Good snow & good friends = great day at Lake Louise

The tracks were a bit washed out, but for this time of year the skiing on Moraine Lake Road was fabulous. The skating lane was in good condition, weather was pleasant and lots of people were out for their first ski of the season. I was here today with Chip, Leslie, Nathan, Peter, Susan, Karen and Cheryl.

Karen says the day was terrific and especially enjoyed coming down the hill on the return trip. She reminds everyone to bring along first-aid supplies for blisters especially if you are using rental equipment.


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  1. Monday skiing on Moraine Lake Road:

    Remember those new tracks that were being laid down on Sunday evening? Well, there is now about 5 cm of fresh snow in them. The tracks have been skied-in, but the skating lane has lots of loose snow so you’ll get quite a good workout if you’re skating. The ambient temperature was warm(+2), and the snow temp was -1, so it was hard to wax for those conditions. The tracks with all the new snow were a bit wobbly and soft but it’s still a lot of fun. Cheryl and I saw a large number of people out enjoying themselves on the trail, at least for a Monday. See photos

    We did not see any new grooming. The Great Divide is still covered with fresh snow. Tramline is packed but also covered with fresh snow.

    Has anybody been to Elk Pass since we received the snow on Sunday?

  2. Woke up Sunday morning to a beautiful sight – fresh snow in Canmore. Maybe 4 or 5 cm. Not sure if it will stick around with highs of 7 forecast for tomorrow. The snow seemed to get progressively deeper as you travelled towards Lake Louise.

    Moraine Lake Road was busy with skiers and I’d like to say HI to everyone I met on the trail today: Ray, Paul, Elisabeth, Sue, Hubert, Victor, Glenda, Michelle, Linda, Peter and Karen.

    It was one of those days with moist fresh snow, so it was hard to wax for these conditions. I saw a few skiers with large clumps on the bottom of their skis. It can be frustrating, but let’s be thankful for the snow. It was a good day for those who had waxless skis.

    The tracks were wobbly because of all the fresh snow, so I decided to skate-ski today. At 4:30 pm the tracksetter was laying down a new track. He had just finished doing lower Tramline. See a photo at

    The Great Divide has been packed but has a lot of new snow on it.

    Ran into Lyle Wilson from Nipika Lodge and had a good chat. He reports there is some snow on his trails, but not yet enough to do any grooming.

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