Backcountry – Citadel Pass

Chip sent in the following report and photos:

Citadel Pass Feb 4, 2009

Citadel Pass Feb 4, 2009

On February 4th, Leslie,  Dan  and I skied to Citadel Pass.

Being lazy slugs, we opted to take the gondola up to Sunshine Meadows, avoiding the 2 hrs of dull trudging up from the parking area. We had what may be the best snow of the year. Yes, it was wind-blasted at points and we did see a size 2-3 avalanche that had come down from Quartz Ridge, but the snow was champagne powder in many places. As we were breaking trail a good deal, it was slower going. We made the trip of about 20 km in about 7 hours. We didn’t quite make the Pass, instead trending right around Citadel Peak so that we could get a look down the valley leading to Mt. Assiniboine. It doesn’t get better than this!
See another photo here 

Has anyone been to Goat Creek lately? I’ve had an inquiry re: the conditions. Parks Canada says its fair/poor with icy conditions. It has had no grooming since Jan 10.

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