This is worth watching

A superb XC skiing video

Upon receiving this video, we watched it three times in succession, it was so fascinating and entertaining.

Blaine made this video from footage shot during his ski trip on Friday. He didn’t say where it was, except in PLPP, but I recognize a lot of the trails. I believe most of it was shot on Tyrwhitt, Elk Pass, and Fox Creek. The portions with special effects give it a surreal amosphere.

Here’s the email from Blaine:

Ski Here Rocks!


I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say how great your skihere blog is for up to date ski conditions.

I was out on Friday to PLPP and had a beautiful ski.  I made a little video of the day that I thought you might like:

Merry Christmas and I hope you get lots of fresh tracks over the holidays.”

Fantastic job, Blaine, and I hope you and anyone else with a camera  will do more of this. I can’t help but thinking about the person holding the camera, who I assume was Blaine, and how he managed to get all this footage.  -Bob

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