Christmas day at West Bragg Creek

Alex and her dogs doing some skijoring at West Bragg Creek. Dec 25, 2009

Being in Calgary yesterday, Tessa and I took the opportunity to sneak away for a couple hours and go for a Christmas day ski at West Bragg Creek. Lots of people and dogs out there – the parking lot was almost full by the time we finished, around 2:30. Gorgeous day, sunny, no wind, it was -10 when we started, but had warmed up to -5 by the time we left.

In the above photo of Alex and her dogs, the trail and snow conditions you see were typical of most of the trails we skied on. Well-packed, not trackset, and there were a few places where the snow cover was thin with exposed dirt, rocks, or other hazards such as ice flows. It’s skiable but I’d urge caution, especially on any downhills.  We started on Sundog, branched off onto Elbow, returning on Iron Springs, Sundog, and Crystal Line.

We took a short jaunt up a sunny Mountain Road when we got back to the parking lot and that’s where this photo was taken(How do you like my new toque? Click on the photo to enlarge it):

Bob and Tessa at West Bragg Creek. Dec 25, 2009

Surprisingly, the ski tracks on Mountain Road were probably the best ones we encountered the entire day.

There is a large and dangerous ice flow on Iron Springs. The trail has been re-routed to go around it, but like any ice flow, it’s right at the bottom of a fast hill and you need to be quick on your feet to make the turn.

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  1. So all trails in West Bragg Creek and Sandy McNabb are okay for dogs? I have a 9 month old dog that I love taking skiing, but since it’s my first winter with a dog I’m having some difficulties with finding dog friendly trails.


  2. Darin;

    Dogs are allowed on the Ribbon Creek trails which would include Skogan pass.

    Also on West Bragg Creek, Sandy McNabb and Mt Shark.

    If you check the Banff trail report, it specifies which trails dogs are allowed on.

    If you get a chance, send us a photo of your dog.

  3. Bob,

    Can you give me a list of trails that I am allowed to take my dogs on? I took them skijoring for the first time last weekend up Skogan Pass and loved it.


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