West Bragg Creek, PLPP

Two reports on West Bragg, one from Andrew and one from Steve:

Elbow trail at West Bragg Creek. Mar31, 2009. Photo courtesy of Andrew

Elbow trail at West Bragg Creek. Mar 31, 2009. Photo courtesy of Andrew

We skied skier set tracks in ~30 cm of  recent new snow around noon
today and snow was decent and fairly dry in shaded  areas but  a bit
rough in sun exposed places. The best was Crystal Line West as is mostly
in shade, noticed a lot  tramped skier set tracks by some non-skiers in
some areas.

And from Steve:

Sundog-Crystal Line East and West.
Unfortunately, no grooming on the 30 cm that fell over the weekend.
Conditions range from fairly dry and soft, to glazed and icy in spots, on a skier set track that was often smooth, but also rough and choppy in many areas. Waxing was a bit challenging, Rode extra red worked OK most of the time. Although there were some very enjoyable sections of trail, overall I would rate conditions as only fair.

Peter Lougheed Prov Park

Pocaterra trail. Mar 31, 2009

Pocaterra trail. Mar 31, 2009

 Cheryl and I had an excellent day of skiing in Peter Lougheed Prov Park. Some tracksetting had been done in the north end. We enjoyed skiing a few trails which we don’t normally do very often, such as Rolly Road and Come Along. It’s hard to believe the winter’s almost over and it was our first time on those two trails.

The trails which were trackset required red wax, but on the skier-set tracks, I think blue would have worked. When we were climbing Whiskey Jack, which had a lot of fresh snow, our sticky wax was grabbing a bit. We skied the following trails, and I’ve underlined the ones which were trackset: Rolly Road, Pocaterra, Come Along, StroilLynx, Amos, Wheeler, Whiskey Jack, back to the hut on Pocaterra. Pocaterra was trackset from the hut to Lynx junction.

The snow came down pretty good tonight in Canmore. We’ve got at least 10 cm and unfortunately it’s the wet, heavy stuff.

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