Readearth Creek was the best we’ve ever seen


Warden's cabin on Redearth Creek Jan 9, 2009
Warden’s cabin on Redearth Creek Jan 9, 2009

You know you’re leading a charmed life when you show up at the trailhead and the tracksetter has just finished laying down a new track on Redearth Creek. We have never seen such good conditions here. As I write this, the Banff Trail Report still shows this trail having last been trackset on Dec 30 with “Fresh snow has fallen.” It looked like they received about 15 – 20 cm here.

New tracks on Redearth Creek Jan 9, 2009

New tracks on Redearth Creek Jan 9, 2009

After hearing from Chip yesterday that the tracksetting had just taken place at Cascade Fire Road as he showed up at the trailhead, we took a guess that next on the list would be Redearth Creek. I’ll say this is ALMOST as good as it gets. The tracks will be a bit faster tomorrow after they’ve had a night to set up.

We had the trail all to ourselves today except for a moose who left his tracks in the fresh snow. We skied all the way to the end, about 11K. There was no sign at the junction of anyone heading up towards Shadow Lake. I believe the Lodge opens in February.

The tracksetting ends at the “No Bicycles” sign, but you can ski a further 200M to the Warden’s cabin in snowmobile tracks because this is where he goes to turn around. 

Returning was a mixture of fun and thrills on such good snow. Even the steepest hills were easy today. As the trail gets used by more skiers, the downhills get a little scarier as the snow gets pushed to the side by all the snowplowing. Click here to see an additional 11 photos

When we asked the tracksetter if he was going to do Goat Creek, he said there was very little fresh snow there so it wouldn’t be getting any maintenance right now. Seems the recent snowfall was scant in the Canmore area.

The Kananaskis trails report shows there was a lot of new tracksetting done in Peter Lougheed Prov Park. Check the Kananaskis link on the sidebar.

If you go skiing this weekend, let us know how the conditions are. Click on Comments below to leave your remarks.

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