Comments on the weekend’s skiing

We received about 3 cm of new snow overnight and it sure freshened up the natural-snow trails at the Canmore Nordic Centre. Banff  Trail and Meadowview both in good shape; even Bow Trail is a lot better with just a few thin patches and a few places where there are twigs sticking up through the tracks. The difficult trails above the daylodge are closed to the public in preparation for the World Cup Feb 5,6. Weather forecast looks good. Teams from Russia and Kazakhstan were skiing today.

We’ve had 16,079 readers(and counting) on this month. Lots of people are interested in your skiing adventures, so please leave a comment.

GL sent in this comment:

“We skied Mt. Shark today and it was great. We did the Green Loop and also popped down to Watridge Lk. All trails were in great shape (fresh snow on top of a bit of an old crust). The untracked section of the Green Loop had been packed by a snowmobile with fresh stuff on top. Light snow falling as we left…”

Ray Potvin and the CNTG were at the Huckleberry Loppet in Golden, BC:

“was great today with soft snow and long twisty downhills. saw cindy and crew there from csc bus trip. one of the friendliest events I have been to, definitely will do again.”

Nicholas was skiing closer to Calgary…

“A small group of Norseman Ski Club skiers went out to Hawk Ridge Centre today. The wind from the southeast gave us brain freeze this morning, but the snow conditions were surprisingly good. Lots of fun doing all the loops a couple of times with a very civilized warm place for lunch in between.

The tiny bit of new snow last night made all the difference as some members of our group mentioned there were icy patches a few days ago. Recommended while the snow lasts!”


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  1. 4 of us skied up to Boom Lake on Sunday. Trail was in great condintion. Snow temp was ~ 7.6 degrees and air temp warmed up to about -2 or -3 up at the lake. 1st time I’ve been up to the lake and there was absolutely no wind (It was spectacular). All in all a great day to be out…



  2. I managed to get in a few loops at the Confederation Park Golf Course later on Sunday afternoon…amazing what a few cm of snow will do!

  3. Very pleasant day around the PLP Visitor Center as the temperature hovered around -3 all afternoon. Sticky wax, soft snow, and good tracks sums up the skiing in that area.

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