Win! Home waxing set-up from Lifesport

Wax contest

Not exactly as illustrated

This contest is now closed. Watch for the announcement of the winner.

Enter this contest in person at Lifesport. No purchase necessary!

Lifesport is located at 1110 Gladstone Rd NW in the Kensington district of Calgary.

Many skiers have experienced the frustration of having glide wax which was too slow during very cold weather, with the feeling that you were skiing on sandpaper. If you had your own waxing set-up, it would have been easy to apply some green wax for cold weather and you’d be cruising along on that cold snow.

A regular hot-waxing makes your skis last longer, too.

Now here’s your chance to set up your own home waxing system for free, courtesy of  Lifesport.

The following is included: 

  • Swix table, form and iron
  • brush
  • scrapers for groove and base
  • glide wax
Click on image for a map of Lifesport's location

Click on image for a map of Lifesport’s location

The photo is my set-up and is not exactly the same gear that you’ll be getting. Yours will be new!

Entry deadline is Friday, Jan 30, 2015 at store closing. Draw will be made on Sat Jan 31, 2015. 

Enter in person at Lifesport. No purchase necessary.


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  1. Thanks to Lifesport for the fantastic gift and to Bob for the great website. I will put the kit to good use.
    Thanks again.

  2. Thyomas Steenaerts

    My classic formula, keep it simple, I use only 5 different waxes plus a big block of universal glide wax. When cold, wax for 1 step warmer. When warm wax for 1 step colder but heavier layers, optional spread out kick zone. General waxing, the night before apply the hardest kick wax, iron it in, leave skies in the cold at night. In the morning cork and wax the appropriate wax on top in layers, letting each layer cool 10 minutes. Same procedure for icy conditions but using klister. For long distance I use a hard klister in a thin layer, cool it and cork it before adding hard wax. I prefer Toko and Rode and stay away from costly fluorocarbon glide waxes unless going in a marathon in wet conditions.

    • Reply on my own comments with this correction, “When cold, wax for 1 step warmer” only after sufficient time on snow, experiencing poor grip. Here is my all time favored (non icy conditions) grip wax: Rode blue -1 to -3 works from -1 right down to -20 guaranteed.

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