookout!

  77. Every day that I’m xc skiing in the mountains I am struck by the beauty around me and how incredibly lucky I am to live in Alberta. We are so fortunate.

  78. Skiing helps me to feel close to my dad, who had my sister and I on skis (no poles allowed!!) as soon as we were old enough to walk. My dad died 2 years ago, way too young. When I ski, I feel his presence in the twinkle of fresh snow adorning the tree branches, in the wind that colours my cheeks pink, in the meditative swoosh of my skis as they glide in the tracks and in the humbling beauty of the landscape that my dad loved so deeply. Thank you, dad, for sharing all of this with me.

  79. Looking forward to great days this winter at WBC and PLPP

  80. Move south to escape winter? And miss the cross-country season? Not a chance!

  81. Skiing in any condition is better than not skiing at all.

  82. Any trail on any day is my favorite ski day.

  83. Favourite is sunny days when blue extra is working perfectly!

  84. Bob. I really enjoy your website. Keep up the good work.

  85. Love the days with clear blue skies, scenic views and snow bombs waiting to drop on you from the trees:) Classic, skate, or back country, it’s a wonderful way to spend a day outside.

  86. The junction of Pocaterra and Packers… there’s just something about that spot. Even better with fresh tracks on a blue wax morning.

  87. My very best day skiing was last spring on Elk Pass in PLPP. I was with good friends , the ski trail was perfect and there was a beautiful blue bird sky . I don’t think life gets any better !

  88. Skiing up to Lake O’Hara is always a super special outing: worth waiting for a bluebird sky, fresh sparkling snow, hardy company and a day pack for all the perfect day goodies. Sweet, oh, so sweet!

  89. I love my classic, skate, back country options to cover the variety of snow the temp conditions and my mood for the day. Back country gives me room to wander into the bush on a nature tour intuitively following a tree or creek line with freedom, while classic and skate give me the often needed guidance of a track or trail. So lucky to live in a country with many beautiful snow areas to explore.

  90. My criteria for an enjoyable ski trail is one that is scenic. I used to be a summer guy only who does hiking every season. It is looking deep into nature that fascinates me. Before learning how to ski, I thought that winters would always be boring and depressing, but ever since I have started skiing, my perspective about winter has changed. I now enjoy nature while gliding on the snow, even in the winter. It is my goal to get my wife into the XC skiing community. She has yet to learn XC and has never skied with me, but my skiing has been enjoyable when she walks alongside me while I’m skiing. I always carry spare gloves and toque in by backpack. Cross Country Skiing can be more popular if we could change and shift people’s paradigm that winter is dead, that winter weather is bad, and that you cannot be active in the winter. People should know that there is no bad weather, it’s just bad clothing. The government should convert more golf courses and parks into XC trails. Hosting some international XC skiing events would also help. I would also suggest that people who love XC skiing should start promoting this sport/hobby. It has only been 2 winter seasons of XC skiing for me but I’ve been loving the sport, and I’ve been influencing my friends and relative to also try this activity.

  91. Any day in the mountains is a great day but I especially love a blue wax day! My favourite trails are PLPP. Great scenery and so many trail options!

  92. any day in the mountains with good company, beautiful views, sunny skies and soft snow is a winner in my books! Like others… shout out to the WBC groomers (and all the others out there too!!!) you help us enjoy and explore the Rockies 🙂

  93. A nice place to pull over, set up the hammock, and have a tea in the snow 🙂

  94. My favourite days are -5 classic skiing in nice track setting to somewhere with a view (Meadow at CNC, alluvial fan at Emerald Lake, Blueberry Hill, etc.).

  95. I remember a couple of years ago I drove up to the Great Divde trail early one morning and parked at the start of the trail from the Lake Louise side. It was a beautiful sunny bright day and the snow was perfect and freshly groomed. When I left the parking area there was only 2 other vehicles there . At any rate I waxed my classic skis and hit the trail . I hadn’t gone too far and was approaching the gradual uphill section by the second Telemark trail turnoff. As I started up the trail I was very startled to see some huge Grizzly tracks coming down the trail and then turning north onto the Telemark trail. Realizizing the bear must be in the immediate area as he had just trod over the existing ski trail I quickly Shouted out the “hey Bear ” call and made an immediate u turn back towards the car. When I arrived at the end of the trail there was the park warden sticking out the Bear in the area sign and the usual carry bear spray and minimum groups of 4 people .Apparently the big old Grizzly had terrified some poor lady and followed her for a ways down the trail. Unfortunately I didn’t ski the Divide trail that day but do appreciate that the Bears that frequent that area seem to have adapted the skiers presence . Surely makes for a memorable day !

  96. XC skiing is fresh air and exercise in the great outdoors. Its enhanced by meeting friends on the trails, spotting animal tracks after a fresh snowfall, or finding brand-new grooming. Can’t get enough of it!!

  97. Love the days when the tracks are fast and the sun is shining 🙂

  98. The blue days are my best ski days, blue skies and blue wax

  99. Skier Bob’s website is an outstanding source of information for the xc skiing community. Thanks in advance Bob for all the great information you will be sending out to us this season…I try to check in daily. Keep up the great work!

  100. After not skiing for years my mom decided to get me out as she loves it. Well I went and Oh my goodness did I find it hard work…I wasn’t enjoying it at all. When we got back to the parking lot she decided to give my skis a try cause I obviously looked like I was working hard. Well she discovered she left the storage wax on them!! No wonder I wasn’t enjoying myself!
    Needless to say she got me to go again and now I look forward to it gliding along nestled among the trees, enjoying our great outdoors! Thanks Mom!

  101. Love the days when the snow fleas are visible and the sun shines on the spiders.

  102. Tracks, tracks, tracks! Especially the animal and bird tracks stitching and weaving the winter white quilt beneath the owl’s gaze.

  103. I’ve been a skier all my life with some breaks here and there! It is now time for my kids to start and what a blast we have. We have decided that tracks set trails with beautiful scenery truly is the best!!! And of course some hot chocolate and treats!!! And we’ve learned that I’m not really the best at applying that gooey wax! ? thanks for all the amazing hard work you do! It’s appreciated at ALL age levels.

  104. Bob,
    If we all took a friend for a ski just once I’m sure there’d be more people picking up the sport. Too many think back to grade school and associate the sport with a cold, icy sports field.

  105. I love when Heather Dempsey skis with me… because she provides me those treats she described below!

  106. I want to send a HUGE thank you to the amazing volunteer crew of groomers at WBC. I hope I meet one of you near the trailhead soon because I have cookies for you!

  107. What could make cross country skiing more popular / enjoyable in Peter Lougheed Park ? A warm up hut at Elk Pass or the summit of Blueberry.
    We’re very lucky to have such a fantastic groomed trail system so accessible to us. The trail conditions and scenery are some of the finest in North America and a system of warm up huts would make PLPP a truly world XC class ski destination.

  108. Please don’t leave a neon yellow piss stain on or besides the track.
    Please,if you are a novice skier and do not want to go down that hill , please don’t walk down the middle of the ski trail ,but to the side .

  109. A week of adventure with a new ‘1st’ (rather negative) but vastly overshadowed by the amazing conditions & positive vibe by others with-in this community. [plus, already out 3x/ this week!!!] Feeling Blessed!!!

  110. Looking forward to the season! Will be my first time out with my daughter. If anyone has tips for skiing pulling a chariot they’d be appreciated! And still need to buy the ski attachments for our CX1 so if anyone has one they’d like to sell please let me know!

  111. Nothing quite beats being out grooming in WBC after a big up slope dump and encountering the many grateful skiers with big smiles, thank yous and occasionally a beautiful hug ( thank you Kim, Ivana and Stanley!)

  112. I feel very lucky to live in West Bragg Creek so close to the trails and wow, what a season it’s been so far!

  113. My favourite part of cross country skiing is being able to go to Pocterra Hut with our whole family, bring our own healthy lunch and meet lots of great new people. All while enjoying world class xc skiing at no cost*, no lines!!! *…you know what I mean… 😉

  114. Myself and an enthusiastic co-worker are going to take 10 other co-workers out (including our CEO) who have never xc skied before, give them a lesson at Shaganappi, and plan a follow up trip with them on some terrain such as WBC, Ribbon Creek, or PLPP this season.

  115. Favorite skiing memories- celebrating my younger brother’s winter birthdays at Canmore Nordic Centre as youngsters, free to roam the trails on our own was such an adventure. Now I can’t keep up to him!

  116. Should be a banner year for WBC. Kudos to the groomers.

  117. Good snow
    Good views
    Fun hills
    And a merino buff!

  118. I love winter, especially going cross country skiing. One of my essential things to carry in my pack is a small container of home made treats. Here’s a recipe for one of my favourites.

    Bliss Balls:

    1 cup dried apricots
    1/2 – 1 cup dried pitted dates
    1/2 cup pecans or walnuts
    1/4 cup ground almonds (optional)
    1/4 cup unsweetened coconut + 1 cup for rolling balls in
    2 tsp – 1 tbsp ground ginger
    lemon zest + ~ 1/4 cup lemon juice

    Put all dry ingredients in food processor or chop finely by hand
    Add zest and enough lemon juice to hold the “batter” together
    spoon out 1 tbsp of mix and roll in hands (wet hands if they get too sticky); then roll in
    small bowl of coconut to generously coat outside.

    Makes 20 – 24 balls.

  119. Them old wooden skis
    That I broke long ago
    Skiing that brittle
    East- townships snow
    Has left me a wondering
    If I can still slide
    Down the east facing slopes
    Of Alberta’s backside

  120. Moonlight ski on Loggers Loop with family and friends is hard to beat.

  121. Bob

    You have improved everyones cross country skiing experience that have seen your site.

    Thanks for your dedication.


  122. This winter season, my relationship to XC skiing is changing with the addition of my 11 month old son joining us, and being pulled along in our pulk. The pulk is used, and we got it from another random XC ski family in a complete act of kindness and generosity. I love taking my son skiing with us! See you on the tracks!

  123. Chocolate is one of the important things in my pack!
    I also find a cheap little pocket knife useful, especially for spring skiing, when the weather and snow conditions can change speedily, and I find myself with excessive sticky wax underfoot… the little knife blade makes quicker work of removal than my wax scraper does.

  124. Dearest Skier Bob, I love your site and I visit it often. But…
    The 80s called and they want it back!

  125. Bluebird early March days at Sandy McNabb with fresh tracksetting-oh yeah

  126. The best ski is to a destination. Lake Ohara, Skoki, end of Cascade, etc.

  127. Crystal Husarewich

    I like a scenic easy to moderate trail. Whats in my pack? Never taken a pack as I have never ventured further than the Red Deer trails….until this weekend- coming to Bragg Creek area. So I guess I need to get a pack organized?. Maybe an instagram page for followers would make cross country skiing more popular.

  128. Skiing first thing in the morning…cutting first tracks; so to speak, dressing warm, especially these days and a hot toddy at trails end. All the while enjoying my wife’s company at my side!

  129. Every year, winter renews my belief in magic. Gliding along cross-country ski trails, I marvel at the ever-changing shapes of ice and snow sculpted by the elements. The cool air sharpens all my senses and I am grateful to be alive to witness the beauty around me.

  130. Fresh tracks with the blankets of snow twinkling and the banter between friends makes for the perfect day! Good day, better company is my motto! And I am always sure to stow some rocket fuel in my pocket for a quick sugar hit: dried dates!

    Also I echo another poster, a skier Bob insta page to get the younger generation enamoured with skiing! Beautiful scenery and happy people are a good draw to the sport.

  131. For me, scenic route is a must. As for what we could do to make cross country popular… we need to get a younger generation of skier hooked! 🙂 Skier Bob needs an Insta page!

  132. After attempting to ski on the bald prairie in SK for the past 20 years, crossing gravel roads, railway tracks, farm fields, ditches, and snow blocked ‘back’ roads in fierce winds, while trashing our old skis, any day in gorgeous Alberta is a great ski day, our gratitude for this spectacular landscape will never wane.

  133. My first waxing memory was skiing with my Dad on Lake Ohara road. It was a very chilly day, I remember lots of little snow crystals on the side of the trail. He had 3 choices in his wax kit. Blue, green or red – ‘What’s your favourite color’ he asked? I said red. It.was.a. s.l.o.w. ski

  134. Crosscountry skiing with my buddies on silky soft snow along trails lined with snowladen trees and shrubs forming amazing whimsical sculptures …heaven!

  135. Important things I pack in my bag when I’m skiing (not in order of priority):
    bear spray
    extra gloves
    hand warmers
    snacks (lots)
    my cell
    a piece of ID
    an extra layer for my top

  136. Amazing air
    Breathing, beautiful buffs, blog
    Calm, chocolates
    Exciting exercise
    Fox Creek ,fun,fast, friends
    Gliding, glistening
    Happy healthy heart
    Jazzy jackets
    Love loppett, lodges
    Owls, outdoors
    Poling PLPP
    Superb snowy scenery
    Terrific trails, tracks, treats

  137. I think x-country skiing would be more popular if we ended our ski to a lady playing the accordion and a warm drink. That’s how they do it in the Gaspe!

  138. A bad day of skiing is better than a good day at work!

  139. Skiing for 45 mins in blustery, -30C conditions is way better than not skiing at all! Love winter! ??

  140. With snowmageddon underway in the foothills- I’d like to thank all the volunteers at West Bragg who work so hard to give us such great skiing!

  141. My favourite ski day is a sunny cloudless sky day-about -5 degrees celcius with a hard packed but not icy trail-perfect for skate skiing. My dog in front enjoying the smells of the trail and my husband behind carrying the thermos of coffee 🙂

  142. I can’t imagine living somewhere with no winter – or at least without marvelous snow. We are so lucky in Southern Alberta 🙂 And so many friends who think similarly, with whom to ski!! K country being my absolute favourite!

  143. Any day cross country skiing is a good day! Whether it’s a blue bird day, one that is a little grey or my favourite, a little snow and a little sun, I love getting out to a magical world in the beautiful outdoors. Also, skiers are the friendliest and kindest people around!

    • My best day skiing was last winter with my wife and two kids on the Fairview trail at Lake Louise. About -10, blue sky, amazing scenery, and a delicious packed lunch. Doesn’t get much better!

  144. My latest variation on XC skiing is to bring my portable stove, coffee beans, grinder and folding drip along. Nothing beats a fresh cup of coffee on the trail!

  145. Recently got back into cross country skiing and my favourite thing is still the number of beautiful parks there are to visit! Originally from the east coast, so I try to see a few different locations each year and am excited to hit some new trails soon!

  146. We are so lucky here in southern Alberta to have so many beautifully groomed trails to ski for free. Thanks to all the groomers out there for laying down the tracks. We’ve had a lot of snow in the Foothills recently – a great start to hopefully a wonderful season.

  147. I love it when the trails have a nice crisp track and have a reasonable amount of fluffy snow on the hills. Bonus is blue skies and a sparkling forest. Although sometimes it is nice to be skiing when there are big fluffy flakes coming down. I remember one magical ski with a friend down Tramline to Louise Village at dusk as the snow was gently falling on us.

  148. My best xcountry experience is to go for the day to Skoki lodge, with a blue skies and no wind over Ptarmigan lake.

  149. What I love most about skiing out west is that it’s better exercise than skiing back east, i.e., “motivation” to do wind sprints when a bear, cougar or wolf comes out on the trail…one of which I’ve seen and almost run over, while skiing.
    This place is special and we are all extremely lucky to have all of the incredible options.

  150. Great Big Pillows of Snow! Endless Blue Skies. And great Friends while skiing!

    Our winter is w-w-a-a-y-y too short.

  151. My favourite trails are single track, skier-set, with lots of exciting whoop it up downhills!

  152. I love cross country skiing because it makes me feel like I have my own private world of natural beauty, snow, fresh air, and quiet… and also simultaneously connected to everyone and everything around me. A day on skis contains it all, hard work, easy coasting, cold air and hot tea!

  153. The best day skiing is when it’s bluebird and you’re away from everything and it’s completely silent out.

  154. Any good day is made even better with tasty snacks and fun people!

  155. I’ve been Xsking for years but to be honest, I never really liked it. It was so much work and I didn’t move fast. Finally decided a few years ago to take lessons. I got the perfect teacher, very encouraging and giving positive criticism to undo my very bad habits. From that day on, I know LOVE Xsking. I no longer have to drive far to Xski, WBC is a great place to go. Volunteers always work very hard so that we can enjoy the ski trails. Short drive/great trails/great exercise=happy Xskier.

  156. Variety is the spice of life…and cross-country skiing! I like to mix up my destinations depending on weather, snow conditions and my mood. I like to discover new trails and revisit familiar ones. This season is a particularly significant one for me as on every ski outing, I am thinking of my late partner who passed away mid-September: he was an avid cross-country skier and a nature lover. His wish was for people to remember him while enjoying activities he shared with them, so here is to many days on the trails in good company.

  157. My ski buds always make comments about my heavier than usual daypack.
    Someone in my group once asked me what I had in my pack (noticing my slower pace).
    I replied, “everything I would need to survive extended hours (or a night) on the trail in the event of an emergency.”

  158. My criteria for an enjoyable ski trail is a combination of beautiful mountain scenery, rolling hills and at least a couple of fast downhills thrown in.

  159. Looking forward to the first trackset, blue sky, -8 C day at PLPP this year!

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