Mt Engadine Lodge

Mt Engadine Lodge

Mt Engadine Lodge

One of the pleasures of navigating the Smith-Dorrien is this terrific spot near Mt. Shark ski area. Chris gave us a report on the recent snow conditions there.  I’ve also inquired about tea and tracksetting:

Hello Bob,

“We are open for afternoon tea on Saturdays and
Sundays from 3-5 – cost including unlimited tea/coffee and snacks is $13
– snacks include – 3 cheeses with smoked oysters and olives, homemade
salsa, guacamole and hummous (changes daily depending on what we have
but we rotate about 5-6 dips through) with nacho chips, fresh fruit
platter and 5-6 different baked goods and on occasion a homemade soup
but we don’t promise that – everyone considers it a great value! 

As for tracksetting, we still do the two loops across the bridge to the right
called Pine and Spruce (although as we speak, Pine is perfect but Spruce
is blocked by a stuck snowmobile – sigh!).  The meadow loop we used to
groom and trackset is now used for snowshoeing predominantly and we keep
it maintained for that purpose only.  People still ski it, but we have
noticed in the past two years we have gone from a 60/40 cross
country/snowshoe split to just the opposite numbers and with Mt. Shark
just up the hill and Peter Lougheed only 20 minutes south we decided to
keep the meadow loop for snowshoe only – hope that helps – next time in
the area feel free to stop in for a coffee or tea – while we advertise
the weekends only for afternoon tea, our general rule is, if the gates
open, we are open.  Currently weekends only in January, then full out
February and March!”

As a dog owner, I was interested in the Lodge’s policy on dogs:

“We have two pet friendly rooms – Elk and Whiskey Jack –
charge for pets is a one time charge of $20 per pet per stay, not per
night as is frequently done.”

Until next time..

Chris Williams
Mount Engadine Lodge

Trail Update:

Cascade Fire Road, Jan 8 at 10 pm from Chip:

“Margot and I skied the Cascade Fire Road today. We arrived at 10:30, just as the
track-setting ended. What a be-e-e-utiful day! Even though the heavy
cloud ruled out any views, we had virtually no wind and hardly a soul
besides ourselves. The snow temperature was -4 at the parking lot so we
waxed with Toko red and couldn’t have been happier. We skied all the way
to the bridge and back.”
Knowing Chip, I expect he is referring to the SECOND bridge which is 14K out. -Bob

The new Kananaskis trail report is out, and it shows that the trails in Sandy McNabb Recreation area have been trackset today, except for the Death Valley loop.

As Chris was telling us, the Mt Shark area received at least 25 cm of new snow. This will be over the grooming which was done on Jan 6.

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