PLPP in great shape

Conditions were excellent and the weather was perfect yesterday(Sat.) in Peter Lougheed Prov Park. 

(see comments on previous thread for updates on West Bragg and Mt Shark)

Junction of Whiskey Jack and Pocaterra. Feb 20, 2010

Beginning from the Boulton Creek Trading Post trailhead, we skied the Tyrwhitt loop and all trails were in excellent condition:

Whiskey Jack: this was the only trail which hadn’t been recently groomed. It still had good tracks and the fresh snow was helpful for those who were descending.

Tyrwhitt: I’ve never seen this trail in better condition. The tracks were fast and the scenery and ambience were wonderful as always.

Tyrwhitt trail. Feb 20, 2010

Elk Pass: Descending the steep section from Tyrwhitt junction was easy and the gentle downhill to Fox Creek was fun and fast. The big, fluffy pillows of snow covering Fox Creek are something to behold.

Fox Creek: Fun, fun and more fun. Go from south to north for the best effect.

Boulton Creek: This was the only trail which was showing some wear and tear from all the traffic, but was still good. A few icy spots, and a few corners were scraped pretty clean.

If you were on a trail this weekend, please leave a comment. Has anyone been to Redearth Creek lately?

Olympics shout-out

Congratulations to the Canadian men on their fantastic showing in the 30K pursuit race at the Olympics yesterday. No medals, but three finishers in the top 10: Ivan Babikov, George Grey and Alex Harvey. Close behind in 16th was Devon Kershaw. It was an exciting race to watch.

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  1. Skied Kananaskis village trails on Sunday. They had hardly been used since grooming & tracksetting on Saturday. Although snow was sometimes thin despite the 20 cm dump that Nakiska was said to have received, Terrace, Link, Ribbon Creek, Kovach & Aspen trails were in very good shape.

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