PLPP in excellent condition; Ribbon Creek not so good. CNC fair.

Pocaterra trail between the hut and Rolly Road junction  Mar 18, 2009

Pocaterra trail between the hut and Rolly Road junction Mar 18, 2009

There was a lot of new snow in PLPP over the past 48 hours. Some tracksetting has been done at the north end. Today I did a loop from Elkwood including Wheeler, Amos, Lynx, Pocaterra, Lodgepole, Meadow. Snow was cold(-5C), air temp was 0. No icy tracks, no sign of deteriorating conditions. Pocaterra was trackset from the hut to the Lynx junction only. Trails in the south end had lots of fresh snow with skier set tracks.

I talked to a snowshoer who saw a couple wolves near Rolly Road. That’s wonderful news to know the wolves are back in the park after the terrible tragedy that befell the previous pack.

March 19 update: I managed to sneak in a short ski this afternoon at Ribbon Creek, and my oh my, what a difference a warm day can make. From the trailhead, the first half K was just slush. Luckily, I used my waxless skis. There were stretches where the trail was in good shape with cold snow and good tracks, but other stretches where it was very wet. Coming down hills was scary because you’d be going fast on cold snow that was shaded all day, then hit a patch of wet snow that was in the sun and if you weren’t braced for it, you’d do a face plant. See photo below

March 20 update: I did some skating at the nordic centre late this afternoon. Snow is soft and wet, but the trails are still in pretty good condition. Only one or two thin spots showing. I went out on Banff Trail and came back on Bow Trail. If you are going to do classic skiing, the only way to get grip would be with klister. Early in the day the tracks will be icy and very fast. Later in the day, they’ll be soft and slow.

Ribbon Creek's melting snow Mar 19, 2009

Ribbon Creek's melting snow Mar 19, 2009

I’m sad to say I don’t get out to ski very often anymore.  Been very busy with work in the city. Please continue to send in your comments/reports/photos. It’s getting to be the time of year where conditions can change quickly, so let all the readers know what conditions you find.

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