The finish of the men's 50K at the Olympics. Feb 28, 2010

Well-done to all our Olympic athletes. The Canadian men’s cross-country ski team has risen to a whole new level. My heart goes out to Devon Kershaw who missed the podium by .6 seconds after racing superbly for 50K. You and your teamates made Canada proud.

Skier George Grey also had a great race, finishing 18th, and within 42 seconds of the winner. He summed up Kershaw’s performance best,  “Being so close to a medal is heartbreaking, but being fifth place at the Olympics is outstanding,” he said. “Canada’s there.”

Jack Sasseville, the colour guy on the broadcasts, had this to say about the Canadian men:

” the Canadian men’s team had a fantastic Olympics. They had six top 10 individual finishes including 4th place finishes by Devon Kershaw and Alex Harvey in the team sprint, a 5th by Kershaw in the men’s 50km, Ivan Babikov had a 5th in the 30km pursuit and an 8th in the 15km freestyle, while George Grey and Alex Harvey were 8th and 9th respectively in the 30km pursuit. Add a 7th place in the men’s relay – also a Games best ever result – and you have a great Olympics for the Canadian men.”

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