Elk Pass in fair condition

I haven’t been there since it was groomed, but that’s what the updated Kananaskis trail report says. As I mentioned in my previous post, a number of trails in PLPP have been packed, but are marginal for skiing.  The only trails that are recommended are Elk Pass, Hydroline, and Patterson and they have a 15 – 20 cm packed base. Keep in mind they are not trackset. If anyone goes, could you give us a report? With any luck I’ll be out tomorrow(Sat).

A number of trails have also been packed in the Kananaskis Village area, Ribbon Creek, West Bragg Creek, and Sandy McNabb. Check the Kananaskis Trail report for more details. If you ski there, let us know what it was like.

Lake Louise still seems to be the place with the best snow if you’re looking for good trackset conditions. Update us if you go there.

Still no word on grooming at Mt Shark or Chester/Sawmill. The trail report says “skier set track in new snow.”


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  1. Chester Lake/Sawmill trails are as advertised, skier trackset. Nice addition of snow since last weekend. Moose showed up in parking lot licking salt off vehicles, making for a nice diversion. Nice day out.

  2. Everyone:
    If you take a good photo of the trail you’re on, send it to me by email and I’ll post it, time permitting. I think I have the email link working properly now.

  3. West Bragg Creek trails.
    Over 15 cm total by Tuesday afternoon, over mostly dirt.
    Returned Thursday to find most trails south of the road had been packed.
    No tracksettting, but enjoyable nonetheless. Conditions were bumpy and thin, I’d rate it poor to fair. Not worth going now, until more snow falls, as it was quite warm in the foothills on Friday. At least there is a decent base. Pray for snow!

    • Steve:
      Thanks for that first-hand account. West Bragg and Sandy McNabb are two areas that I thoroughly enjoy and they are quick to get to if you are in Calgary. From my house in the city to West Bragg ski trails it is only 58K. I’ve learned that you have to go promptly when the conditions are good because the chinooks can decimate the snow pretty fast.

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