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We attended the press conference in Canmore this afternoon where Canada’s team of cross-country skiers was announced.

Canadian Olympic cross-country ski team. Jan 22, 2010

Brian McKeever, who is legally blind, was named to the team along with Stefan Kuhn, Dasha Gaiazova, and Madeleine Williams. McKeever will be the world’s first winter sport athlete to compete in both the Olympic and Paralympic winter games.

2006 gold-medalist Chandra Crawford and silver-medalist Sara Renner along with Perianne Jones will complete the women’s side of the team.

Brian McKeever speaks to the press as Olympic gold-medalist Beckie Scott looks on. Jan 22, 2010

In addition to the above-named skiers, rounding out the men’s team will be George Grey, Ivan Babikov, Devon Kershaw, and Alex Harvey(missing from photo). Canadian men have never won a medal in cross-country skiing at the Olympics but these guys have a good shot at changing that.

One of the hottest skiers right now is Dasha Gaiazova of Banff. She won three of her four Olympic Qualifying races, then finished 12th in a world cup sprint last weekend in Estonia.

Dasha Gaiazova was named to the Canadian Olympic cross-country ski team today. Jan 22, 2010

You can see all of Canada’s Olympic X-Country skiers in action at the Canmore World Cup races Feb 5, 6.

SkiHere.ca wishes all the best to our Olympic cross-country skiers!

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  1. ah I think you meant “ALex” instaed of Pierre though some of us remember watching him ski in ’88

    Thanks for catching that, Jon! For those not familiar, Pierre is Alex’s dad. He probably would have won a medal if there had been more stringent controls and testing on the use of performance-enhancing drugs by certain European skiers way back then. -Bob

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