Skogan Pass in rough shape

It really needs some new snow.  This is a steep trail, and the snowplowing has left it hard-packed, somewhat glazed, and there are exposed rocks and dirt. You can avoid all the hazards if you’re careful, but you better be a seasoned intermediate skier if you choose to do this trail right now.  It did get a little better up on Sunburst, with good tracks, but even here there were exposed rocks and dirt. The worst spot for rocks is the portion that parallels the Nakiska maintenance road. On the way up it’s a good idea to imprint on your mind where the hazards are, because you’re coming down awfully fast and there’s not much time to react.

The lower trails around Ribbon Creek and Kananaskis Village are in much better shape. I remember talking to Jeff the groomer when he first started working on these trails, and I was surprised to hear him say that the snow lower down was as good or better than it was up high. Very unusual, but he was correct.

There’s snow in the forecast. I hope they get some at Skogan Pass.

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