Update: Canmore Nordic Centre

Canmore Nordic Centre  Feb 11, 2009

Canmore Nordic Centre Feb 11, 2009

 After ten days without skiing, I managed to get in a few K’s at the nordic centre today. Conditions are about as good as I’ve seen them all winter. Last week’s snow really freshened up the natural-snow trails. I skied out on the Bow Trail which has had pretty marginal conditions this year, and it was good except for a few pine needles. I went to the end and came back on Banff Trail which was in really nice shape. The sun was shining, grip was good, glide was super fast, and the temperature was around -5. As usual, the man-made snow trails were close to perfect.

Met a happy young couple from Spokane who were honeymooning in the area and decide to come for a ski. It was the groom’s first time ever on cross country skis and was doing well.  The nordic centre, with the great amount of publicity it’s had, brings a lot of tourists to the town. It’s a wonderful facility, it’s handy, the grooming is second-to-none, but I much prefer the trails in K-Country. Guess I should say, the other trails in K-Country since the nordic centre is officially in Kananaskis. When I talk to tourists, it’s amazing how few of them are aware of Peter Lougheed Prov Park. Have I just given away our secret?

The Kananaskis Trail Reports show a lot of grooming and tracksetting this week in PLPP and Mt Shark. Has anyone been to West Bragg lately?

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