Improvements coming to West Bragg Creek

Soliciting input for the West Bragg Creek trail system

Alf Skrastins has requested that I post this on my blog and I encourage everyone to submit their ideas. I’ve submitted a list of changes I’d like to see(check the comments below).

“The West Bragg Creek trails were designed as ski trails and have not been maintained for summer use. Despite being wet and muddy for much of the year, they still get a lot of summer use. The good news is that a planning process is now underway to improve the trail system.

I am a member of an advisory committee that is working on a plan to update the West Bragg trail system in order to improve it’s value as an XC trail network, to add snowshoe trails, and to make an enjoyable, sustainable summer trail network for hikers, mountain bikers and equestrians. We’re in the early stages of this planning process and there will be opportunities for public input later this year. The goal is to work quickly and have a plan done and approved in time to do some actual trail work starting next summer.

The planning area roughly goes from the top of the Telephone Loop to Allen Bill Pond and from the Tom Snow Trail to the eastern Kananaskis Country boundary.

I am interested in your thoughts about the existing trail network and your ideas and suggestions for a better all-season trail system. What needs to be fixed with the existing trails? Are there routes or features that you would like to see added to the trail system? Add your comments here and I’ll make sure they are brought to the advisory committee.”

Alf Skrastins

It’s interesting to note that posts on my blog about West Bragg Creek receive far more views than any other. -Bob


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  1. -Post big signs for dog owners to pick up after their dogs. Personally I prefer trails that do not allow dogs but now that my friend has a new dog and wants to ski, it’s nice to have areas that we can go to where she can bring her dog.
    -I was going to request that Telephone Loop stay natural (i.e. maintain only to establish base and do not trackset) but I guess I can see why people would want it maintained. I like skier set tracks (or no tracks) once in a while
    -encourage the walkers to use the newly developed snowshoe trails
    -when posting signs, provide explanations (i.e. why it’s important to pick up after your dog, or not to walk on the tracks, etc)
    -agree with the improved drainage suggestions
    -replace signs that are all scratched (and then maybe post a note asking people to use the grip side of the pole to point out route info)
    -I appreciate the ice flow signs – especially for the ones at the bottom of the hills around a corner
    -if it’s not a provincial park, it should be made one!
    -not sure what’s out to the West, but expanding the maintained trail network so that there are longer trails and then perhaps a warm up shelter or something at mid-point…I’ve been at other areas that have the occasional shelter on the trail and they were always nice to visit and meet other skiers. I realize that this requires funding (capital and operating) and may not be realistic.

  2. Improved drainage of boggy areas and culverts for small streams would make mountain biking more enjoyable.

  3. an effective method needs to be developed to keep the foot traffic off of the XC ski trails. The snowshoers seem to get it, but the dog walkers don’t. How about giving them their own trail and posting LARGE signs?

  4. Little bit off topic but has this area as described ever been considered for provincial park status. Peter Lougheed Provincial Park as everyone knows has a fantastic network of X-cross country ski trails. Tom

  5. Some ideas/concerns on my wish list:

    – There’s a stretch on Iron Springs which is on a south facing slope and has no trees. It’s one of the first to melt when we get a Chinook. I imagine the only option would be to re-route the trail.

    – The .7K trail at the end of Mountain Road which connects it to Moose Loop has some pretty difficult hills.

    – I’d like to see the Telephone Trail become a maintained trail.

    – I’d like to see a dedicated trail for skiers with dogs.

    – Mountain Road takes quite a beating from all the foot traffic.

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