Update on K-Country(PLPP)

It was a real contrast in snow conditions between the north end and south end of PLPP(Peter Lougheed Prov Park) ski trails in K-Country yesterday. The south end trails such as Elk Pass, Blueberry, Tyrwhitt remain in excellent condition while the north end is a mixed bag. At the top of Whiskey Jack, Pocaterra had been trackset, the snow was cold, and looked like this:

Pocaterra trail near the Whiskey Jack junction. Nov 25, 2009

As you descended, it was in nice shape until the Packers junction, but then the snow was wet and much thinner and looked like this in places:

A rough spot on Pocaterra between Packers and Lynx. Nov 25, 2009

When we started out on Whiskey Jack, it was +5 and the snow at Boulton Creek was wet. As we climbed, the snow got a lot colder. We were on one of the steep sections, about 3/4 of the way up here:

A steep section of Whiskey Jack. Nov 25, 2009

We returned to Boulton on Lynx, Amos, and Wheeler. The snow on Lynx and Amos was wet and soft. The trails had been recently snowmobile packed. Wheeler still had good firm tracks but had not received any recent grooming.

We didn’t ski the first 3K of Pocaterra from the hut, but the trail has been recently groomed and I would expect there are some thin spots. If we get the snow which is expected in the mountains over the next couple days, it might be skiable by the weekend.

More photos

The Mt Shark trail report  says there is “now a healthy base of skiable snow” and shows that everything was groomed and some trails were trackset on Nov 24.

All season plan for West Bragg Creek trail system

Don’t forget about the Open House at Bragg Creek today between 4 – 8 pm. Click here for more info http://kananaskisblog.com/

Daytrip this Saturday

Abraham and I are co-ordinating another all-level daytrip  on Saturday Nov 28. We are tentatively planning on starting at Pocaterra Hut, but the jury is still out on our eventual destination, depending on snow conditions. This is a beginner-friendly trip and I see we already have four signed up. You can still join the fun by sending me an email bobtruman@shaw.ca. There will be provision for faster skiers to do more distance on more difficult trails since we have two co-ordinators.


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  1. Sorry the name on the comment was sent in by Rob

  2. Thanks for the update on the trails in Peter Lougheed. I am skiing tomorrow and will now change my destination to Lake Louise.BTW, nice blog,I met your very lovely partner on the trail and she put me in touch with skihere. She looks as lovely in person as those might fine pics on your blog! Keep up the great reporting of conditions

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