Cascade Fire Road

A week ago, I said it was fabulous, magnificent, and beautiful here and the only thing that changed for today is that it was warmer and faster.

Cascade Fire Road in Banff National Park. Jan 3, 2010

Six of us from the Calgary Ski Club had a wonderful day in almost-perfect conditions. The trail was trackset on Jan 1 and was in great shape for the classic skiers. Some fresh snow in the skating lane caused Peter to work a little harder than the rest of us who were classic skiing.

Cascade Fire Road beyond the Cascade River bridge(approx 8K). Jan 3, 2010

As usual, it was double-trackset to the Cascade River bridge(approx 7K) and single-trackset thereafter(an additional 8K). It was a glorious sunny day with no wind and the snow is still really cold, so waxing was easy.

Cascade Fire Road. Jan 3, 2010

There were two Rocky Mountain Bighorn sheep in the parking lot giving free car washes which you’ll see in the photos.

Check Steve’s comment on the previous thread for an update on West Bragg Creek. Conditions sound pretty good there.

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