A wonderful day in the mountains

Members of the Calgary Ski Club ready to have some fun on the Ribbon Creek trails. Jan 9, 2010

We arrived at Ribbon Creek to find the freshly trackset trails which RK had told us about. It was a sunny and warm(for January) day and the parking lot was very busy with smiling skiers, happy snowshoers, and lots of enthusiastic dogs. See 35 additional photos

Enjoying a fast downhill on Kovach trail. Jan 9, 2010

We started on Ribbon Creek, some took the big climb to the Kovach lookout, a few took an easier route on Aspen and we all met up again at the Aspen/Kovach intersection.

When arriving at the Lookout, it’s common to take your skis off and pose for photos. Today, one person(not with our group) accidentally let their ski go back down the hill! Abraham(from our group)skied back down the steep hill and rescued it after it had gone a considerable distance. I wasn’t with that group to see it with my own eyes, but it sounded like it was quite a spectacle. So be careful when removing your skis at the top of a hill!!

Kovach trail from the Lookout to the village is about as fun as it gets. There are a series of S-turns, gentle downhills, and  great scenery.

Arriving at Kananaskis Village on Terrace Trail. Jan 9, 2010

 We managed to ski right past Woody’s without stopping for a beer, continuing on Terrace trail back to Ribbon Creek trailhead. After a bite to eat, we headed out for Troll Falls. We noticed a considerable change in the snow conditions and had to add stickier wax. Let’s hope this warm weather doesn’t cause too many problems with the snow.

It would have been a crying shame if these trails had not been groomed this winter, as was originally planned.

There’s a detailed comment on the Lake Louise trails from Nicholas on the previous thread.

Tour de Ski

If you’ve been following the Tour de ski in Europe, it’s now finished. The last leg(of eight) ends with a gargantuan hill climb. Take a look at the profile of the course WOW! It wears me out just looking at it. Canadian skier Ivan Babikov finished ninth overall, congratulations on a great result. Read more Tour de Ski

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