Video: 106K in one day

Ski every trail in Peter Lougheed Park…in one day!

Blaine says….”We managed to complete all the trails after 13.5 hours of skiing and glided back into the Pocaterra parking lot at 8:30 pm. The total mileage was 106 km. All in all it was an amazing day of skiing and a great way to kick off the new year.”

The 5 skiers were Tony Smith, Kirk Howell, Brendan McCracken, Carl Pryce and Blaine Penny.

When we ran into them at the Whiskey Jack – Moraine intersection, and I snapped the above photo, they had “only” skied 60K to that point. If you’re a regular skier in PLPP, you’ll probably recognize some of the trails and landmarks in the video, although I’ve never been out there when the sun’s rising.

To all beginner skiers, who are just learning this wonderful activity, don’t despair. This is not normal behavior.

Watch the video: 106K in one day

Here’s a previous video from Blaine: Skiing in PLP

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