Lake Louise to Banff Loppet update

Update Jan 20: A new message has been posted today on

 “The course has been trackset and is looking great. Crews will continue to fine tune the trails during the week. We have some recent photos (Jan 19 & Jan 17) of the course here and will try to post more updates as the week progresses.”

Lake Louise to Banff loppet trail Leg 2. Jan 19, 2010

The above photo is on leg 2 between Baker Creek and Castle Lookout. If you can ski this leg, you’ll have some of the best sight-seeing anywhere on the planet, in an area where human beings rarely set foot.

Tell us your story: I’d like to ask all participants in the loppet to make mental notes while you’re skiing on Sunday and give us your story to post on this blog afterwards.

Notice to all participants in the Lake Louise to Banff Loppet from the organizing committee:

Dear loppet entrant:

Because we reached the maximum allowable number of skiers (160) before the published registration deadline of Thursday/21st, we closed the Zone4 registration. Since then, we have received many emails from disappointed skiers asking to be placed on a waitlist. If you (or a teammate) are unable to attend, we would like to know immediately so that we can offer your position to another skier. You will be refunded $42 ($45 less the Zone4 registration fee) by cheque following the completion of the loppet. Please respond to by Tuesday midnight, telling us the name of skier (and the team name if appropriate) so that we can contact other skiers. Thanks very much.

Loppet Organizing Committee

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  1. Great picture.Wish I got into the Loppet.. Met a fellow who told me about your site and guess what? I was able to tell himm all and more about it;and about your great promoter of your website Ta da.. your girlfriend Cheryl.

  2. Rob;

    Sorry you missed out on the loppet, and yes, the photo on the poster is Cheryl as she was skiing over that precarious ledge above Morant’s curve. If you suffer from vertigo, avoid looking down while you’re traversing that stretch. The ski trail is very narrow. You don’t want to be passing anyone there, or you could find yourself skiing on the railroad tracks about 100 metres below.

  3. I am sad to say I was too late to register for the L.L.-Banff Loppet. Never done it but people say it is the best. Well next year! Is that your girl friend Cheryl that is featured on the poster for the Loppet? No wonder it sold out quickly!! Have not seen many pictures of her on your site lately. Hope to see more pictures!The other pictures are great but she adds!! Hope to meet you and Cheryl on the ski trails soon!!

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