Mt Shark

Steve Riggs provided the following photo and report on Mt Shark:

Mt Shark. Mar 7, 2010. Photo courtesy of Steve Riggs

Hi Bob,
I’ve been concentrating on backcountry skiing for the last few 
weekends, but for a change of pace, we xc skied at Mt. Shark on Sunday.
The recent grooming and tracksetting remain in great shape throughout  the network,  with hardpacked spring conditions.
We found that Swix universal klister worked quite well, and that the 
snow surface in general did not soften up too much during the 
afternoon, keeping things fast.

The trail down to the Spray River beyond Watridge Lake would be 
recommended only for xc skiers with nerves of steel, or sturdy metal-
edged touring gear- it was very icy.

Steve Riggs

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