Where are you skiing this weekend?

According to the Kananaskis trail report, there is

groomed snow at Mount Shark:

“Watridge Lake Trail, 2 km and 5 km(red) loop packed and groomed Oct 27”

I haven’t been there, and don’t know of anybody who has, so if you have any information on the conditions, let us know in the comments section below.

Update Oct 31:
Hi Bob,
I saw your note asking about the conditions at Mt. Shark.
I didn’t go there today, but I was up at Chester Lake.  Essentially, the
K-Country trail report information is out of date.  The report said that
there was 20cm of snow at Chester Lake. We found 17cm at the trailhead,
40cm at the lake and 49cm at the Elephant Rocks above the lake.

The snow was wet and slushy at the elevation of the parking lot, but got
drier and deeper as we went up.


Update Nov 1, 8 a.m.
There’s about 2-3 cm of new snow in Canmore this morning.

Mt Shark

Watridge Lake Road at Mt Shark(Nov 2008 photo)

Lake Louise:

Oct 31 Update: Skied on Moraine lake road today. It was adequate, but unless they get some more snow, I would not recommend it. It melted  considerably just in the time we were there. Lots of pavement showing through. If you can stick it out for 2.6K, after Paradise Creek, the snow gets a lot deeper.

I spoke to Wilson’s at Lake Louise and they report Moraine Lake Road has been rolled and is skiable, early season conditions. No tracksetting yet, but snow is falling. I’m guessing it might look similar to the photo below:

Moraine Lake road early season

Moraine Lake Road early season(Nov 2008 photo)

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