Ski season has begun! declares ski season is on!!!

 The snow Gods have smiled upon us


Diane & Ron celebrate the beginning of ski season on Moraine Lake road Nov 2, 2009

Moraine Lake Road was groomed and double trackset today(Monday). Yesss!!! Conditions are fair to good up to the creek(2.6K), really good for the last 6K. Your poles will hit pavement consistently up to the creek but only occasionally after that. See more photos

When I hit the trail in late afternoon, I was all prepared with my rock skis, but it turned out I could have brought something better. There was one track which had been laid down about 2 hours previous.

The icy conditions of two days ago have actually been a blessing because there is a solid base under the tracks, albeit thin for the first 2.6K. Nowhere did I scrape pavement with my skis.

I encountered two other enthusiastic skiers, Diane and Ron, who had just came down the long hill to the creek(the opposite direction from me). That’s where I took the above photo. On Saturday, this area approaching the creek was in the roughest shape with lots of pavement showing. Today the coverage was good. When they started out today, the groomer hadn’t done any work yet, and they said conditions were not so great. As we were chatting, I heard the familiar sound of the grooming machine coming around the corner. He was packing the middle of the trail for skaters.


Grooming the skating lane on Moraine Lake road Nov 2, 2009

As I was skiing today, John(the groomer) made three passes. That’s in addition to whatever he had already done before I got there. On the final one, he laid down a second track on the other side of the trail. 


Groomer sets down a second track on Moraine Lake road Nov 2, 2009

 I reached the turnaround point(9K) at 5:12 pm. It was already dusk, so I stowed my camera and put the rock skis into road gear. Many times I caught myself with a big smile as I swooshed those long, quick downhills. I’ve been waiting seven long months for this! It felt heavenly to be skiing again in good conditions.

Nov 12 was the first day of tracksetting last year, so we’re already 10 days ahead. If you want to know more about Moraine Lake road, read my post from last year’s first day of tracksetting: Great news for XC skiers

John told me that no grooming has yet been done on 1A Hwy, also known as the Great Divide. He explained that 1A ‘s pavement is heaving considerably in places, making it difficult to do anything until there’s more snow cover. It seems the old tree stumps from the construction of the road were buried under the pavement and are now coming back to the surface. Moraine lake Road has newer pavement and is very smooth, not requiring much snow to groom it.

I’m hoping to get out again tomorrow…if you see me on the trail, say hi. Humour me if I ask to take your picture to put on the blog.


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  1. thanks bob; the worst heaves on the #1a are the culverts, I hear there might be enough snow on it, I may cut some brush there tomorow and see.

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