Some new places to ski

Marcus on Great Divide at Lake Louise

Canmore Nordic Centre has 900m of man-made snow for skating and classic skiing. It’s amazing they have anything ready, considering the weather, and you don’t have to pay yet.

I noticed the Yoho trail report says that the Emerald Lake horse trail has been trackset. That’s one of the most picturesque trails you’ll ever ski on.

The Great Divide was in nice condition today. It had been maintained again since I was here on the 19th, and it is now double trackset. The hill down to the divide is now in good condition as well. The dogsledders haven’t shown up yet, so the dogsled trail has been trackset for classic skiing. That leaves a wide, spacious lane for the skaters. We didn’t get a chance to ski on Moraine Lake Road but I hear it’s still in decent shape.

If anyone has new information on K-country, we’d like to hear about it.


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  1. Glenda & Gerry;

    Thanks for the update. Cheryl, Tessa and I just returned from Mt. Shark. The Watridge Lake Road has been packed and had some decent skier-set tracks. A few rocks and rough spots, but not bad.

    The 2K Blue loop had just been groomed for skating this morning. Still some grass poking through and a few rough spots where the trail is rutted. I’ll post some photos when I get a chance.

  2. Glenda Wong & Gerry Beitel

    You asked about ski conditions in Kananaskis. This may provide some info … we were up at Highwood Pass to snowshoe and there’s not enough snow to do that. I would surmise that there’s not enough snow on the K-country trails yet. I heard the trail to Chester Lake has plenty of snow and that the skiing isn’t too bad.

    Glenda and Gerry

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