It’s snowed here, too

I heard all the forecasts for 15-20 cm of snow in Calgary last night. We weren’t supposed to get as much here in Canmore, but I can assure you there’s at least 20-25 cm in my driveway. Peter just called me to say the races at Mt. Shark were cancelled and they are heading for the nordic centre. If I can shovel my way out of here, I’ll update the Nordic Centre conditions later.

Update: The snow at the Nordic Centre had been groomed but was very wet; definitely a waxless ski day. I started out with my waxable skis and couldn’t get much grip even with Black Magic. Skating lane was very soft. As you went higher it got a little better. The Rundle Trail had just been trackset and the snow was quite cold.

I see the Banff tracksetter must be out grooming the trails. The Banff trail report shows the Cascade Fire Road was trackset today.

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